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    Final baby girl name list

    After days of nonstop baby name talking, I think our rainbow girl's name is one of these! We just need help finalizing which one. (Thank you all who have been previously helping!)

    We have..

    Violet June- Means purple but purple signifies part of the rainbow and she's our rainbow!

    Haven June- Means safe place, and God is our safe place

    Rory June- A friend texted me when no one knew we were expecting saying she had a dream I gave birth to a baby girl named Rory! I'm a gilmore girl fan so I didn't mind one bit, haha! So that name is special to me too!

    (Side note: I am aware Violet is close to our stillborn son Wyatt, but it doesn't bother us!)

    Thank you again!

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    I love the story behind Rory June! Gorgeous name.
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    This is so tough because honestly, all three are lovely! I think Haven is probably my favoutite, followed by Violet then Rory.
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    My favorite is Violet June! It's beautiful. I really like Haven but for some reason, Haven June doesn't convince me. Rory is cute, but I prefer it as a middle name.
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    I really like Violet and Rory! All are nice names, you cant go wrong with any of them, as they all have a special meaning to you guys, but I agree that the flow of Haven June is a bit "off".
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    I like Violet or Rory...they have staying power. Haven is too trendy

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    My personal favorite is Violet June (too, too cute!), but I love the story behind Rory June! I also think it goes brilliantly with Wyatt!
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    Violet June and Rory June are both great! Haven doesn’t appeal to me, it feels too trendy.

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    I like both Violet and Rory but not so keen on Haven. Maybe Violet for the favourite.

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    I love Violet June (and I like the connection to Wyatt especially).
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