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  • Atticus

    14 17.72%
  • Sullivan

    18 22.78%
  • River

    14 17.72%
  • Ellis

    15 18.99%
  • Griffin

    18 22.78%
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    Which reject would you choose?

    I'm curious which names we love but won't be using you like/dislike, if we should reconsider any or if you have any alternative suggestions. This also made me realize that apparently we like double consonants.

    Thanks! x

    Atticus - A long-time favourite of ours but has gotten too popular. We don't love nn Atti either.
    Sullivan - We like but is getting a bit more popular. Like the nn Sully but not the meaning.
    River - Another long-time favourite but have fallen out of love. Like the nn Riv
    Ellis - I love but DH thinks is too feminine - although he loves Alice for a girl
    Griffin - A newer favourite but not 100% sure about it. We mostly like the nn Griff
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    Atticus followed by Ellis!
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    I love Ellis.

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    Where you vacation
    Most definitely River.

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    Ellis, followed by Griffin. Ellis is certainly male, and no one would think that a boy just said his name was Alice

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    Love Ellis! It's all boy to me. I also like Sullivan nn. Sully, and if you don't like Atti, maybe Kit as a nn. for Atticus?
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    Double consonants and the ih sound are on your list for sure!
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    Where I live, Griffin seems to be getting more popular than Atticus or Sullivan. I personally love River followed by Ellis. It definitely doesn't feel too feminine to me personally.
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    I adore River and Griffin! I voted for the latter, because nicknames Griff and Fin are both great too.

    Also love Sully on its own, but I see what you mean about the meaning. It had never occurred to me before, though.
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    Ellis is my favorite, we had it on our list for a long time.
    I also like Sullivan and Griffin.
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