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    Generations CAF Pt. 9 (1980-1989)

    The year is 1980!

    Any Person 16+ Roll:

    1. Single
    2. Dating
    3. Engaged
    4. Engaged
    5. Married
    6. Single

    Anyone Previously Dating:
    1. Still Dating
    2. Still Dating
    3. Broke Up
    4. Engaged
    5. Engaged
    6. Married

    Anyone Previously Engaged
    1-3 Still Engaged
    4-5 Married
    6. Broke up

    Anyone Previously Married
    1-5 Still Married
    6. Divorce/Widowed

    It is up to you whether or not people who aren't married can have children.

    Names from the top 100 of the year they were born -

    Any woman from ages 16-48 can have children

    ***Before each year, roll:
    1-5: continue as normal
    6: Mother begins birth control - no more children!


    Year 1 (1980):
    1. Twins!
    2. Baby!
    3. Baby!
    4. No baby
    5. No baby
    6. Miscarriage

    Gender - Even is girl and odd is boy.

    Names come from the top 500 of year they were born -

    Year 2 (1981)
    Even - No baby
    Odd - Baby!

    Year 3 (1982)
    1. No baby
    2. Baby!
    3. Miscarriage
    4. No baby
    5. Baby!
    6. No baby

    Year 4 (1983)
    1. No baby
    2. Baby!
    3. No Baby
    4. Miscarriage
    5. Baby!
    6. Baby!

    Year 5 (1984)
    1. Baby!
    2. No baby
    3. No baby
    4. Twins!
    5. No baby
    6. Miscarriage

    Year 6 (1985)
    1-3 Baby
    4-6 No baby

    Year 7 (1986)
    1-5 No baby
    6 Twins

    Year 8 (1987)
    1. No baby
    2. Twins!
    3. No baby
    4. No baby
    5. Baby!
    6. Baby!

    Year 9 (1988)
    1. Baby!
    2. Baby!
    3. No baby
    4. No baby
    5. No baby
    6. No baby

    Year 10 (1989)
    1. No baby
    2. No baby
    3. Baby!
    4. Twins!
    5. No baby
    6. No baby

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    LN: Schmidt
    DH: Theodore Willis Schmidt (Deceased)
    DW: Addie Mae (Murray) Schmidt (Deceased)

    DS1: Benjamin Kenneth Schmidt (87)
    DD1: Viola Kathryn Schmidt (82)
    DS2: Samuel Lloyd Schmidt (Deceased)
    DS3: John Jesse Schmidt (Deceased)
    DD2: Genevieve Pearl Schmidt (69)
    DS4: Daniel Theodore Schmidt (67)


    Benjamin Kenneth Schmidt (87)
    DW: Lillian Helen Dalton (88)
    -DS1: Eddie Lloyd Schmidt (Deceased)
    --DW: Phyllis Eleanor (Burnett) Schmidt (70)
    ---DD1: Darlene Anne (Schmidt) Daugherty (48) *bc*
    ----DexH: Johnny Jack Horton (50)
    -----DD1: Carla Jacqueline (Horton) Quinn (27) *bc*
    ------DH: Peter Albert Quinn (28)
    -------DS1: Kurtis Clyde Quinn (6)
    -------DS2: Elliot Myron Quinn (5)
    -----DD2: Beverly Sheila (Horton) Watts (26) *bc*
    ------DH: Floyd Jackie Watts (26)
    -------DS1: Theodore Elijah Watts (6)
    -----DD3: Melinda Tonya Horton (21)
    ------DFiance: Joey Steve Pham (20)
    -----DD4: Beth Stacey Horton (19)
    ------DFiance: Carlton Andy Greene (19)
    ----DH: Allen Don Daugherty (49)
    -----DD5: Amy Dana Daugherty (13)
    -DD1: Minnie Gladys (Schmidt) Fitzgerald (69)
    --DH: Clarence David Keith (Deceased)
    ---DS1: Walter Robert Keith (48)
    ----DW: Gloria Diane (Miranda) Keith (48)
    -----DD1: Karen Diane (Keith) Kelly (31) *bc*
    ------DH: Dennis Matthew Kelly (32)
    -------DD1: Rachel Christine Kelly (13)
    -------DS1: Justin Charles Kelly (12)
    -----DS1: Mark Jeffrey Keith (29)
    ------DexFiancee: Gloria Rhonda Alvarez (30)
    ------DW: Benita Rosemarie (Aguirre) Keith (30)
    -------DD1: Meagan Isabel Keith (4)
    -------DS1/DD2: Troy Carlton Keith and Lacey Nora Keith (3)
    -------DS2: Johnny Julius Keith (1)
    -----DD2: Lisa Paula (Keith) Tyler (29)
    ------DexH: Jerry Patrick Allison (32)
    -------DD1: Chandra Tonya Allison (5)
    -------DS1/DD2: Kristofer Ronnie Allison and Angie Kelley Allison (2)
    ------DH: Chad Dave Tyler (29)
    -------DD3: Mallory Jeanette Tyler (1)
    -------DS2: Miles Edgar Tyler (nb)
    --DH: Milton Raymond Fitzgerald (68)
    ---DS2: Jack Norman Fitzgerald (40)
    ----DexW: Donna Elizabeth Wade (40)
    -----DD1: Kelly Christine Fitzgerald (22)
    ------DexH: Trent Donovan Manning (22)
    -------DS1: Joel Riley Manning (1)
    -----DD2: Renee Kristin (Fitzgerald) Frye (22)
    ------DH: Bobby Drew Frye (23)
    -------DD1: Tricia Chrystal Frye (4)
    -------DS1: Damon Kent Frye (2)
    -----DS1: Timothy Kevin Fitzgerald (19)
    ------DW: Amy Sherrie (McCarthy) Fitzgerald (19)
    -------DS1: Dylan Steve Fitzgerald (1)
    -------DD1: Katrina Toni Fitzgerald (nb)
    -----DS2: Jon Samuel Fitzgerald (19)
    ------DW: Leticia Alison (Hopkins) Fitzgerald (20)
    -------DS1/DD1: Cameron Tyrone Fitzgerald and Felicia Jessie Fitzgerald (2)
    -------DD2: Daisy Catherine Fitzgerald (1)
    -----DS3: Corey Marcus Fitzgerald (18)
    ------DW: Susanne Robin (Shepherd) Fitzgerald (18)
    ----DW: Helen Catherine (Singh) Fitzgerald (31) *bc*
    ---DD1: Marie Cindy (Fitzgerald) Beltran (36) *bc*
    ----DH: Brian Alan Beltran (36)
    -----DS1: Jeremy Richard Beltran (18)
    ------DW: Tonya Anissa (Brown) Beltran (18)
    -----DS2: Douglas Daniel Beltran (17)
    ------DW: Irma Shelley (Reed) Beltran (18)
    -------DD1: Meredith Daniela Beltran (1)
    -------DD2/DS1: Sasha Elisa Beltran and Ross Daryl Beltran (nb)
    -----DD1: Nicole Teresa Beltran (15)
    -----DD2: Kristen Stephanie Beltran (14)
    -----DD3: Amanda Catherine Beltran (13)
    -----DD4: Kimberly Anna Beltran (12)
    -----DD5: Natalie Elizabeth Beltran (11)
    -----DD6: Michelle Cynthia Beltran (9)
    ---DD2: Joanne Leslie (Fitzgerald) Parsons (32) *bc*
    ----DexH: Edward Randall Maynard (33)
    -----DD1/DD2: Shannon Barbara Maynard and Kathryn Anna MaynardKatie” (15)
    -----DD3: Laura Nancy Maynard (14)
    -----DS1: Steven Russell Maynard (13)
    -----DS2/DD4: Andrew Philip Maynard and Erin Gina Maynard (12)
    -----DD5/DD6: Jamie Robin Maynard and Amber Leah Maynard (10)
    ----DH: Jaime Eldon Parsons (35)
    -----DS3/DD7: Quincy Gerard Parsons and Leanne Marcie Parsons (9)
    -----DD8: Gabrielle Dara Parsons (8)
    ---DS3: Tim Rodney Fitzgerald (31)
    ----DW: Lucinda Vera (Gibbs) Fitzgerald (32) “Lucie
    -----DS1: Darren Fabian Fitzgerald (1)
    ---DS4: Harry Charles Fitzgerald (27)
    ----DexW: Dorothy Suzanne (Vasquez) Fitzgerald (28)
    -----DD1: Misty Cynthia Fitzgerald (10)
    -----DS1: Bryan Erik Fitzgerald (9)
    ----DW: Lorrie Shari (Perkins) Fitzgerald (27) *bc*
    -----DS2/DS3: Chance Jack Fitzgerald and Terence Jon Fitzgerald (3)
    ---DS5: Ernest Steven Fitzgerald (23)
    ----DW: Erin Allison (Cochran) Fitzgerald (23)
    -----DS1/DD1: Damon Omar Fitzgerald and Ryan Cara Fitzgerald (3)
    -----DD2: Tricia Ashleigh Fitzgerald (2)
    -----DD3: Sonya Pamela Fitzgerald (nb)
    ---DS6: Frederick Thomas Fitzgerald (22)
    ----DexW: Misty Sheila Crawford (22)
    -----DS1: Marshall Trevor Fitzgerald (2)
    -----DD1: Brooke Esther Fitzgerald (1)
    -DS2: Ralph Alvin Schmidt (65)
    --DexW: Vera Annie (Velasquez) Schmidt (65)
    ---DD1: Connie Ann (Schmidt) Liu (43) *bc*
    ----DH: Gary Frank Liu (43)
    -----DD1: Jennifer Joyce Liu (24) “Jenny
    ------DexH: Arnold Mickey Anthony (26)
    -------DD1/DS1: Jocelyn Staci Anthony and Kelvin Terence Anthony (3)
    -------DS2: Kendall Ronnie Anthony (1) “Ken
    -----DD2: Amy Allison Liu (14)
    ---DD2: Eileen Katherine Schmidt (42) *bc*
    ----DexH: Jerry Ronald Berry (42)
    -----DD1: Wendy Ann (Berry) Holland (26) *bc*
    ------DexBF: Mike Curtis Deleon (28)
    ------DH: Darrell Ernest Holland (26)
    -------DS1: Brent Jameson Holland (6)
    -----DD2: Robin Suzanne (Berry) Joyce (23)
    ------DexH: Theodore Rudolph Hayes (24) “Ted”
    -------DS1: Weston Luke Hayes (6)
    -------DD1: Larissa Sandra Hayes (4)
    ------DH: Justin Tom Joyce (23)
    -----DD3: Carol Renee (Berry) Cook (22)
    ------DexH: Clyde Kurtis Boone (22)
    -------DS1: Jeffrey Ty Boone (6)
    -------DS2: Aaron Clay Boone (5)
    ------DH: Bennie Wade Cook (24)
    -------DD1/DS3: Ashley Abby Cook and Christopher Clinton Cook (nb)
    -----DD4: Paula Kathy Berry (22)
    ------DFiance: Orlando Toby Sexton (20)
    ----DH: Walter Bruce Gilmore (44)
    -----DS1: Christopher Peter Gilmore (14)
    ---DS1: Melvin Douglas Schmidt (41)
    ----DW: Karen Cynthia (Wolfe) Schmidt (42) *bc*
    -----DS1: David Peter Schmidt (21)
    ---DD3: Patricia Victoria (Schmidt) McKay (38) *bc*
    ----DH: Wayne Howard McKay (40)
    -----DD1: Diane Theresa McKay (19)
    -----DS1: Scott Walter McKay (17)
    ------DW: Jeannine Carolyn (Moses) McKay (18)
    -------DD1/DS1: Ericka Judith McKay and Alec Myles McKay (nb)
    ---DD4: Phyllis Christine (Schmidt) Ross (36) *bc*
    ----DH: Michael Randall Ross (37)
    -----DS1: Billy Rodney Ross (12)
    --DW: Bessie Myrtle (Flynn) Schmidt (66)
    ---DS2: Vincent Samuel Schmidt (32)
    ----DexW: Judith Rebecca Valencia (33)
    -----DD1: Veronica Renee Schmidt (13)
    -----DD2: Kristen Valerie Schmidt (12)
    -----DS1: Chad Gabriel Schmidt (9)
    -----DD3: Katherine Tracy Schmidt (7) “Katie
    ----DW: Janet Margie (Figueroa) Schmidt (31) *bc*
    -----DD4/DD5: Cassie Tara Schmidt and Brianna Victoria Schmidt “Bri”(3)
    -----DS2: Troy Samuel Schmidt (2)
    ---DD5: Joanne Stephanie (Schmidt) McIntosh (29)
    ----DexH: Paul George Cole (30)
    -----DD1: Sara Lisa Cole (13)
    -----DS1: Scott William Cole (12)
    -----DS2: Adam Joshua Cole (11)
    ----DH: Wesley Harold McIntosh (32)
    -----DD2/DS3: Tamara Kristal McIntosh and Mitchell Desmond McIntosh (5)
    -----DS4: Mathew Weston McIntosh (4)
    -----DS5: Isaac Saul McIntosh (1)
    -----DD3: Jaclyn Leigh McIntosh (nb)
    ---DD6: Beth Melissa (Schmidt) Blake (27) *bc*
    ----DH: Mike Frank Blake (28)
    -----DS1: Bret Alexander Blake (8)
    ---DS3: Jonathan Anthony Schmidt (23)
    ----DW: Nina Lana (Waters) Schmidt (23) *bc*
    -----DS1: Nicolas Xavier Schmidt (6)
    ---DD7: Stacy Lori Schmidt (19)
    ----DFiance: Byron Shon Washington (20)
    ---DD8: Andrea Shannon (Schmidt) Carter (19) *bc*
    ----DH: Jamie Henry Carter (20)
    -----DS1: Jay Damien Carter (2)
    -----DS2: Max Marquis Carter (1)
    -DD2: June Bertha (Schmidt) Dalton (61)
    --DexH: Jack Peter Vasquez (62)
    ---DS1: Danny Russell Vasquez (44)
    ----DexW: Roberta Shirley (Flowers) Vasquez (45)
    -----DD1: Robin Anna Vasquez (23)
    ------DexH: Patrick Armando Frank (24)
    ------DS1: Jason Pierre Frank (6)
    ------DD1: Laura Brittani Frank (4)
    -----DFiance: Ramon Scott Perking (23)
    -----DD2: Nancy Jessica Vasquez (19)
    ------DFiance: Noel Antonio Barton (19)
    -----DD3: Jill Traci (Vasquez) Ruiz (19)
    ------DH: Jarred Peter Ruiz (20)
    ----DW: Marilyn Judy (Harmon) Vasquez (47) *bc*
    ---DS2: Jerry Allan Vasquez (43)
    ----DexW: Joann Eileen Baird (43)
    -----DD1: Laura Martha (Baird) Tapia (24) *bc*
    ------DH: Lionel Roger Tapia (23)
    -------DD1: Candace Naomi Tapia (6)
    -------DD2: Jasmine Raquel Tapia (4)
    -------DD3/DD4: Alison Gloria Tapia and Melanie Ellen Tapia (3)
    -----DS1: Daniel Harold Baird (23)
    ------DW: Faith Wendi (Becker) Baird (23) *bc*
    -------DS1/DS2: Charles and Stephen (5)
    -----DD2: Anna Tina (Baird) O’Connell (21)
    ------DH: Ralph Abraham O’Connell (24)
    -------DD1: Melody Cecilia O’Connell (5)
    -------DS1/DD2: Neal Harold O’Connell and Cierra Rachelle O’Connell (3)
    -------DD3: Shelby Maureen O’Connell (2)
    -------DD4: Sydney Blair O’Connell (nb)
    ----DW: Alice Sally (Gomez) Vasquez (42) *bc*
    -----DD3: Brenda Sarah Vasquez (19)
    --DexH: Benjamin Raymond Cardenas (63)
    ---DS3: Howard Rodney Cardenas (40)
    ----DW: Constance Peggy (Eaton) Cardenas (40) *bc*
    -----DS1: Brent Kevin Cardenas (19)
    ------DW: Melissa Marianne (Berger) Cardenas (20) *bc*
    -------DD1: Megan Marisa Cardenas (2)
    -----DD1: Holly Christine (Cardenas) Skinner (19)
    ------DH: Joel Harvey Skinner (19)
    -------DS1: Walter Nelson Skinner (1) “Walt
    -------DS2: Darren Dale Skinner (nb)
    -----DD2: Dawn Renee Cardenas (18)
    -----DS2: Shannon Erica Cardenas (16)
    ------DBF: Clay Donald Delacruz (16)

