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    Jane's little sister!

    I'm delighted and excited to announce that Rosalind Phoebe James was born in early August, a little sister for Jane Ada Kathryn.

    We decided that whether we had a son or a daughter, we wanted to honour both of our fathers with our second child's name. Rosalind's first and last initials are the same as her grandpa's, and she shares the middle name James with her grandad. As for Phoebe, it's simply a name that I love, though the avian connection, and the lovely meaning are definitely both a bonus.

    It has been quite a long while since I was last active on Nameberry, but I'd love to thank anyone and everyone who offered advice about this baby's name early on in my pregnancy. Rosalind's name did not come easily the way Jane's did, and I was absolutely undecided about the whole thing right up until her slightly early and very speedy birth.

    Jane is absolutely in love with her sister, and we couldn't be more thrilled to be a family of four.
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    February 2017

    Little brother or sister arriving August 2019.

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    For a little sister...Daphne, Phoebe, Rosalind, or Rosemary

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    Beautiful choice!!
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    Stunning name! Congratulations!
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    I love Rosalind Phoebe James! Wow! Perfect on its own and next to sister Jane. Someday you'll have to read them the Penderwicks books, which feature sisters named Rosalind and Jane.

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    Rosalind and Jane are so sweet together! Congratulations!!
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    Such a gorgeous sister set! Congratulations and I hope you’re all doing well.
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    Jane and Rosalind, beautiful, classic, sweat! Congrats
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    What a beautiful choice. Congratulations!
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    Congratulations. Jane and Rosalind sound good together!!

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    Congratulations! Two truly beautiful names you have
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