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    Generations CAF Pt. 7 (1960-1969)

    The year is 1960!

    Any Person 16+ Roll:

    1. Single
    2. Dating
    3. Engaged
    4. Engaged
    5. Married
    6. Single

    Anyone Previously Dating:
    1. Still Dating
    2. Still Dating
    3. Broke Up
    4. Engaged
    5. Engaged
    6. Married

    Anyone Previously Engaged
    1-3 Still Engaged
    4-5 Married
    6. Broke up

    Anyone Previously Married
    1-5 Still Married
    6. Divorce/Widowed

    It is up to you whether or not people who aren't married can have children.

    Names from the top 100 of the year they were born -

    Any woman from ages 16-48 can have children


    Year 1 (1960):
    1. No baby
    2. No baby
    3. No baby
    4. Twins!
    5. Baby!
    6. Baby!

    Gender - Even is girl and odd is boy.

    Names come from the top 100 of year they were born -

    Year 2 (1961)
    Even - Baby
    Odd - No baby

    Year 3 (1962)
    1. Baby!
    2. No baby
    3. Miscarriage
    4. Baby!
    5. No baby
    6. Baby!

    Year 4 (1963)
    1. Baby!
    2. No baby
    3. Baby!
    4. Miscarriage
    5. No baby
    6. Baby!

    Year 5 (1964)
    1. Baby!
    2. No baby
    3. No baby
    4. Twins!
    5. No baby
    6. Miscarriage

    Year 6 (1965)
    1-3 Baby
    4-6 No baby

    Year 7 (1966)
    1-5 Baby
    6 no baby

    Year 8 (1967)
    1. Baby
    2. Twins!
    3. Baby
    4. Baby
    5. No baby
    6. No baby

    Year 9 (1968)
    1. Baby
    2. Baby
    3. No baby
    4. No baby
    5. No baby
    6. Baby

    Year 10 (1969)
    1. No baby
    2. No baby
    3. Baby!
    4. Twins!
    5. No baby
    6. No baby

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    LN: Schmidt

    DH: Theodore Willis Schmidt (Deceased)
    DW: Addie Mae (Murray) Schmidt (Deceased)

    DS1: Benjamin Kenneth Schmidt (67)
    DD1: Viola Kathryn Schmidt (62)
    DS2: Samuel Lloyd Schmidt (Deceased)
    DS3: John Jesse Schmidt (Deceased)
    DD2: Genevieve Pearl Schmidt (49)
    DS4: Daniel Theodore Schmidt (47)