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    ---DD1: Laura Sarah (Cardenas) Paul (39) *bc*
    ----DH: Martin Gerald Paul (41)
    -----DD1: Jill Sherry (Paul) Chen (20)
    ------DH: Casey Marlon Chen (22)
    -------DS1: Micah Carlton Chen (4)
    -------DD1/DS2: Juliana Regina Chen and Darryl Herbert Chen (2)
    -------DS3: Chadwick Francis Chen (1) “Chad
    -----DD2: Jodi Sheila (Paul) Booth (20) *bc*
    ------DH: Monty Russell Booth (20)
    -------DD1: Elisabeth Ryan Booth (4)
    --DexH: Gene Kenneth Cunningham (62)
    ---DD2: Mary Carol (Cunningham) Parker (35) *bc*
    ----DexH: Roger Melvin Lowery (35)
    -----DS1: Shawn Thomas Lowery (16)
    ------DFiancee: Ellen Casey Randall (17)
    -----DS2: Justin Scott Lowery (13)
    -----DD1: Christine Sara Lowery (12)
    ----DH: Lawrence Abel Parker (37)
    ---DD3: Debra Kathleen (Cunningham) Mata (33) *bc*
    ----DH: Peter Randy Mata (34)
    -----DD1: Cindy Dawn Mata (16)
    ---DD4: Karen Elizabeth (Cunningham) Cervantes (32) *bc*
    ----DH: Scott Eugene Cervantes (32)
    -----DS1: Jacob Christopher Cervantes (14)
    -----DS2: Corey David Cervantes (13)
    ---DD5: Patricia Julie (Cunningham) McBride (31) *bc*
    ----DH: Jeffrey Richard McBride (31)
    -----DD1: Melanie Michelle McBride (14)
    -----DD2: Monica Melissa McBride (13)
    -----DS1: Marcus Michael McBride (11)
    -----DD3: Megan Melinda McBride (9)
    ---DS4: Mark Anthony Cunningham (30)
    ----DW: Anne Cheryl (Delacruz) Cunningham (30) *bc*
    -----DS1: Keith William Cunningham (12)
    --DH: Bob Douglas Dalton (59)
    ---DS5: Dale Ricky Dalton (23)
    ----DW: Eugenia Olga (Trevino) Dalton (24) *bc*
    -----DD1: Terra Alma Dalton (5)
    -----DS1/DD2: Jami Chantel Dalton and Lonnie Freddie Dalton (3)
    -DS3: Joseph Marvin Schmidt (59)
    --DW: Ethel Jeanne (Esparza) Schmidt (59)
    ---DS1: Kevin Michael Schmidt (37)
    ----DW: Valerie Teresa (Leblanc) Schmidt (37) *bc*
    -----DD1: April Jamie Schmidt (14)
    ---DS2: Paul David Schmidt (32)
    ----DW: Kerry Nelda (Yates) Schmidt (34)
    -----DS1: Jacob Theodore Schmidt (2)
    ---DS3: Charles James Schmidt (17)
    ----DFiancee: Luz Sarah Pacheco (17)
    ---DD1/DD2: Tracy Kimberly Schmidt and Tammy Angela Schmidt (15)
    ---DS4: Stephen Robert Schmidt (13)
    ---DD3: Erica Michelle Schmidt (12)
    ---DS5: Benjamin Brian Schmidt (11)
    -DD3: Lois Evelyn (Schmidt) Franco (42) *bc*
    --DexH: James Bruce Armstrong (43)
    ---DD1: Christine Denise (Armstrong) Burch (23) *bc*
    ----DH: Conrad Clark Burch (23)
    -----DS1/DS2: Greg Chadwick Burch and Rick Sheldon Burch (5)
    -----DS3: Zane Randolph Burch (4)
    --DH: Roger Lee Franco (42)
    ---DS1: Aaron Raymond Franco (21)
    ----DW: Marianne Leslie (Mercado) Franco (22)
    -DS4: Larry Harold Schmidt (41)
    --DW: Anne Roberta (James) Schmidt (40) *bc*
    ---DS1: Patrick George Schmidt (20)
    ----DexW: Jennifer Sheila Riggs (20)
    -----DS1: Zachery Travis Schmidt (2)
    ----DW: Gina Ramona (Huber) Schmidt (21)
    ---DS2: Andrew Larry Schmidt (20)
    ----DW: Deena Margarita (McIntyre) Schmidt (21)
    -----DS1: Charlie Henry Schmidt (2)
    ---DS3: Shawn Craig Schmidt (19)
    ----DGF: Kerry Ladonna Burns (19)
    ---DD1: Lori Jessica Schmidt (17)


