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  • Elena Beatrice Niamh

    6 8.22%
  • Elena Florence Niamh

    8 10.96%
  • Esme Aurora Niamh

    27 36.99%
  • Edith Florence Niamh

    11 15.07%
  • Mabel Aurora Niamh

    21 28.77%
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Thread: The final five

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    The final five

    Thanks everyone.
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    Violet Felicity Cara
    our little rainbow
    born Feb 2018

    Florence Aster Bríd
    our little flower
    born Sept 2019

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    Esme Aurora Niamh makes for a wonderful sister name to Violet Felicity Cara! Congratulations x
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    All of these are lovely so this was tough, but I went with Mabel in the end. Elena Beatrice Niamh and Edith Florence were very nearly picked too
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    Congratulations! Violet and Edith and Violet and Mabel make great sibling sets.

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    Hello! Congratulations for your little baby!
    I love Mabel Aurora Niamh with Violet Felicity Cara! These names are gorgeous. Mabel is a really sweet name.

    Favorite to least favorite:
    1. Mabel Aurora Niamh - I love Mabel and Violet for sisters. Aurora is a stunning name and it sounds beautiful next to Aurora and Niamh.
    2. Elena Florence Niamh - Elena Florence Niamh is a lovely name!
    3. Elena Beatrice Niamh - I adore Beatrice but I think Florence flows better with Elena and Niamh.
    4. Esme Aurora Niamh - Esme is a beautiful name for Violet's sister. I adore these three names, however, I prefer the combinations with Elena.
    5. Edith Florence Niamh - The name sounds great, but I've never been a fan of Edith.
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    Edith, Esme and Mabel in that order work well as Violet's sisters. I'm not so keen on Elena which doesn't have the same spark or sweet vintage chic as the others.

    I voted for Edith Florence Niamh, though I think Edith Aurora Niamh might flow a little better. 2nd choice Esme Florence Niamh. Interestingly I do think Florence and Aurora work better swapped around in these 2 combos. Though I vote for the first name rather than the combo as the most important aspect of the name.

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    I love both Elena and Mabel with Violet!

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    Hi there.

    She's here? You can just ask her what her name is, right?

    Elena, Esme, Edith & Mabel are all great names. Esme is my favorite though. It has just the right combination if old fashioned spunk, but still smart & very feminine. It's also the least common of the four; just slightly less than Mabel. Esme Aurora Niamh sounds the nicest to me. I like Florence, but it repeats the 's' sound.

    Hope this helps!
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    Esme Aurora Niamh is gorgeous
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    Love Elena with Violet!
    Please stay home

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