    Benjamin Kenneth Schmidt (67)
    DW: Lillian Helen Dalton (68)
    -DS1: Eddie Lloyd Schmidt (Deceased)
    --DW: Phyllis Eleanor (Burnett) Schmidt (50)
    ---DD1: Darlene Anne (Schmidt) Horton (28)
    ----DH: Johnny Jack Horton (30)
    -----DD1: Carla Jacqueline Horton (7)
    -----DD2: Beverly Sheila Horton (6)
    -----DD3: Melinda Tonya Horton (1)
    -DD1: Minnie Gladys (Schmidt) Fitzgerald (49)
    --DH: Clarence David Keith (Deceased)
    ---DS1: Walter Robert Keith (28)
    ----DW: Gloria Diane (Miranda) Keith (28)
    -----DD1: Karen Diane Keith (11)
    -----DS/DD: Mark Jeffrey Keith and Lisa Paula Keith (9)
    --DH: Milton Raymond Fitzgerald (48)
    ---DS2: Jack Norman Fitzgerald (20)
    ----DW: Donna Elizabeth (Wade) Fitzgerald (20)
    -----DD/DD: Kelly Christine Fitzgerald and Renee Kristin Fitzgerald (2)
    ---DD1: Marie Cindy Fitzgerald (16)
    ----DBF: Brian Alan Beltran (16)
    ---DD2: Joanne Leslie Fitzgerald (12)
    ---DS3: Tim Rodney Fitzgerald (11)
    ---DS4: Harry Charles Fitzgerald (7)
    ---DS5: Ernest Steven Fitzgerald (3)
    ---DS6: Frederick Thomas Fitzgerald (2)
    -DS2: Ralph Alvin Schmidt (45)
    --DexW: Vera Annie (Velasquez) Schmidt (45)
    ---DD1: Connie Ann (Schmidt) Liu (23)
    ----DH: Gary Frank Liu (23)
    -----DD: Jennifer Joyce Liu (4) “Jenny
    ---DD2: Eileen Katherine Schmidt (22)
    ----DexH: Jerry Ronald Berry (22)
    -----DD: Wendy Ann Berry (6)
    -----DD: Robin Suzanne Berry (3)
    -----DD/DD: Carol Renee Berry and Paula Kathy Berry (2)
    ----DBF: Walter Bruce Gilmore (24)
    ---DS1: Melvin Douglas Schmidt (21)
    ----DW: Karen Cynthia (Wolfe) Schmidt (22)
    -----DS: David Peter Schmidt (1)
    ---DD3: Patricia Victoria Schmidt (18)
    ----DH: Wayne Howard McKay (20)
    ---DD4: Phyllis Christine Schmidt (16)
    ----DFiance: Michael Randall Ross (17)
    --DW: Bessie Myrtle (Flynn) Schmidt (46)
    ---DS2: Vincent Samuel Schmidt (12)
    ---DD5: Joanne Stephanie Schmidt (9)
    ---DD6: Beth Melissa Schmidt (7)
    ---DS3: Jonathan Anthony Schmidt (3)
    -DD2: June Bertha (Schmidt) Dalton (41)
    --DexH: Jack Peter Vasquez (42)
    ---DS1: Danny Russell Vasquez (24)
    ----DW: Roberta Shirley (Flowers) Vasquez (25)
    -----DD1: Robin Anna Vasquez (3)
    ---DS2: Jerry Allan Vasquez (23)
    ----DexW: Joann Eileen Baird (23)
    -----DD1: Laura Martha Baird (4)
    -----DS1: Daniel Harold Baird (3)
    -----DD2: Anna Tina Baird (1)
    --DexH: Benjamin Raymond Cardenas (43)
    ---DS3: Howard Rodney Cardenas (20)
    ----DW: Constance Peggy (Eaton) Cardenas (20)
    ---DD1: Laura Sarah (Cardenas) Paul (19)
    ----DH: Martin Gerald Paul (21)
    -----DD1/DD2: Jill Sherry Paul and Jodi Sheila Paul (nb)
    --DexH: Gene Kenneth Cunningham (42)
    ---DD2: Mary Carol Cunningham (15)
    ---DD3: Debra Kathleen Cunningham (13)
    ---DD4: Karen Elizabeth Cunningham (12)
    ---DD5: Patricia Julie Cunningham (11)
    ---DS4: Mark Anthony Cunningham (10)
    --DH: Bob Douglas Dalton (39)
    ---DS5: Dale Ricky Dalton (3)
    -DS3: Joseph Marvin Schmidt (39)
    --DW: Ethel Jeanne (Esparza) Schmidt (39)
    ---DS1: Kevin Michael Schmidt (17)
    ---DS2: Paul David Schmidt (2)
    -DD3: Lois Evelyn (Schmidt) Franco (22)
    --DexH: James Bruce Armstrong (23)
    ---DD1: Christine Denise Armstrong (3)
    --DH: Roger Lee Franco (22)
    ---DS1: Aaron Raymond Franco (1)
    -DS4: Larry Harold Schmidt (21)
    --DW: Anne Roberta (James) Schmidt (20)
    ---DS1/DS2: Patrick George Schmidt and Andrew Larry Schmidt (nb)