    Viola Kathryn (Schmidt) Cain (82)
    DH: Herman William Cain (83)
    -DS1: Lawrence Edgar Cain (Deceased)
    -DS2: Milton Leo Cain (Deceased)
    --DW: Julia Ruth (Fernandez) Cain (64)
    ---DS1: Thomas Samuel Cain (46)
    ----DW: Jill Angela (Jones) Cain (47) *bc*
    -----DD1: Kathryn Jean (Cain) Anderson (26) *bc*
    ------DH: Donald Darnell Anderson (25)
    -------DD1: Hillary Katharine Anderson (6)
    -----DS1: James Curtis Cain (24)
    ------DW: Megan Ladonna (Greene) Cain (24)
    -------DD1/DD2: Brenna Christa Cain and Jaimie Alice Cain (nb)
    -----DS2: Russell Bryan Cain (23)
    ------DW: Janet Kathleen (Wilson) Cain (24)
    -------DD1/DS1: Bridgette Martha Cain and Forrest Tanner Cain (nb)
    -----DD2: Jessica Monica (Cain) Barton (18)
    ------DH: Calvin Brent Barton (19)
    -----DS3/DS4: David Kenneth Cain and John Brandon Cain (12)
    -----DD3: Angela Tara Cain (11)
    -DD1: Joan Katherine (Cain) Huffman (61)
    --DH: Richard Howard Huffman (62)
    ---DD1: Geraldine Alice (Huffman) Maxwell (43) *bc*
    ----DexH: Donald Leroy Douglas (44)
    -----DS1: Charles Stephen Douglas (26)
    ------DW: Maureen Sonia (Monroe) Douglas (25)
    -------DS1: Zane Zachary Douglas (1)
    -----DD1: Jennifer Denise (Douglas) Kirk (24)
    ------DH: Neal Abel Kirk (24)
    ----DH: Alan James Maxwell (43)
    -----DD2: Tamara Michelle (Maxwell) Roman (23)
    ------DH: Sergio Abraham Roman (24)
    -----DD3: Margaret Amy (Maxwell) Frey (19)
    ------DH: Rudy Troy Fray (20)
    -----DS2: Vincent John Maxwell (19)
    ------DW: Margaret Lee (Branch) Maxwell (19)
    -----DD4: Kristen Kimberly (Maxwell) Powers (18)
    ------DH: Frederick Angelo Powers (20)
    -----DS3: Derek David Maxwell (17)
    ---DD2: Marilyn Carol (Huffman) Conrad (41) *bc*
    ----DH: Patrick Harold Conrad (42)
    -----DD1: Lisa Sheila (Conrad) Dickson (18)
    ------DH: Herman Frank Dickson (18)
    -----DS1: William Dustin Conrad (12) “Will
    ---DS1: Joe William Huffman (38)
    ----DW: Jane Beverly Zimmerman (38) *bc*
    -----DD1: Rebecca Melinda (Zimmerman) Krueger (19)
    ------DH: Darius Chuck Krueger (19)
    -------DD1: Kylie Breanne Krueger (nb)
    -----DS1: Anthony Lawrence Zimmerman (18)
    ------DW: Paula Ana (Bender) Zimmerman (19)
    ---DD3: Joyce Debra (Huffman) Lamb (29) *bc*
    ----DexH: Barry Randy Pace (29)
    -----DD1: Danielle Leslie Pace (13)
    -----DD2: Christine Tonya Pace (12)
    ----DH: Christopher Rick Lamb (30)
    -----DS1: Chad Jamie Lamb (10)
    ---DS2: Wayne Richard Huffman (29)
    ----DW: Tammy Anne (Thomas) Huffman (29) *bc*
    -----DD1/DS1: Jennifer Laura Huffman and Michael Richard Huffman (12)
    ---DS3: Darryl Ronald Huffman (25)
    ----DW: Vickie Juanita (Arias) Huffman (24) *bc*
    -----DS1: Garrett Dallas Huffman (6)
    -----DS2: Jonathon Neal Huffman (4)
    -----DD1/DS3: Denise Maureen Huffman and Colin Leo Huffman (2)
    ---DD4: Renee Theresa (Huffman) Walker (24)
    ----DH: Deron Willie Walker (24)
    -DS3: Phillip Kenneth Cain (49)
    --DW: Rose Norma (Brown) Cain (49) *bc*
    ---DD1: Margaret Nancy (Cain) Ramos (31) *bc*
    ----DH: Paul Edward Ramos (33)
    -----DS1: Travis Rodney Ramos (14)
    -----DD1: Misty Kathryn Ramos (13)
    -----DS2: Patrick Phillip Ramos (12)
    -----DD2: Lauren Natalie Ramos (9)
    -----DS3: Scott George Ramos (8)
    ---DS1: Kevin Jerry Cain (30)
    ----DW: Lynn Kathy (Martin) Cain (30) *bc*
    -----DD1: Stephanie Denise Cain (12)
    ---DD2: Kimberly Theresa (Cain) Carpenter (26) *bc*
    ----DH: Jack Willie Carpenter (27)
    -----DS1: Erik Neil Carpenter (5)
    ---DD3: Karen Stephanie (Cain) Leon (24) *bc*
    ----DH: Vaughn Brian Leon (24)
    -----DS1: Daniel Angel Leon (4)
    -----DS2/DS3: David Calvin Leon and James Spencer Leon (3)
    -----DD1: Sarah Desiree Leon (2)
    ---DS2: Christopher Kenneth Cain (21)
    ----DFiancee: Joanna Kristie Rivers (20)
    ---DD4: Angela Patricia (Cain) Ritter (18)
    ----DH: Noah Michael Ritter (19)
    ---DS3: Robert Gregory Cain (17)
    ----DFiancee: Staci Terri Blackburn (17)
    ---DS4: Brian Shawn Cain (16)
    -DD2: Sylvia Ruth (Cain) Bailey (48) *bc*
    --DH: Leon Ronald Bailey (50)
    ---DS1: Willie Douglas Bailey (30)
    ----DW: Jean Michele (Rangel) Bailey (30) *bc*
    -----DS1: Shane Kyle Bailey (13)
    ---DD1: Cindy Katherine (Bailey) Schaefer (29) *bc*
    ----DH: Anthony Keith Schaefer (30)
    -----DD1/DS1: Andrea Danielle Schaefer and Andrew Paul Schaefer 1(2)
    -----DS2: Thomas Jonathan Schaefer (11)
    -----DD2/DS3: Rachel Erica Schaefer and Richard Aaron Schaefer (10)
    ---DD2: Tina Sherri (Bailey) Bean (27) *bc*
    ----DH: Randy Curtis Bean (29)
    -----DS1/DS2: Richard Fabian Bean and Steven Tomas Bean (9)
    ---DS2: Edward Darrell Bailey (24) “Eddie
    ----DW: Olivia Allison (Farmer) Bailey (24) *bc*
    -----DS1: Brock Damien Bailey (8)
    ---DD3: Michele Traci Bailey (19) “Shelly
    ----DFiance: Erick Melvin Quinn (20)
    ---DD4: Donna Beth (Bailey) Stevens (18) “Donnie
    ----DH: Archie Bradley Stevens (18)
    ---DD5: Jessica Valerie (Bailey) Baird (17) “Jessie
    ----DH: Casey Trevor Baird (17)
    ---DS3: Chris Aaron Bailey (16)
    ---DD6/DD7: Wendy Allison Bailey and Maria Ann BaileyMarie” (15)
    ---DS4: Marc Gregory Bailey (14)
    ---DS5: Adam Victor Bailey (13)
    -DD2: Judith Sheila (Cain) Eaton (41) *bc*
    --DexH: Charles William Boyer (40)
    ---DD1: Judy Paula (Boyer) Haney (23)
    ----DH: Erik Brian Haney (23)
    ---DS1: Victor Frank Boyer (22)
    ----DW: Stacie Antoinette (Young) Boyer (23) *bc*
    -----DD1: Olivia Heather Boyer (5)
    -----DS1/DS2: Jesse Robert Boyer and Preston Andrew Boyer (3)
    ---DD2: Linda Kelly (Boyer) Soto (19)
    ----DH: Tony Alejandro Soto (19)
    ---DD3: Stacey Rebecca Boyer (18)
    ----DFiance: Damian Nick Downs (20)
    ---DS2: Gary Richard Boyer (17)
    ----DFiancee: Guadalupe Kathy Ruiz (17)
    ---DD4: Michele Christina Boyer (16)
    ---DS3: Peter Jeffrey Boyer (15)
    --DH: Lawrence Glenn Eaton (42)
    ---DD5: Courtney Allison Eaton (10)
    ---DS4: Sean George Eaton (9)
    -DD: Carolyn Rose (Cain) Trujillo (39) *bc*
    --DH: George Kenneth Trujillo (40)
    ---DS1: Shawn James Trujillo (22)
    ----DFiancee: Deann Kristina Powell (23)
    ---DD1: Cheryl Kimberly (Trujillo) Solomon (20)
    ----DH: Eddie Delbert Solomon (20)
    -----DD1: Arianna Bitney Solomon (nb)
    ---DD2: Kathleen Jennifer Trujillo (20)
    ----DFiance: Heath Eric McClure (20)

