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    Thoughts on following

    Below are some names, could you share your insight on them?

    Lapis - like Lapis Lazuli
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    Lapis - I think it just sounds a little bland to be honest? I prefer Lazuli
    Idony - Not my style but it's usable and interesting
    Noelia - Not my style, also I think you'd have to make sure people know her name isn't Noe/Noelle
    Gersemi - Not a fan, doesn't look attractive to me and I'm sure how to say it
    Amethyst - It's pretty, I wouldn't use it personally but I think it's usable and easy to recognize, I don't see a way for kids to tease for this name which is good
    Callisto - I like it, I think this is the kind of name that once you are sure people know it, they remember it
    Inanna - Not a fan, sounds too sing-songy
    Bliss - One of my guilty pleasure names... I'd stick to using it as a middle though
    Blossom - Not a fan, sounds too much like a rabbit

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    Lapis -Lapis is quite nice, it has an intriguing sound

    Idony- Idony is sweet and deep sounding

    Noelia -lively and warm

    Gersemi - not a fan, i have i admit. It reminds me of germs...

    Amethyst - pretty and colourful

    Callisto -i quite like it. Light but interesting

    Inanna - Inanna is sweet. Sleek and distinctive.

    Bliss -as a middle it's nice but as a first, i find it slightly awkward

    Blossom- sweet and fresh
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    Lapis - lapis means "pencil" so if I could vote for this name, it would be a NO from me. I don't think it is a good name for a person.
    Idony - Idony is interesting. I've never heard of it before, but I think it is a nice option
    Noelia - I really like it! It is so beautiful and sweet!
    Gersemi - I'm not crazy about it because I don't know how to pronounce it. However, if you have Scandinavian or Norse heritage I believe it is usable (the website behind the name associates this name to ancient Scandinavian and Norse mythology, so I'm sorry if I'm wrong about this name's usage or history)
    Amethyst - I love it! Unique, melodic and adorable. A magnificent name.
    Callisto - This name sounds magical! It reminds me of the sky and stars and I love the mythological connection.
    Inanna - Inanna is an adorable choice. It sounds good.
    Bliss - Cute, but I wouldn't use it as a first name.
    Blossom - A stunning name! Unexpected, interesting, charming and very feminine
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    Lapis*- like*Lapis*Lazuli - I like it, sounds like a lapsing wave
    Idony - interesting...
    Noelia - sounds a bit clunky, maybe noela
    Gersemi - hmm, not feeling it
    Amethyst - it's nice; the stone has good connotations
    Callisto - it's okay
    Inanna - not sure
    Bliss - cool!
    Blossom - cool again

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    Lapis - I actually prefer Lazuli, but I think it works fine on its own.
    Idony - Is it pronounced eye-doe-nee or ih-doe-nee (like Sidonie)? Either way, I like it for the unique/unusual factor.
    Noelia - Pretty, but sounds like it has one too many syllables (imo). But it has a familiar sound, and I like the possible nicknames (Noelle, Noa, Lia, Elle, etc.)
    Gersemi - Not really a fan. Looks similar to the word germy.
    Amethyst - Very pretty! I love gem names.
    Callisto - I like it. The 'o' ending gives it a more unisex feel, but nicknames could turn it more boyish (Cal) or girly (Callie) depending on the preference.
    Inanna - Reminds me of Inanna Sarkis. She's beautiful, so there's a positive association. I like the sound of it, and it would fit in well with the trend of girls' names beginning and ending in vowels.
    Bliss - Cute! I initially wasn't sure if it would be useable irl, but I'd like to meet a little Bliss
    Blossom - Also cute. I think it'd work well as a middle name.

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    Lapis - sounds light and soothing, but a little bland

    Idony - never heard of this! I like the sound, definitely usable, and certainly unique!

    Noelia - reminds me of Noelle (which I prefer) but this is pretty too!

    Gersemi - personally, I'm not a fan. My first thought was 'germs'.

    Amethyst - I like this! Sweet sounding and melodic.

    Callisto - distinctive, unique and spunky sounding, I'm a fan!

    Inanna - not really sure about this one, for some reason the sound reminded me of "banana", but it is pretty!

    Bliss - very sweet, would personally use it as a middle but I don't mind it as a first!

    Blossom - same thing, would prefer to use it as a middle, but I like it! Reminds of powerpuff girls (which is a good connotation for me)

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    Lapis - like Lapis Lazuli - never heard of this name, but to me it also doesn't sound like a name.
    Idony - to me it sounds like 'I don't know.'
    Noelia - Is this pronounced "no-ELL-ya"? or "no-ELEE-ya"? Either way sounds pretty and exotic.
    Gersemi - reminds me of germs.
    Amethyst - absolutely love.
    Callisto - Not my taste.
    Inanna - How is this pronounced?
    Bliss - could make a sweet middle.
    Blossom - this could also be a really sweet middle.

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    Lapis - beautiful stone, ugly name
    Idony - sounds like "I don't know"
    Noelia - made-up take on Noelle
    Gersemi - looks a little germy
    Amethyst - beautiful gem, ugly name
    Callisto - masculine, as are most names ending in "o"
    Inanna - sounds like baby talk
    Bliss - not blissful at all
    Blossom - I'd be embarrassed to have this name

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