    Viola Kathryn (Schmidt) Cain (62)
    DH: Herman William Cain (63)
    -DS1: Lawrence Edgar Cain (Deceased)
    -DS2: Milton Leo Cain (Deceased)
    --DW: Julia Ruth (Fernandez) Cain (44)
    ---DS1: Thomas Samuel Cain (26)
    ----DW: Jill Angela (Jones) Cain (27)
    -----DD1: Kathryn Jean Cain (6)
    -----DS1: James Curtis Cain (4)
    -----DS2: Russell Bryan Cain (3)
    -DD1: Joan Katherine (Cain) Huffman (41)
    --DH: Richard Howard Huffman (42)
    ---DD1: Geraldine Alice (Huffman) Maxwell (23)
    ----DexH: Donald Leroy Douglas (24)
    -----DS1: Charles Stephen Douglas (6)
    -----DD1: Jennifer Denise Douglas (4)
    ----DH: Alan James Maxwell (23)
    -----DD2: Tamara Michelle Maxwell (3)
    ---DD2: Marilyn Carol (Huffman) Conrad (21)
    ----DH: Patrick Harold Conrad (22)
    ---DS1: Joe William Huffman (18)
    ----DFiancee: Jane Beverly Zimmerman (18)
    ---DD3/DS2: Joyce Debra Huffman and Wayne Richard Huffman (9)
    ---DS3: Darryl Ronald Huffman (5)
    ---DD4: Renee Theresa Huffman (4)
    -DS3: Phillip Kenneth Cain (29)
    --DW: Rose Norma (Brown) Cain (29)
    ---DD1: Margaret Nancy Cain (11)
    ---DS1: Kevin Jerry Cain (10)
    ---DD2: Kimberly Theresa Cain (6)
    ---DD3: Karen Stephanie Cain (4)
    ---DS2: Christopher Kenneth Cain (1)
    -DD2: Sylvia Ruth (Cain) Bailey (28)
    --DH: Leon Ronald Bailey (30)
    ---DS1: Willie Douglas Bailey (10)
    ---DD1: Cindy Katherine Bailey (9)
    ---DD2: Tina Sherri Bailey (7)
    ---DS2: Edward Darrell Bailey (4) “Eddie
    -DD2: Judith Sheila (Cain) Boyer (21)
    --DH: Charles William Boyer (20)
    ---DD1: Judy Paula Boyer (3)
    ---DS1: Victor Frank Boyer (2)
    -DD: Carolyn Rose (Cain) Trujillo (19)
    --DH: George Kenneth Trujillo (20)
    ---DS1: Shawn James Trujillo (2)
    ---DD1/DD2: Cheryl Kimberly Trujillo and Kathleen Jennifer Trujillo (nb)


    Samuel Lloyd Schmidt (Deceased)
    DW: Lillie Jennie (Hoffman) Schmidt (50)
    -DD1: Hazel Emma (Schmidt) Ross (43)
    --DexH: Lloyd Michael Wilcox (43)
    ---DD1: Betty Norma (Wilcox) Morris (27)
    ----DH: Stephen Jimmie Morris (30)
    -----DD1: Lori Judith Morris (7)
    -----DS1: Richard Arthur Morris (6)
    -----DS2: Thomas Roy Morris (5)
    -----DS3: Timothy Darrell Morris (3)
    -----DS4: Scott Jay Morris (1)
    -----DD2/DD3: Julie Carrie Morris and Susan Terri Morris (nb)
    ---DD2: Peggy Nancy (Wilcox) Roth (23)
    ----DH: Rodney Paul Roth (23)
    -----DS1: Paul Brian Roth (1)
    -----DD1: Tina Mary Roth (nb)
    ---DD3: Vicki Diana Wilcox (20)
    ----DFiance: Eddie Bobby Buchanan (20)
    ---DD4: Bonnie Cathy Wilcox (15)
    ---DD5: Julie Carolyn Wilcox (13)
    --DH: Lloyd Clifford Ross (44)
    ---DD6/DS1: Rose Kimberly Ross and Allen Edward Ross (9)
    ---DS2: Benjamin John Ross (1)
    -DD2: Agnes Jane (Schmidt) Daugherty (42)
    --DH: Don Ronald Daugherty (43)
    ---DD1: Evelyn Sarah Daugherty (24)
    ----DexH: Gary Danny Park (25)
    -----DS1: Thomas Russell Park (6)
    -----DS2: Timothy Darren Park (3)
    ---DS1: Dennis Don Daugherty (23)
    ----DW: Patricia Peggy (Hudson) Daugherty (23)
    -----DS1: Bradley Allen Daugherty (1)
    ---DD2: Kathryn Lynn (Daugherty) Ayers (19)
    ----DH: Martin Eugene Ayers (22)
    -----DD1: Melinda Victoria Ayers (2)
    ---DD3: Ann Sherry (Daugherty) Luna (18)
    ----DH: Richard Anthony Luna (19)
    -----DD1: Wendy Margaret Luna (1)
    -----DS1/DD2: Ronald Danny Luna and Rebecca Sarah Luna (nb)
    ---DS2: Scott Samuel Daugherty (16)
    ---DS3: Keith Steve Daugherty (14)
    ---DS4: Jerry Christopher Daugherty (12)
    ---DD4: Janice Kimberly Daugherty (11)
    ---DS5: Mike Terry Daugherty (10)
    -DS1: Russell Clifford Schmidt (41)
    --DexW: Clara Gertrude (Holder) Schmidt (41)
    ---DD1: Lori Beverly Schmidt (12)
    ---DS1/DS2: Brian Randall Schmidt and Donald Tim Schmidt (9)
    --DW: Lucille Peggy (Hancock) Schmidt (40)
    ---DS3: Scott Vincent Schmidt (5)
    ---DS4: Steven Chris Schmidt (4)
    ---DD2: Stacy Patricia Schmidt (1)
    ---DD3/DD4: Sharon Tracy Schmidt and Shannon Stephanie Schmidt (nb)
    -DS2: Harry Stephen Schmidt (28)
    --DW: Lois Rosemary Floyd (27)
    ---DS1: Jay Henry Floyd (3)
    ---DS2: Benjamin Allen Floyd (1) “Ben