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    Samuel Lloyd Schmidt (Deceased)
    DW: Lillie Jennie (Hoffman) Schmidt (70)
    -DD1: Hazel Emma (Schmidt) Ross (63)
    --DexH: Lloyd Michael Wilcox (63)
    ---DD1: Betty Norma (Wilcox) Morris (47) *bc*
    ----DH: Stephen Jimmie Morris (50)
    -----DD1: Lori Judith (Morris) McCarthy (27) *bc*
    ------DH: Lance Spencer McCarthy (28)
    -------DD1/DS1: Maggie Celeste McCarthy and Harry Oliver McCarthy(5)
    -----DS1: Richard Arthur Morris (26)
    ------DW: Emily Lynnette (Robbins) Morris (26) *bc*
    -------DD1: Molly Aimee Morris (8)
    -------DD2: Lacey Caroline Morris (6)
    -------DS1/DS2: Lucas Marvin Morris and Trevor Joe Morris (5)
    -------DS3: Seth Oscar Morris (4)
    -----DS2: Thomas Roy Morris (25)
    ------DexW: Connie Trisha Liu (25)
    -------DS1: Dustin Preston Morris (1)
    -----DS3: Timothy Darrell Morris (23)
    ------DW: Bertha Staci (Hendrix) Morris (23)
    -------DS1: Colin Roger Morris (nb)
    -----DS4: Scott Jay Morris (21)
    -----DD2: Julie Carrie (Morris) Higgins (20) *bc*
    ------DH: Jeremy Lionel Higgins (22)
    -------DS1: Byron Nolan Higgins (4)
    -------DS2/DD1: Amelia Francesca Higgins and Brady Kerry Higgins (3)
    -----DD3: Susan Terri (Morris) Williams (20)
    ------DH: Clay Louis Williams (20)
    -----DD4: Christine Cindy (Morris) Gallagher (19)
    ------DH: Wendell Guy Gallagher (19)
    -------DS1: Jesse Todd Gallagher (2)
    ---DD2: Peggy Nancy (Wilcox) Buchanan (43) *bc*
    ----DexH: Rodney Paul Roth (43)
    -----DS1: Paul Brian Roth (21)
    ------DW: Ana Deann (Wilson) Roth (21)
    -----DD1: Tina Mary (Roth) Singleton (20)
    ------DH: Forrest Karl Singleton (21)
    -------DS1: Ashton Craig Singleton (nb)
    -----DD2: Kelly Tammy (Roth) Bruce (19)
    ------DH: Norman Leon Bruce (20)
    -------DD1: Julie Tori Bruce (1)
    -------DS1/DD2: Christian Carson BruceChris” and Holly Jacklyn Bruce (nb)
    -----DS2: Charles Scott Roth (17)
    ----DH: Mike Alfred Buchanan (40)
    ---DD3: Vicki Diana (Wilcox) Buchanan (40) *bc*
    ----DH: Eddie Bobby Buchanan (40)
    -----DS1: David Marc Buchanan (16)
    -----DS2: Robert Derrick Buchanan (14)
    -----DS3: Brian Jeremiah Wilcox (13)
    ---DD4: Bonnie Cathy (Wilcox) Gibson (35) *bc*
    ----DexH: Eugene Francis Garner (38)
    -----DD1: Monica Anna Garner (14)
    -----DD2: Misty Brenda Garner (13)
    ----DH: Donald Harry Gibson (34)
    -----DD3: Alana Tamara Gibson (9)
    ---DD5: Julie Carolyn (Wilcox) Santos (33) *bc*
    ----DH: Jimmy Christopher Santos (33)
    -----DS1: Antonio Michael Santos (15)
    -----DS2: Nicholas Jason Santos (14)
    -----DS3: Marcus Christopher Santos (13)
    -----DS4: Zachary Jason Santos (9)
    -----DD1: Holly Sarah Santos (8)
    -----DS5: Samuel Matthew Santos (7)
    --DH: Lloyd Clifford Ross (64)
    ---DD6: Rose Kimberly (Ross) Rice (29) *bc*
    ----DH: Lawrence Harold Rice (30)
    -----DD1/DD2: April Veronica Rice and Amber Vanessa Rice (10)
    -----DD3: Rachel Lindsey Rice (9)
    ---DS1: Allen Edward Ross (29)
    ----DexW: Cynthia Rose (Ford) Ross (29)
    -----DS1: Jeremy Matthew Ross (12)
    -----DS2/DS3: Nicholas John Ross and Eric James Ross (10)
    ----DW: Lori Carrie (Bridges) Ross (30) *bc*
    -----DS4: Kendrick Jaime Ross (4)
    ---DS2: Benjamin John Ross (21)
    ----DW: Audrey Lillian (Gibbs) Ross (21)
    -----DS1: Kaleb Oscar Ross (1)
    -DD2: Agnes Jane (Schmidt) Daugherty (62)
    --DH: Don Ronald Daugherty (63)
    ---DD1: Evelyn Sarah (Daugherty) Haynes (44) *bc*
    ----DexH: Gary Danny Park (45)
    -----DS1: Thomas Russell Park (26)
    ------DW: Amy Jodie (Herring) Park (27) *bc*
    -------DD1: Carly Katie Park (8)
    -------DD2: Summer Samantha Park (7)
    -------DS1: Nathan Dominic Park (6)
    -----DS2: Timothy Darren Park (23)
    ------DW: Leigh Tami (Figueroa) Park (23)
    -------DD1/DS1: Marina Lori Park and Hugo Lawrence Park(5)
    -------DD2: Larissa Mallory Park (4)
    -------DS2: Edgar Derek Park (nb)
    ----DH: Ronald Steve Haynes (43)
    -----DS3: Lance Gregory Haynes (18)
    ------DW: Esther Irma (Nash) Haynes (19)
    -------DD1/DS1: Abigail Chelsie Haynes and Seth Connor Haynes (nb)
    -----DS4: Walter Kenneth Haynes (17)
    -----DS5: Curtis Andrew Haynes (16)
    ---DS1: Dennis Don Daugherty (43)
    ----DW: Patricia Peggy (Hudson) Daugherty (43) *bc*
    -----DS1: Bradley Allen Daugherty (21)
    ------DW: Dina Ernestine (Steele) Daugherty (22) *bc*
    -------DS1: Tyson Bryon Daugherty (4)
    -------DS2/DS3: Tommy Korey Daugherty and Terrence Sidney Daugherty (3)
    -----DD1: Sarah Beth (Daugherty) Vaughan (18)
    ------DH: Mario Mickey Vaughan (19)
    -------DD1: Kasey Cara Vaughan (1)
    -------DS1/DS2: Shaun Rafael Vaughan and Clinton Emmanuel Vaughan (nb)
    -----DS2: Troy Nicholas Daugherty (17)
    ------DW: Melody Noelle (Baxter) Daugherty (19)
    ---DD2: Kathryn Lynn (Daugherty) Ayers (39) *bc*
    ----DH: Martin Eugene Ayers (42)
    -----DD1: Melinda Victoria Ayers (22)
    ---DD3: Ann Sherry (Daugherty) Luna (38) *bc*
    ----DH: Richard Anthony Luna (39)
    -----DD1: Wendy Margaret (Luna) Benton (21) *bc*
    ------DH: Scotty Abel Benton (20)
    -------DS1: Benjamin Saul Benton (4)
    -----DS1: Ronald Danny Luna (20)
    ------DW: Jeanette Joy (Becker) Luna (20) *bc*
    -------DD1: Sasha Mallory Luna (4)
    -----DD2: Rebecca Sarah (Luna) Cain (20)
    ------DH: Shaun Jerrod Cain (21)
    -------DS1: Jake Bradford Cain (1)
    ---DS2: Scott Samuel Daugherty (36)
    ----DW: Jean Valerie (McDaniel) Daugherty (36) *bc*
    -----DS1: Troy Sean Daugherty (16)
    ---DS3: Keith Steve Daugherty (34)
    ----DW: Patricia Maureen (Simmons) Daugherty (35) *bc*
    -----DD1: Jade Nichole Daugherty (6)
    ---DS4: Jerry Christopher Daugherty (32)
    ----DexW: Sharon Gail McGee (32)
    -----DD1: Jennifer Nicole Daugherty (13)
    -----DD2: Melissa Christine Daugherty (12)
    ----DW: Cynthia Jo (Sherman) Daugherty (34) *bc*
    ---DD4: Janice Kimberly (Daugherty) Walls (31) *bc*
    ----DH: Dean Ronnie Walls (30)
    -----DS1: Micah Dominick Walls (9)
    -----DS2: Brendan Jonas Walls (8)
    ---DS5: Mike Terry Daugherty (30)
    ----DexW: Terry Joan (Stein) Daugherty (30)
    -----DD1: Crystal Sally Daugherty (8)
    -----DS1: Graham Joseph Daugherty (6)
    -----DD2: Alana Elizabeth Daugherty (5)
    -----DD3: Jordan Heather Daugherty (4)
    ----DW: Michael Bridget (Hunt) Daugherty (32) “Mikey
    -----DD4: Noelle Yvonne Daugherty (nb)
    -DS1: Russell Clifford Schmidt (61)
    --DexW: Clara Gertrude (Holder) Schmidt (61)
    ---DD1: Lori Beverly (Schmidt) Daniels (32)
    ----DexH: Barry Ronald Robertson (33)
    -----DS1: Gabriel Todd Robertson (13)
    -----DD1: Valerie Wendy Robertson (9)
    ----DH: Kirk Bradford Daniels (30)
    ---DS1: Brian Randall Schmidt (29)
    ----DW: Renee Joanne (Guerra) Schmidt (30) *bc*
    -----DS1: Steven Jonathan Schmidt (13)
    ---DS2: Donald Tim Schmidt (29)
    ----DW: Beverly Jean (Luna) Schmidt (29) *bc*
    -----DS1: Tony Jerome Schmidt (9)
    --DW: Lucille Peggy (Hancock) Schmidt (50)
    ---DS3: Scott Vincent Schmidt (25)
    ----DW: Francine Shelley (Herman) Schmidt (25) *bc*
    -----DS1: Levi Scott Schmidt (4)
    ---DS4: Steven Chris Schmidt (24)
    ----DexW: Tracey Anoinette Juarez (25)
    -----DS1: Bryce Ramon Schmidt (6)
    ---DD2: Stacy Patricia (Schmidt) Martinez (21)
    ----DH: Dan Salvador Martinez (20)
    -----DD1/DD2: Shaina Charlotte Martinez and Hanna Angelina Martinez (nb)
    ---DD3: Sharon Tracy (Schmidt) Gray (20)
    ----DH: Teddy Simon Gray (20)
    -----DS1: David Zachariah Gray (2)
    ---DD4: Shannon Stephanie (Schmidt) Page (20)
    ----DH: Garry Cameron Page (20)
    -----DS1: Graham Sheldon Page (2)
    -----DS2: Clay Lloyd Page (1)
    -DS2: Harry Stephen Schmidt (48)
    --DW: Lois Rosemary Floyd (47) *bc*
    ---DS1: Jay Henry Floyd (23)
    ----DexW: Valerie Laurie McPherson (24)
    -----DD1/DD2: Taryn Aimee Floyd and Bailey Janelle Floyd (2)
    ---DS2: Benjamin Allen Floyd (21) “Ben
    ----DFiancee: Elaine Carol Fitzgerald (20)
    ---DD1: Amy Rose Floyd (19)
    ----DFiance: Harry Fred Greer (19)
    ---DD2: Suzanne Ruth (Floyd) Adkins (19) “Zanne
    ----DH: Neil Van Adkins (20)

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    Aug 2012
    John Jesse Schmidt (Deceased)
    DW: Vera Marjorie (Murillo) Schmidt (79)
    -DS1: Edwin Billy Schmidt (61)
    --DexW: Emma Rita (Rivas) Schmidt (62)
    ---DS1: Steve Terry Schmidt (42)
    ----DW: Sharon Geraldine (Reynolds) Schmidt (43) *bc*
    -----DS1: Joshua Stephen Schmidt (18)
    ------DW: Crystal Kimberlee (Evans) Schmidt (18)
    -----DS2: Justin Andrew Schmidt (17)
    ------DFiancee: Rhonda Andrea Hodge (17)
    ---DD1: Constance Cheryl (Schmidt) Chan (38) “Connie” *bc*
    ----DH: Joe Willie Chan (40)
    -----DD1: Stephanie Jacqueline (Chan) Schaefer (18)
    ------DH: Richard Billie Schaefer (18)
    -----DS1: Brian Nathan Chan (17)
    ------DFiancee: Mary Carolyn Nixon (18)
    -----DS2: Robert Bradley Chan (16)
    ---DS2: Tommy Bruce Schmidt (36)
    ----DW: Betty Susan (Huerta) Schmidt (37) *bc*
    -----DS1: Corey James Schmidt (19)
    ------DW: Heidi Michelle (Lester) Schmidt (18)
    -----DD1: Carolyn Lisa (Schmidt) Singh (19) “Carrie
    ------DH: Oliver Darin Singh (19)
    -------DS1: Leo Shawn Singh (1)
    ---DS3: Lee Jerry Schmidt (34)
    ----DexW: Marsha Terry (Moody) Schmidt (35)
    --DW: Clara June (Giles) Schmidt (60)
    ---DD3: Jacqueline Julie (Schmidt) Tyler (29)
    ----DexH: Ricky Dean Tyler (31)
    -----DD1/DD2: Amber Jasmine Tyler and Jamie Leigh Tyler (9)
    ----DFiance: Tommie Oliver Larson (30)
    ---DS4: Mike Gregory Schmidt (28)
    ----DexFiancee: Jill Carla Stephenson (28)
    ----DexW: Lucinda Olivia Rios (28)
    -----DD1: Kendra Deanna Schmidt (6)
    -----DS1: Clayton Jamie Schmidt (5)
    ----DFiancee: Candy Rita Horne (30)
    ---DS5: Darren Ronald Schmidt (24)
    ----DFiancee: Terri Roberta Bautista (24)
    ---DS6: Danny Eric Schmidt (23)
    ----DW: Francine Kimberly (Aguilar) Schmidt (24)
    -----DD1: Sasha Tonya Schmidt (4)
    -----DS1: Shaun Ronnie Schmidt (2)
    ---DS7: Samuel Kenneth Schmidt (22)
    ----DW: Kim Karen (Schneider) Schmidt (24)
    -----DS1: Isaac Joey Schmidt (4)
    -----DD1: Tabitha Destiny Schmidt (2)
    -DD1: Pauline Julia (Schmidt) Blair (56)
    --DexH: Vernon Johnny Conrad (56)
    ---DS1: Eric Scott Conrad (39)
    ----DW: Donna Jo (Cochran) Conrad (40) *bc*
    -----DS1: Matthew Eric Conrad (23)
    ------DW: Shannon Deanna (Small) Conrad (23)
    -----DS2: Todd Scott Conrad (22)
    ------DW: Cherie Jodi (O’Connell) Conrad (20)
    -------DD1: Rachel Madeline Conrad (1)
    -------DS1/DS2: Jonathan Darryl Conrad and Brandon Micah Conrad (nb)
    ---DS2: Keith Raymond Conrad (37)
    ----DexW: Sherry Bonnie Whitney (37)
    -----DD1: Patricia Ann Conrad (16)
    ----DW: Carol Nancy (Mann) Conrad (28) *bc*
    ---DD1: Christine Theresa (Conrad) Gutierrez (36) *bc*
    ----DexH: Samuel Eddie Buck (38)
    -----DD1: Rhonda Suzanne Buck (16)
    ------DBF: Johnny Marshall McCarthy (17)
    ----DexH: Anthony Craig Diaz (39)
    -----DS1/DS2: Jeffrey Carlos Diaz and Anthony Marcus Diaz (12)
    -----DD2: Laura Sandra Diaz (11)
    ----DH: Martin Rodney Gutierrez (35)
    -----DS3: Bryce Theodore Gutierrez (9)
    --DH: Curtis Don Blair (60)
    ---DD2: Susan Jacqueline (Blair) Benitez (31) *bc*
    ----DH: Anthony Randall Benitez (31)
    -----DD1: Tiffany Erin Benitez (13)
    ---DD3: Mary Sheila (Blair) Mooney (26) *bc*
    ----DH: Robert Joe Mooney (27)
    -----DS1/DS2: Corey Daniel Mooney and Jared Ryan Mooney (10)
    ---DS3: William Carl Blair (21)
    ---DD4: Angela Tanya Blair (18)
    ----DFiance: Rickey Hans Malone (19)
    ---DD5: Amy Carrie Blair (17)
    ----DFiance: Calvin Tracy Gentry (18)
    -DD2: Jacqueline Anna (Schmidt) Bauer (54) *bc*
    --DexH: Billy Joe Johnston (54)
    ---DD1: Michelle Katherine (Johnston) Rangel (35) *bc*
    ----DH: Gary Stephen Rangel (36)
    -----DD1: Tara Michelle Rangel (16)
    -----DD2: Angela Patricia Rangel (13)
    -----DS1: Jesse John Rangel (12)
    -----DD3: Kristy Sarah Rangel (11)
    -----DD4: Catherine Melissa Rangel (9) “Cate
    -----DS2: Todd Jason Rangel (8)
    ---DD2: Marcia Virginia (Johnston) Mullen (34)
    ----DexH: Tommy Ralph Bryan (35)
    -----DD1: Victoria Deborah Bryan (18)
    -----DD2: Tamara Melinda Bryan (13)
    ----DH: William Douglas Mullen (34)
    -----DS1: Casey Eric Mullen (11)
    -----DD3: Monique Lisa Mullen (9)
    -----DD4: Melinda Andrea Mullen (5)
    -----DS2: Marc Charles Mullen (2)
    -----DS3: Calvin Jeffrey Mullen (nb)
    ---DS1: Allen Ronnie Johnston (33)
    ----DexW: Valerie Rhonda Rush (34)
    -----DS1: Derrick Patrick Johnston (13)
    -----DS2/DS3: Craig Chard Johnston and Todd Travis Johnston (9)
    ----DW: Ramona Carol (Blevins) Johnston (31)
    -----DS4: Elias Calvin Johnston (2)
    -----DS5: Damon Randall Johnston (nb)
    --DH: Harry Donald Bauer (55)
    ---DD3: Julie Renee (Bauer) Brock (30) *bc*
    ----DH: Arthur David Brock (30)
    -----DD1: Julie Tina Brock (13)
    ---DS2: Gregory Philip Bauer (28)
    ----DW: Tina Kathryn (Pham) Bauer (28) *bc*
    -----DS1: Christopher Jamie Bauer (8)
    -----DS2/DD1: Matthew Colin Bauer and Jessica Barbara Bauer (5)
    ---DD4: Lori Jodi (Bauer) Massey (18)
    ----DH: Stuart Rob Massey (20)
    -----DD1: Emily Kathleen Massey (nb)
    ---DD5: Wendy Alicia Bauer (17)
    ----DFiance: Peter Otis Stuart (18)
    ---DS3: Andrew Carl Bauer (16)
    ----DGF: Marie Marianne Armstrong (16)
    -DS2: William Lee Schmidt (44)
    --DW: Jo Marjorie (Rogers) Schmidt (45) *bc*
    ---DD1: Janet Katherine (Schmidt) Schultz (24)
    ----DexH: Stuart Cedric Long (24)
    -----DS1: Brian Clifford Long (6)
    -----DS2: Adam Terrence Long (5)
    ----DH: Rod Frederick Schultz (25)
    -----DS3/DS4: Brenton Travis Schultz and Ethan Curtis Schultz (3)
    -----DS5/DD1: Blaine Gabriel Schultz and Bailey Alison Schultz (2)
    ---DD2: Cindy Annette (Schmidt) Cabrera (23)
    ----DexH: Frank Ronnie Griffin (23)
    -----DD1: Sabrina Esther Griffin (6)
    ----DH: Rolando Otis Cabrera (22)
    -----DD2: Cierra Madison Cabrera (2)
    ---DD3: Carol Jacqueline (Schmidt) Allison (19)
    ----DH: Noah Omar Allison (20)
    -DS3: Henry Tommy Schmidt (42)
    --DexW: Geraldine Lois (Fritz) Schmidt (41)
    ---DD1: Kimberly Robin (Schmidt) McConnell (23)
    ----DH: Elliott Dion McConnell (23)
    -----DS1: Joel Perry McConnell (6)
    -----DD1: Stacy Keisha McConnell (4)
    -----DS2/DS3: Mitchell Donovan McConnell and Brent Malcolm McConnell (2)
    -----DD2/DS4: Molly Elisabeth McConnell and Seth Damien McConnell (nb)
    ---DS1: David Chad Schmidt (19)
    ----DW: Megan Cari (Boyd) Schmidt (20) *bc*
    -----DD1/DD2: Esther Marissa Schmidt and Charity Tracy Schmidt (3)
    -----DD3: Lillian Melanie Schmidt (1)
    ---DS2: James Paul Schmidt (17)
    ----DGF: Dina Gabrielle Mata (17)
    ---DS3: John Andrew Schmidt (15)
    --DW: Paula Rosemary (Vang) Schmidt (40) *bc*
    ---DS4: Bradley Adam Schmidt (13)
    ---DS5: Todd Aaron Schmidt (12)
    ---DS6: Craig Charles Schmit (8)
    -DD3: Kathryn Ruth (Schmidt) Sampson (41) *bc*
    --DexH: Eugene Walter Sanford (42)
    ---DD1: Suzanne Paula (Sanford) Torres (22)
    ----DH: Ruben Robby Torres (22)
    -----DS1/DS2: Grabriel Rogelio Torres and Brent Elias Torres (5)
    -----DD1/DD2: Jillian Larissa Torres and Kara Alana Torres (2)
    -----DS3/DD3: Spencer Josiah Torres and Bethany Daniela Torres (nb)
    ---DS1: Johnny Dennis Sanford (21)
    ----DW: Rebecca Rhonda (Friedman) Sanford (20)
    -----DD1: Kelley Karina Sanford (1)
    ---DD2: Sarah Rhonda (Sanford) Coffey (19) *bc*
    ----DH: Stefan Earl Coffey (19)
    -----DD1: Shauna Katrina Coffey (2)
    ---DS2: Adam Troy Sanford (18)
    ---DD3: Linda Sharon (Sanford) Thomas (17)
    ----DH: John Terrell Thomas (18)
    -----DS1: Jon Ralph Thomas (nb)
    --DH: Robert Roy Sampson (41)
    -DD4: Suzanne Carol (Schmidt) Stein (40) *bc*
    --DH: Walter Jerry Stein (40)
    ---DS1: Brian Roy Stein (23)
    ----DW: Alma Bonita (Ochoa) Stein (23)
    ---DS2: Mark Jay Stein (20)
    ----DW: Pam Kristine (Perkins) Stein (20) *bc*
    -----DD1: Ben Jared Stein (3)
    ---DD1: Mary Valerie (Stein) Gay (19)
    ----DH: Tony Oliver Gay (22)
    ---DS3: Jeffrey Derrick Stein (19)
    ----DGF: Dawn Sophia Ray (19)
    ---DD2: Heather Amanda Stein (18)
    ----DFiance: Leo Jeffrey Rubio (18)
    ---DD3: Nicole Leslie Stein (17)
    ----DBF: Duane Jacob Schults (18)
    ---DS4: Eric Raymond Stein (13)
    ---DS5: Timothy Marcus Stein (11)

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    Aug 2012
    Genevieve Pearl (Schmidt) Greene (69)
    DH: Vernon Roy Palmer (Deceased)
    -DD1: Charlotte Jo (Palmer) Maldonado (48) *bc*
    --DexH: Roy Tommy McCarthy (48)
    ---DD1: Laura Ruth (McCarthy) Carr (30) *bc*
    ----DH: Jeff Johnny Carr (31)
    -----DS1: Matthew Nathaniel Carr (11)
    ---DS1: Gregory Jon McCarthy (29)
    ----DexW: Kathy Tammy O’Brien (29)
    -----DS1: Joshua Samuel McCarthy (11)
    -----DD1/DS2: Nicole Kristy McCarthy and Robert Kyle McCarthy (10)
    ----DW: Kris Robyn (Callahan) McCarthy (30) *bc*
    -----DS3: Grant Travis McCarthy (4)
    --DH: Harry Don Maldonado (50)
    ---DS2: Curtis Steven Maldonado (27)
    ----DW: Sheila Lisa (Bass) Maldonado (29) *bc*
    -----DD1: Holly Heather Maldonado (10)
    -----DD2: Sarah Stacy Maldonado (9)
    -----DS1: Joel Jason Maldonado (8)
    -----DD3: Natasha Nicole Maldonado (6)
    ---DS3: Vincent Joseph Maldonado (18)
    ----DFiancee: Michele Serena Castro (18)
    DH: Peter Carl Greene (69)
    -DD2: Jane Diana (Greene) Kaufman (40) *bc*
    --DH: Kevin Glenn Kaufman (40)
    ---DD1: Tonya Beth (Kaufman) Hammond (20)
    ----DH: Gregg Steven Hammond (20)
    ---DD2: Dana Danielle (Kaufman) Buck (18)
    ----DH: Eugene Preston Buck (20)
    ---DD3: Linda Paula Kaufman (17)
    ---DD4: Jill Anna Kaufman (16)
    ---DD5: Misty Kathleen Kaufman (14)
    -DD3: Bonnie Brenda (Greene) Barron (37) *bc*
    --DexH: Walter Curtis Conley (39)
    ---DS1: Brent Walter Conley (19)
    ----DW: Dina Geraldine (Douglas) Conley (20)
    -----DD1: Tessa Monica Conley (2)
    ---DD1: Holly Diana Conley (19)
    ----DexH: Lonnie Clinton Powell (20)
    -----DS1: Henry Bradley Powell (2)
    ----DBF: Otis Lorenzo Forbes (22)
    ---DS2: Phillip Danny Conley (18)
    ----DFiancee: Ana Regina Hoffman (18)
    --DH: Craig Albert Barron (36)
    ---DD2: Courtney Stacey Barron (12)
    ---DD3/DD4: Misty Patricia Barron and Alicia Karen Barron (9)
    -DS1: Bobby Jeffrey Greene (30)
    --DW: Sandra Shelley (Ball) Greene(30) *bc*
    ---DS1: Derick Dwayne Greene (2)
    -DS2: Joel Brian Greene (21)
    --DW: Tamara Nina (Walker) Greene (20)


    Daniel Theodore Schmidt (67)
    DW: Bessie Rita (Mays) Schmidt (67)

    -DS1: Theodore Danny Schmidt (46)
    --DexW: Katherine Marlene Fritz (47)
    ---DD1: Valerie Carolyn (Schmidt) Miranda (28)
    ----DH: Scott Keith Miranda (28)
    -----DS1: Nathan Charlie Miranda (2)
    -----DD1: Caitlin Tricia Miranda (1)
    --DW: Katherine Elaine (Ballard) Schmidt (45) *bc*
    ---DD2: Monica Julie Schmidt (22)
    ---DD3: Tracey Karen Schmidt (19)
    ----DFiance: Alfonso Damon Carson (19)
    ---DD4: Erica Dawn Schmidt (17)
    ----DFiance: Shaun Warren Cooley (17)
    ---DS1: Marc Anthony Schmidt (16)
    ----DGF: Latonia Dolores Durham (17)
    ---DS2: Kyle Thomas Schmidt (14)
    ---DD5: Natalie Rachel Schmidt (13)
    -DS2: Phillip Gary Schmidt (44)
    --DW: Diane Ruth (Wallace) Schmidt (45) *bc*
    ---DS1: Troy Philip Schmidt (28)
    ----DW: Michele Darlene (Briggs) Schmidt (28) *bc*
    -----DS1: Dustin Travis Schmidt (11)
    -----DS2: Corey Brandon Schmidt (10)
    ---DS2: Jay Vincent Schmidt (27)
    ----DW: Gladys Madeline (Lawrence) Schmidt (30) *bc* “Lady”
    -----DD1: Danielle Marianne Schmidt (9)
    -----DS1: Aaron Harvey Schmidt (8)
    ---DS3: Dean Martin Schmidt (26)
    ----DexW: Penny Martha Watson (26)
    -----DS1: Clint Isaac Schmidt (9)
    ----DW: Marcella Rena (Baker) Schmidt (25)
    -----DD1: Crystal Irene Schmidt (4)
    ---DD1: Cathy Valerie (Schmidt) Hill (24)
    ----DH: Alton Bruce Hill (24)
    -----DD1: Bridget Elizabeth Hill (8)
    -----DS1/DS2: Julian John Hill and Jake Robert Hill (3)
    -----DS3: Bryant Joseph Hill (2)
    -----DD2: Grace Megan Hill (1)
    ---DS4: Joe Harold Schmidt (23)
    ----DW: Colette Shawna (Norman) Schmidt (23) *bc*
    -----DD1: Tessa Abby Schmidt (4)
    -----DS1: Clay Ernest Schmidt (2)
    ---DD2: Annette Wanda (Schmidt) Watkins (22)
    ----DH: Leonard Travis Watkins (22)
    ---DD3: Julia Kristen (Schmidt) Clay (20) *bc*
    ----DH: Anthony Ivan Clay (20)
    -----DD1: Molly Brooke Clay (2)
    ---DD4: Anna Jodi (Schmidt) Stone (20)
    ----DH: Bryon Darren Stone (22)
    -DD1: Joan Marsha (Schmidt) Herrera (43) *bc*
    --DH: Russell Leonard Herrera (43)
    ---DD1: Laurie Margaret (Herrera) Austin (25) *bc*
    ----DH: Geoffrey Derek Austin (25)
    -----DS1: Desmond Ruben Austin (8)
    -----DD1: Adrienne Angel Austin (6)
    -----DD2: Tasha Ebony Austin (4)
    ---DS1: Curtis Wayne Herrera (19)
    ----DFiancee: Mona Tammie Marsh (20)
    ---DD2: Suzanne Tamara (Herrera) Zimmerman (19)
    ----DH: Shane Lorenzo Zimmerman (20)
    -DS3: Roger Jimmy Schmidt (42)
    --DW: Nancy Paula (Valentine) Schmidt (42) *bc*
    ---DD1: Rhonda Joan (Schmidt) Larson (24)
    ----DexH: Gabriel Laurence Hardy (24)
    -----DD1: Lauren Elisabeth Hardy (6)
    -----DS1: Nicholas Nelson Hardy (5)
    ----DH: Delbert Bradley Larson (25)
    -----DS2: Evan Damien Larson (4)
    -----DS3: Philip Heath Larson (2)
    ---DD2: Vicki Wanda (Schmidt) Boyer (22)
    ----DH: Justin Edgar Boyer (24)
    -----DD1/DS1: Meaghan Sheena Boyer and Maxwell Bret Boyer (2)
    -----DS2: Jarrett Harold Boyer (1)
    ---DS1: Tony Ronnie Schmidt (21)
    ----DW: Doreen Robyn (Spence) Schmidt (21)
    -----DD1: Casey Andrea Schmidt (4)
    -----DS1/DD2: Craig Stephen Schmidt and Cynthia Shannon Schmidt (3)
    -----DS2/DS3: Curtis Tyler Schmidt and Corey Travis Schmidt (2)
    ---DD3: Paula Traci (Schmidt) Price (19)
    ----DH: Gary Neil Price (19)
    -DS4: Russell Frank Schmidt (41)
    --DexW: Elaine Mary Kahn (42)
    ---DS1: Todd Bradley Schmidt (23)
    ----DFiancee: Angel Margo (Freeman) Schmidt (24)
    --DexW: Beverly Doris (Strong) Schmidt (41)
    ---DD1: Regina Monica Schmidt (21)
    ----DH: Cody Grant Graham (20)
    -----DD1: Ariel Dominique Graham (4)
    -----DS1: Quinton Caleb Graham (2)
    ---DS2: Jimmy Rodney Schmidt (19)
    ----DFiancee: Connie Alexandra Nguyen (19)
    ---DD2: Erin Jill (Schmidt) Huynh (18)
    ----DH: Gregory Brett Huynh (19)
    --DexW: Geraldine Joyce Todd (40)
    ---DS3: Joel Gregory Schmidt (14)
    ---DD3: Katherine Dawn Schmidt (13)
    --DexFiancee: Deborah Virginia Schneider (37)
    --DW: Bonita Yvette (Perry) Schmidt (35) “Bonnie
    ---DS4: Michael Jarvis Schmidt (4)
    -DS5: Samuel Anthony Schmidt (36)
    --DexW: Peggy Cheryl Clark (36)
    ---DD1: Allison Kristen Schmidt (13)
    ---DS1: Wesley Marcus Schmidt (12)
    --DW: Ellen Debra (Blair) Schmidt (35)
    ---DS2: Martin Sheldon Schmidt (8)
    ---DS3: Christopher Jess Schmidt (7)
    ---DS4: Lance Weston Schmidt (6)
    ---DS5: Clayton Saul Schmidt (1)
    -DS6: Andrew Jerry Schmidt (35)
    --DW: Teresa Betty (Farrell) Schmidt (35) *bc*
    ---DD1: Linda Susan Schmidt (18)
    ----DFiance: Glenn Kendrick Lowery (18)
    ---DD2: Sharon Cynthia Schmidt (17)
    ----DFiance: Walter Robin Allison (18)
    ---DS1: Philip Jonathan Schmidt (15)
    ---DS2: Rodney Aaron Schmidt (13)
    ---DS3: Alexander Adam Schmidt (12)
    -DD2: Jane Rebecca (Schmidt) Dunlap (32) *bc*
    --DH: Kenneth Samuel Dunlap (32)
    ---DD1: Sabrina Kathryn Dunlap (11)
    -DS7: Rodney Ricky Schmidt (28)
    --DW: Jacqueline Donna (Chambers) Schmidt (28) *bc*
    ---DD1/DS1: Mandy Stacy Schmidt and Erik Bryan Schmidt (12)
    -DS8: Douglas Danny Schmidt (24)
    --DW: Becky Pauline (Hull) Schmidt (24) *bc*
    ---DD1: Roxanne Taryn Schmidt (5)
    -DS9: Gary Lawrence Schmidt (22)
    --DW: Loretta Melody (Harvey) Schmidt (22)
    ---DD1/DS1: Shana Alyssa Schmidt and Abraham Alex Schmidt (2)
    ---DS2: Miles Scott Schmidt (1)
    ---DS3/DS4: Brandon Jesse Schmidt and Connor Gregory Schmidt (nb)
    -DS10: Keith Samuel Schmidt (22)
    --DW: Pauline Lorraine (Harvey) Schmidt (23)
    ---DD1/DS1: Alexis Jaclyn Schmidt and Jonathon Andre Schmidt (3)
    ---DS2: Troy Dylan Schmidt (1)
    ---DD2: Paige Katrina Schmidt (nb)
    -DD3: Christina April Schmidt (19)
    -DD4: Linda Ann Schmidt (19)

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    Nov 2010
    British Columbia

    DH: Walter Louis Reed (deceased at 103, retired physician)
    DW: Sallie Mabel Reed (deceased at 101, nee Richardson, homemaker)

    DS: Edward James "Eddie" Reed (87, retired carpenter)
    late-DW: Opal Georgia Reed (deceased at 38, nee Price)
    DW: Agnes Ida Kelly (84, homemaker)

    DD: Maxine Mabel Reed (70, physician)
    DGF: Sylvia Inez Martinez (66, author)
    DS: Harvey Walter Reed (68, enlisted in WWII in 1943, Agricultural machinery manufacturer)
    DW: Leona Genevieve Reed (66, nee Gagnon, homemaker)

    DD: Carol Mary Smith (45, nee Reed, homemaker, former library technician)
    DH: Dennis Charles Smith (47, industrial engineer)

    DS: Jason David Smith (15)
    DD: Amy Melissa Smith (11, twin)
    DD: Lisa Heather Smith (11, twin)
    DS: Michael Kenneth Reed (44, Refrigeration Mechanics and Installer)
    DW: Judy Diane Reed (41, homemaker, former social worker, nee Jones)

    DD: Melissa Jodi Reed (20, twin, medical secretary)
    DF: Chris Derrick Zolf (22, real estate agent)
    DS: Michael Jared Reed (20, twin, psychology student)
    DD: Christina Allison Reed (14)
    DS: Jeffrey Brad Reed (11, twin)
    DS: Joshua Brent Reed (11, twin)
    DD: Linda Judith Reed (42, administrative supervisor)
    ex-DH: Paul Joseph Taylor (43, payroll clerk, father of first two children)
    DBF: Thomas Richard Johnston (46, computer programmer)

    DS: Joel Marcus Johnston (16)
    DS: Cory Andrew Johnston (15)
    DD: Lucille Ruby Reed (67, teacher)
    DGF: Jennie Katherine Churchill (70, psychologist)
    DS: Chester John Reed (63, carpenter)
    DW: Sadie Cora Reed (64, nee Roy, psychiatric health aide)

    DS: David Albert Reed (30, twin, machine feeder)
    DS: Michael Ralph Reed (30, twin, rental clerk)
    DGF: Sherry Annette Wills (28, event planner)
    DD: Karen Judith Reed (28, care aide)
    DD: Mary Katherine Reed (27, respiratory therapist)
    DF: Danny Arthur Cohen (28, mathematician)
    DS: Richard Lawrence Reed (24, epidemiologist)
    DF: Melanie Sara Oxley (24, carpenter)
    DS: Steven Arthur Reed (23, mason)
    DF: Tracey Joyce Ilsley (21, urban planning student)
    DS: Joseph Harold Reed (22, maintenance and repair worker)
    DW: Kelly Anna Reed (21, nee O’Toole, homemaker)

    DD: Mallory Anna Reed (2)
    DS: Edwin Louis Reed (62, logger)
    DW: Minnie Lena Reed (62, nee Jones, homemaker)

    DS: Timothy Andrew "Timmy" Reed (39, home inspector)
    DF: Linda Susan Brown (39, secretary)
    DS: Patrick Randall "Pat" Reed (37, internist)
    DGF: Jennifer Maria Kennedy (30, actor)
    DD: Marcia Denise Reed (35, optician)
    DS: Russell Allen "Russ" Reed (31, Operations Research Analyst)
    DF: Lois Elaine Kielburger (29, writer)
    DD: Frances Audrey Garfield (55, nee Reed, homemaker)
    ex-DH: Stephen Victor Garfield (57, car mechanic)

    DD: Judy Cynthia Garfield (35, community association manager)
    DH: Mark Richard Smythe (36, machinist)

    DD: Molly Diana Smythe (10)
    DS: Devin Peter Smythe (9)
    DS: Brian Daniel Garfield (34, Material Moving Worker)
    ex-DW: Tammy Laura Garfield (33, nee Cox, homemaker)

    DS: Nicholas Brian Garfield (11)
    DS: Keith Samuel Garfield (33, property manager)
    DW: Michelle Cheryl Garfield (30, homemaker)

    DD: Jamie Katherine Garfield (11)
    DD: Erin Victoria Garfield (9)
    DS: Craig Ernest Garfield (32, human resources)
    DW: Tina Denise Garfield (31, nee Brown, homemaker, former secretary)

    DD: Jillian Holly Garfield (9)
    DS: Earl Thomas Garfield (31, clinical lab technician)
    DF: Angela Karen O’Neill (29, recreation therapist)
    DS: Philip Vernon Reed (54, broadcast engineer)
    ex-DF: Stella Violet Williams (52, library assistant)
    DW: Joann Loretta Doherty (47, PR specialist)

    DS: William Charles "Billy" Reed (86, schoolmaster)

    DD: Dorothy Ruth "Dottie" Gray (85, nee Reed, homemaker)
    late-DH: John Charles Gray (died at 82, bookkeeper)

    DD: Betty Ruth Gray (62, book editor)
    DH: Lee Gordon Wayne (61, statistician)
    DS: Frank Robert Gray (61, physicist)
    ex-DF: Ella Lucy Smith (60, physicist)
    DW: Yvonne Theresa Murphy (58, physics professor)
    DD: Shirley Jean Barnes (59, nee Gray, funeral director)
    late-DH: Morris Martin Barnes (died at 58, funeral director)

    DS: James William Barnes (40, building inspector)
    DW: Donna Margaret Barnes (39, nee Williams, homemaker, former real estate agent)

    DD: Kristen Veronica Barnes (14)
    DD: Amber Melinda Barnes (12)
    DS: Robert Charles Barnes (39, bookkeeper)
    DW: Sandra Carol Barnes (37, nee Wilson, podiatrist)

    DS: Alexander Dustin Barnes (10)
    DS: Nathaniel Corey Barnes (9)
    DS: Zachary Jordan Barnes (8)
    DS: Cameron Tyler Barnes (2)
    DS: John Daniel Barnes (37, prepress technician)
    DW: Maureen Sylvia Barnes (39, nee Quinn, management analyst)

    DS/DD: Kyle Patrick and Erica Susan Barnes (10)
    DD: Mary Carol Barnes (33, carpenter)
    DF: Allen Ralph Winters (35, carpenter)
    DS: Thomas Paul Barnes (32, pipelayer)
    DW: Lori Sharon Barnes (32, nee Vieira, homemaker)

    DD: Erin Heidi Barnes (13)
    DD: Shannon Christy Barnes (12)
    DS: David Joseph Barnes (31, plumber)
    DW: Cindy Robin Barnes (31, nee Graham, food service worker)

    DS: Evan Lucas Barnes (10)
    DD: Kara Shannon Barnes (6)
    DD: Jenna Rachel Barnes (5)
    DD: Nancy Lois Gray (56, nurse)
    DF: Charlie Vernon Urquhart (58, dairy farmer)
    DS: Ralph Thomas Gray (53, sheet metal worker)
    ex-DW: Bessie Lorraine Gray (51, nee Wilson, homemaker, former waitress)

    DS: Joe Henry Gray (29, mechanical engineer)
    DF: Carolyn Diana Martin (28, chemist)
    DS: Rick Arthur Gray (26, lawyer)
    DF: Penny Beth Tannahill (24, recreation & fitness worker)
    DS: Barry Martin Gray (25, cost estimator)
    DS: Bill Rodney Gray (24, actor)
    DF: Kristin Tamara Oliver (21, actor)
    DD: Randy Phillip Gray (23, publication assistant)
    DBF: Jay Victor Ellis (25, bookkeeping clerk)

    DS: Harold John "Harry" Reed (84, physician)
    DW: Emma Lucille Reed (82, nee Hughes, homemaker)

    DD: Lillian Ida Moore (63, nee Reed, Clinical lab tech)
    DW: Vincent Lester Moore (64, scientist)

    DD: Jennifer Regina Moore (19, anthropology student)
    DF: Benjamin Lance Rawlings (21, medical student)
    DD: Melanie Yolanda Moore (17)
    DD: Alice Irene Myers (62, nee Reed, homemaker)
    late-DH: Robert John Myers (died at 28, former auditor)

    DD: Patricia Shirley "Patty" Myers (44, financial analyst)
    DGF: Sue Norma McLaughlin (46, occupational therapist)
    DS: Ronald Thomas "Ronnie" Myers (42, mechanical engineer)
    DF: Amy Rose Kenyon (40, logistician)
    DD: Violet June Reed (61, homemaker)
    ex-DF: Frank Walter Houseman (62, electrician)

    DS: Jeffrey Dale Houseman (21, twin, cashier)
    DGF: Deanna Valerie Iman (22, masseuse)
    DS: Russell Alan Houseman (21, twin, dental hygienist)
    DD: Clara Marion Reed (59, author)
    DH: Arnold Wallace Taylor (60, Diesel Engine Specialist)
    mid-20's lover of names, reading and history living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Aspiring teacher and writer. No plans for children yet.

    Clementine, Beatrix, Winifred, Eleanor, Adelaide, Matilda, Annabel, Josephine, Elspeth
    August, Theodore, Gregory, Frederick, Bernard, Alistair, Harold, Joseph,

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    British Columbia

    DS: Theodore Henry "Teddy" Reed (83, former reporter)
    late-DW: Stella Violet Reed (deceased at 31, nee Peterson, former nurse)
    DW: Lillian Margaret Hamilton (78, homemaker)

    DD: Barbara Helen "Barbie" Miller (54, nee Reed, counsellor)
    DH: Roland Lewis Miller (58, health and safety engineer)

    DD: Nicole Sara Miller (20, medical student)
    DD: Heather Anna Miller (18, economy student)
    DD: Andrea Katherine Miller (17)
    DD: Rachel Mary Miller (15)
    DD: Emily April Miller (13)
    DS/DS: Nathan Matthew and Aaron Thomas Miller (11)

    DD: Eleanor Mary "Nellie" King (82, nee Reed, homemaker)
    DH: Bernard Homer King (83, dairy farmer)

    DS: Gordon Paul "Gord" King (63, printing machine supervisor)
    ex-DF: Evelyn Marie Wiebe (61, bank teller)
    ex-DF: Mattie Jeanne White (60, typist)
    ex-DF: Gail Edith Johnson (58, auditing clerk, mother of first three children)
    DW: Shirley Joan Murray (50, homemaker, former jeweler, mother of youngest child)

    DD: Megan Carrie Elliott (19, nee King, homemaker)
    DH: Darren Carl Elliott (25, speech-language pathologist)

    DD: Kayla Valerie Elliott (1)
    DS: Justin Eric King (18, economics student)
    DF: Crystal Monica (18, waitress)
    DD: Lauren Dana King (17)
    DD: Katrina Leslie King (12)
    DS: Eugene Ralph "Gene" King (62, dairy farm worker)
    DF: Gertrude Bertha Thompson (62, dairy farm worker)
    DS: Raymond Earl "Ray" King (61, jeweler)
    ex-DW: Elaine Ida King (53, nee Harris, clerk, mother of first three children)
    DW: Bonnie Pamela King (44, nee Davies, homemaker, mother of last two children)

    DS: James PaulJimmyKing (29, lawyer)
    DW: Paula Diane King (27, nee Idreis, homemaker)

    DD/DS: Adam Nicholas and Emily Laura King (6)
    DD: Margaret HelenMaggieKing (28, social worker)
    DD: Elizabeth MaryBettyKing (27, interpreter)
    DBF: Nicholas Brent Joseph (30, real estate agent)
    DS: Robert GeorgeBobbyKing (24, recreation therapist)
    DGF: Natalie Gina Kilbourn (25, middle school teacher)
    DS: William JohnBillyKing (23, insurance agent)
    DW: Mandy Renee King (22, secretary)
    DS: Charles PeterCharlieKing (20, fitness worker)
    DGF: Jodi Carla Jones (18, childcare worker)
    DS: Edward ThomasEddieKing (19, teacher assistant)
    DF: Jill Andrea Grant (18, statistics student)
    DS: Phillip DanielPhilKing (18, architecture student)
    DS: Alexander JosephAlexKing (14)
    DD: Katherine AnnaKatieKing (12)
    DD: Victoria EmilyToriKing (11)
    DS: Douglas Allen "Doug" King (58, dairy farm worker)
    DW: Laura Joyce King (57, nee Martin, dairy farm worker)

    DD: Roberta Jeanne "Bobbi" Evans (37, food science technician)
    ex-DF: Gregory Paul Hughes (38, agricultural technician)
    DH: Clifford Francis Evans (40, surveyor)
    DD: Constance Ellen "Connie" King (36, logistician)
    DGF: Terri Maureen Uppal (38, english professor)
    DD: Virginia Lois "Ginny" King (35, laundromat owner)
    DBF: Bernard Herbert Zend (33, marriage & family therapist)
    DD: Dorothy Anna "Dotty" King (34, artist)
    DH: Joseph Daniel Campbell (39, director)

    DS: Michael James Campbell (10)
    DS: Christopher John Campbell (9)
    DS/DS: Joshua Robert and David Joseph Campbell (6)
    DS: Andrew William Campbell (3)
    DS/DD: Daniel Thomas and Sarah Lauren Campbell (1)
    DD: Katherine Laura "Katie" MacDonald (32, nee King, teacher assistant)
    DH: Matthew Wayne MacDonald (34, tamping equipment operator)

    DD/DD: Holly Amanda and April Rebecca MacDonald (11)
    DD/DD: Lauren Melissa and Emily Samantha MacDonald (6)
    DS: Clifford Glenn "Cliff" King (57, materials engineer)
    DW: Gladys Pauline King (55, nee Walker, homemaker)

    DD: Linda Susan King (35, tour guide)
    DD: Karen Deborah King (33, diagnostic technician)
    DF: Kevin Timothy Reid (36, community service manager)
    DS: Mark Andrew King (31, public relations specialist)
    DF: Debbie Kathleen Ross (29, artist)
    DD: Theresa Mary "Terry" Anderson (54, nee King, homemaker)
    DH: Joe Francis Anderson (54, glazier)

    DD: Alice Evelyn Anderson (34, psychologist)
    DD: Jane Louise Watson (30, nee Anderson, deacon)
    DH: Andrew Roger Watson (31, construction manager)

    DD/DS: Natalie Sarah and Gabriel Shaun Anderson (10)
    DS: Phillip John Anderson (29, computer systems administrator)
    ex-DF: Darlene Annette Paterson (29, clerk)
    DW: Judy Rhonda Anderson (28, nee Taylor, registered nurse)
    DD: Charlotte Rose Swan (27, nee Anderson, lawyer)
    DH: Bradley Dean Swan (30, lawyer)
    DS: Henry William Anderson (25, surveyor)
    DS: Arthur James Anderson (24, occupational therapist)
    DS: Edward Robert Anderson (23, compliance officer)
    DD: Rose Anna Anderson (22, teacher assistant)
    DS: Russell Clyde "Russ" King (53, courier)
    ex-DGF: Annie Louise Green (52, dental assistant, mother of first child)
    ex-DF: Glenda Darlene Robinson (47, cashier)

    DD: Rita Phyllis King (31, community support worker)
    DF: Glenn Roy Morrison (33, RCMP officer)
    DS: Stanley Floyd "Stan" King (52, locomotive operator)
    DW: Patsy Ellen King (50, nee Lewis, daycare owner)

    DS: Ryan Anthony King (14)
    DS/DD: Travis Brandon and Ashley Dawn King (13)
    DS: Norman Dale "Norm" King (51, retired firefighter)
    DW: Bonnie Sarah Clark (49, waitress)

    DD: Julie Colleen Morgan (30, twin, nee King, homemaker, former data entry clerk)
    DH: Todd Stanley Morgan (31, respiratory therapist)

    DD/DD: Brittany Candice and Alexis Leslie Morgan (10)
    DS: Jordan Craig Morgan (9)
    DD: Amy Dawn King (30, twin, homemaker, former secretary)
    DF: Dean Samuel Griffiths (32, truck driver)

    DS/DS: Dustin Gabriel and Casey David Griffiths (11)
    DS: Jesse Thomas Griffiths (10)
    DS: Shane Richard Griffiths (9)
    DD: Laura Renee King (26, clinical lab tech)
    DF: Sean Darryl Ackerman (28, computer support specialist)
    DD: Melissa Leslie King (24, elementary school teacher)
    DBF: Todd Alan Barber (32, general practitioner)
    DD: Kelly Lynn King (22, interpreter)
    DF: Aaron Vincent Osbourne (23, carpenter)
    mid-20's lover of names, reading and history living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Aspiring teacher and writer. No plans for children yet.

    Clementine, Beatrix, Winifred, Eleanor, Adelaide, Matilda, Annabel, Josephine, Elspeth
    August, Theodore, Gregory, Frederick, Bernard, Alistair, Harold, Joseph,

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    British Columbia

    DD: Beatrice Lillian "Bea" Foster Moore (81, nee Reed, homemaker)
    late-DH: Norman Cecil Foster (died at 50, former engineer)
    late-DH: Walter Clarence Moore (died at 82, retired high school principal)

    DS: Paul Kenneth Foster (60, lithographer)
    DW: Eva Hazel Foster (58, nee Hill, homemaker)

    DS: Michael Dennis "Mike" Foster (36, power plant worker)
    DS: Richard Mark "Rich" Foster (35, musician)
    DW: Jennifer Renee Foster (34, nee Edwards, homemaker)

    DD: Leah Brooke Foster (12)
    DD: Jillian April Foster (9)
    DD: Sandra Diane Foster (33, lawyer)
    ex-DBF: Danny Lawrence Rees (34, wholesale and retail buyer)
    DF: Jerry Brian Bird (35, RCMP officer)
    DD: Pamela Nancy "Pam" Foster (32, biological technician)
    DS: Steven Jeffrey "Steve" Foster (31, personal financial advisor)
    DF: Angela RuthAngieNewman (28, civil engineer)
    DD: Doris Virginia Maxwell (59, nee Foster, homemaker)
    late-DH: Joseph Richard Maxwell (died at 53, mail carrier)

    DD: Robin Mary Maxwell (39, broadcast and sound engineering technician)
    DH: Eric Dale Jenkins (41, music teacher)

    DS: Trevor Austin Jenkins (10)
    DD: Whitney Melinda Jenkins (8)
    DD: Alyssa Courtney Jenkins (7)
    DD: Brianna Meghan Jenkins (2)
    DD/DD: Kendra Krystal and Kaitlin Kristina Jenkins (1)
    DD: Wendy Katherine Maxwell (38, book editor)
    DH: Bruce Raymond Driscoll (40, physical therapist)

    DS: Justin Ryan Driscoll (7)
    DD/DD: Nicole Stephanie and Melissa Jennifer Driscoll (6)
    DD: Amanda Michelle Driscoll (5)
    DD: Jessica Crystal Driscoll (2)
    DD: Cheryl Dorothy Maxwell (37, homemaker)
    DH: Stephen Anthony Moss (39, environmental engineer)

    DS: Adam Richard Moss (15)
    DD: Carrie Laura Moss (14)
    DS/DD: Sean Andrew and April Sarah Moss (13)
    DS: Joel Thomas Moss (11)
    DD: Ellen Theresa Maxwell (33, waitress)
    DF: Craig Curtis Schneider (35, environmental scientist)
    DS: Kevin Joseph Maxwell (32, residential advisor)
    ex-DF: Linda Kathleen Muller (30, medical assistant)
    DD: Joyce Dorothy Adams (58, nee Foster, homemaker)
    ex-DF: David Earl Arkley (60, economics professor)
    DH: Bill Russell Adams (60, police officer)

    DS: Gregory Dennis "Greg" Adams (36, weaving machine setter)
    DF: Kathryn Janice Fleming (30, secretary)
    DD: Barbara Sharon "Babs" Adams (31, insurance sales agent)
    ex-DF: Charles Donald Blind (33, coach)
    DH: Tim Louis MacDougal (34, historian)
    DD: Cassandra Julie MacDougal (7)
    DD: Martha Dolores Wright (54, nee Foster, homemaker, former personal care worker)
    late-DH: Roger Leroy Hall (died at 29, insulation worker, father of first two children)
    DH: Gerald Marvin Wright (57, therapist, father of youngest child)

    DD: Janet Donna "Jan" Hall (34, landscaper)
    DS: Kenneth George "Ken" Hall (32, furniture finisher)
    DW: Kathy Joyce Hall (31, nee Larsson, office administrator)

    DD: Mindy Vanessa Hall (12)
    DS: Shaun Cory Hall (9)
    DD: Stephanie ChristineStephWright (22, medical secretary)
    DBF: Jonathan Paul Baker (25, set designer)
    DD: Lois Patricia Foster (52, conservation scientist)
    DH: Carl Herbert Wright (57, environmental scientist)
    DD: Joan Mildred Scott (51, nee Foster, real estate agent)
    DH: Walter Ralph Scott (53, maintenance worker)

    DD: Nancy Frances Scott (31, psychology student)
    DF: Gary Mark Olsson (33, paperhanger)
    DD: Karen Dorothy Marin (29, nee Scott, travel clerk)
    DH: Randy Paul Marin (32, construction and building inspector)

    DS: Derek Samual Marin (9)
    DD: Donna Katherine Scott (28, kindergarten teacher)
    DF: Ricky Wayne Page (30, carpenter)
    DS: Mark Robert Scott (27, hairdresser)
    DS: Paul Joseph Scott (25, nurse)
    DS: Brian William Scott (24, tailor)
    DS: George Edward Scott (22, radiologic technologist)
    DF: Andrea Carol Michaels (22, radiologic technologist)

    DD: Florence Louise "Flora" Brooks (80, nee Reed, homemaker)
    ex-DH: Lloyd Milton Brooks (81, retired lawyer)

    DD: Marjorie Lorraine "Marjie" Nielsen (59, nee Brooks, seamstress)
    late-DF: Herbert Warren Thibault (died at 22, reporter)
    late-DH: Daniel Stanley Nielsen (died at 63, former chemist)

    DS: Frederick Allen "Freddie" Nielsen (33, architect)
    DF: Valerie Rhonda Dahl (34, research worker)
    DS: Arthur ThomasArtieNielsen (30, solar engineer)
    DW: Victoria Alice Nielsen (29, nee Lund, veterinarian)

    DS: Tyler Aaron Nielsen (2)
    DD: Katherine JoanKatieNielsen (29, photonics engineer)
    DF: Christopher Samuel Hansen (29, therapist)
    DD: Dorothy GailDollyNielsen (24, telecommunications equipment installer)
    DS: Harold DanielHarryNielsen (23, building inspector)
    DD: Margaret WandaMaggieNielsen (22, audio-visual collections specialist)
    DF: David Richard Sears (22, paralegal)
    DS: Franklin Albert "Frank" Brooks (58, ship captain)
    DW: Ruth Anna Brooks (57, nee Doyle, homemaker)

    DS: Ernest Eugene "Ernie" Brooks (37, mortician)
    DF: Karen Elizabeth Saint-Eloi (30, statistician)
    DS: Albert Howard "Al" Brooks (32, music director)
    ex-DBF: Jay Allen Oswalt (31, RCMP officer)
    DD: Beverly Wilma "Bev" Brooks (55, middle school teacher)
    DH: Fred Leonard Reiter (58, high school teacher)
    DD: Joanne Carol "Jo" Novak (52, nee Brooks, homemaker)
    DH: George Allen Novak (55, financial specialist)

    DD: Cindy Ellen Novak (32, hairdresser)
    DS: Eric Samuel Novak (31, trucker)
    DS: Lawrence Roger "Larry" Brooks (51, research scientist)
    DGF: Edna Delores Tam (48, ER doctor)

    DS: Robert George "Robbie" Reed (79, retired civil engineer, enlisted in WWII in 1943)
    DW: Mary Louise Reed (77, nee Wood, homemaker)

    DD: Anna Mary Thompson (58, nee Reed, homemaker)
    ex-DH: Peter Alfred Lambert (60, chiropractor, father of first two children)
    DH: Herbert Earl Thompson (56, car parts store owner, father of youngest child)

    DD: Deborah SusanDebbieLittle (28, nee Lambert, accountant)
    DH: Robert Charles Little (31, agricultural inspector)

    DD: Morgan Catherine Little (5)
    DD: Casey Elizabeth Little (2)
    DS: Richard KevinRichieLambert (27, municipal clerk)
    DD: Kimberly LoriKimThompson (23, photographer)
    DF: Johnny Randall Joseph (26, actor)
    DS: James Robert Reed (57, accountant)
    DW: Sarah Delores Reed (54, nee Evans, budget analyst)

    DS: Kyle Dennis Reed (20, twin, pilot)
    DF: Christine Michele Peterson (21, drafter)
    DD: Stacey Alicia Reed (20, twin, statistics student)
    DGF: Dana Rachel Zaramba (21, engineering student (fuel cells))
    DS: Derek Keith Reed (19, fitness trainer)
    DS: Shane Wesley Reed (15)
    DS: Curtis Troy Reed (12)
    DD: Tanya Crystal Reed (11)

    DS: Joseph Paul "Joey" Reed (77, retired physician, enlisted in WWII in 1941 as an army doctor)
    late-DW: Clara Myrtle Reed (died at 74, nee Flores, homemaker)

    DS: Howard Anthony "Howie" Reed (56, optometrist)
    DW: Peggy Wilma Reed (53, nee Green, homemaker, former technical writer)

    DD: Holly Sara Reed (17)
    DS: Jesse Samuel Reed (14)
    DD: Erin Wendy Reed (13)
    DD/DS: Kristy Rachel and Nathan Paul Reed (11)
    DS: Leonard Dale "Lenny" Reed (44, repairman)
    DS: Arthur Norman "Artie" Reed (43, veterinarian)
    DF: Dianne Cynthia Templeton (36, music arranger)
    DD: Frances Wanda "Frankie" Reed (41, clerk)
    DH: Ronald Gary Walker (43, announcer)

    DD: Tammy Angela Walker (17)
    DS: Scott Richard Walker (15)
    DD: Denise Michelle Walker (12)

    DD: Margaret Anna "Maisie" Stewart (76, nee Reed, retired wheat farmer)
    late-DH: Leon Claude Stewart (died at 45, former wheat farmer, enlisted in WWII in 1941)
    DF: Warren Louis Jackson (80, retired electrician)

    DD: Sally Louise Stewart (44, restaurant owner)
    DF: Barry Norman Lane (44, chef)
    DS: Jack Arthur Stewart (43, elementary teacher)
    DW: Brenda Janice Clarke (42, kindergarten teacher)
    DS: Bobby Gerald Stewart (42, paramedic)
    DW: Rebecca Jean Thomas (40, social worker)

    DD: Julie Tina Stewart (18)
    DS: Kevin Ryan Stewart (14)
    DS: Fred Raymond Stewart (41, economist)
    DGF: Suzanne Paula Lewis (42, financial specialist)
    mid-20's lover of names, reading and history living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Aspiring teacher and writer. No plans for children yet.

    Clementine, Beatrix, Winifred, Eleanor, Adelaide, Matilda, Annabel, Josephine, Elspeth
    August, Theodore, Gregory, Frederick, Bernard, Alistair, Harold, Joseph,

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    British Columbia

    DD: Katherine Eva "Kitty" Young (74, nee Reed, retired teacher)
    late-DH: Ernest Clarence Young (died at 69, former history professor)

    DD: Rosemary Frances "Rosie" Young (44, archivist)
    late-DH: Edward Peter Mason (died at 38, Cultural and Linguistic Preservationist)

    DD: Katherine Mary Mason (10)
    DS: Theodore Harvey "Teddy" Young (42, surveyor)
    ex-DF: Martha Beverly Mitchell (42, preschool teacher)
    DF: Catherine Wanda Schaal (43, education administrator)

    DS: Frederick Harvey "Freddy" Reed (73, retired sailor, enlisted in WWII in 1941)
    DW: Ethel Gladys Reed (72, homemaker, nee Carter)

    DS: Lloyd Philip Reed (45, car mechanic)
    DF: Lynn Marsha Malick (38, sewing machine operator)
    DD: Jean Louise Wilde (42, nee Reed, nurse)
    DH: Don Curtis Wilde (45, management specialist)

    DD: Katie Lindsay Wilde (7)

    late-DS: Leonard Arthur "Lenny" Reed (deceased at 49, gas fitter, enlisted in WWII in 1942)
    late-DW: Bessie Jean Reed (died at 67, nee Mitchell, homemaker)

    DD: Martha Helen Reed (44, life scientist)
    DGF: Dianne Geraldine Burgess (41, respiratory therapist)
    DD: Darlene Sandra Rose (43, nee Reed, homemaker, former telephone operator)
    DH: Larry David Rose (45, electrician)

    DD: Jessica Cheryl Rose (16)
    DD: Amanda Valerie Rose (14)
    DD: Danielle Amy Rose (13)
    DD: Janice Carol Reed (42, typesetter)
    ex-DF: John Robert Alexander (44, food service supervisor)
    DS: Gary Ronald Reed (41, financial clerk)
    ex-DW: Glenda Rosemary Reed (40, nee Hollingshead, homemaker)

    DD: Amy Jennifer Reed (20, survey researcher)
    DD: Heather Angela Reed (19, English student)
    DD: Emily Melissa Reed (17)
    DS: Steven Christopher Reed (15)
    DS: Patrick Jason Reed (14)
    DD: Sarah Nicole Reed (13)
    DS: Victor Michael Reed (11)
    mid-20's lover of names, reading and history living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Aspiring teacher and writer. No plans for children yet.

    Clementine, Beatrix, Winifred, Eleanor, Adelaide, Matilda, Annabel, Josephine, Elspeth
    August, Theodore, Gregory, Frederick, Bernard, Alistair, Harold, Joseph,

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