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    John Jesse Schmidt (Deceased)
    DW: Vera Marjorie (Murillo) Schmidt (59)
    -DS1: Edwin Billy Schmidt (41)
    --DexW: Emma Rita (Rivas) Schmidt (42)
    ---DS1: Steve Terry Schmidt (22)
    ----DFiancee: Sharon Geraldine Reynolds (23)
    ---DD1: Constance Cheryl Schmidt (18) “Connie
    ----DFiance: Joe Willie Chan (20)
    ---DS2: Tommy Bruce Schmidt (16)
    ----DFiancee: Betty Susan Huerta (17)
    ---DS3: Lee Jerry Schmidt (14)
    --DW: Clara June (Giles) Schmidt (40)
    ---DD3: Jacqueline Julie Schmidt (9)
    ---DS4: Mike Gregory Schmidt (8)
    ---DS5: Darren Ronald Schmidt (4)
    ---DS6: Danny Eric Schmidt (3)
    ---DS7: Samuel Kenneth Schmidt (2)
    -DD1: Pauline Julia (Schmidt) Blair (36)
    --DexH: Vernon Johnny Conrad (36)
    ---DS1: Eric Scott Conrad (19)
    ----DW: Donna Jo (Cochran) Conrad (20)
    -----DS1: Matthew Eric Conrad (3)
    -----DS2: Todd Scott Conrad (2)
    ---DS2: Keith Raymond Conrad (17)
    ----DGF: Sherry Bonnie Whitney (17)
    ---DD1: Christine Theresa Conrad (16)
    ----DFiance: Samuel Eddie Buck (18)
    --DH: Curtis Don Blair (40)
    ---DD2: Susan Jacqueline Blair (11)
    ---DD3: Mary Sheila Blair (6)
    ---DS3: William Carl Blair (1)
    -DD2: Jacqueline Anna (Schmidt) Bauer (34)
    --DexH: Billy Joe Johnston (34)
    ---DD1: Michelle Katherine Johnston (15)
    ---DD2: Marcia Virginia Johnston (14)
    ---DS1: Allen Ronnie Johnston (13)
    --DH: Harry Donald Bauer (35)
    ---DD3: Julie Renee Bauer (10)
    ---DS2: Gregory Philip Bauer (8)
    -DS2: William Lee Schmidt (24)
    --DW: Jo Marjorie (Rogers) Schmidt (25)
    ---DS1: Janet Katherine Schmidt (4)
    ---DD1: Cindy Annette Schmidt (3)
    -DS3: Henry Tommy Schmidt (22)
    --DW: Geraldine Lois (Fritz) Schmidt (21)
    ---DD1: Kimberly Robin Schmidt (3)
    -DD3: Kathryn Ruth (Schmidt) Sanford (21)
    --DH: Eugene Walter Sanford (22)
    ---DD1: Suzanne Paula Sanford (2)
    ---DS1: Johnny Dennis Sanford (1)
    -DD4: Suzanne Carol (Schmidt) Stein (20)
    --DH: Walter Jerry Stein (20)
    ---DS1: Brian Roy Stein (3)
    ---DS2: Mark Jay Stein (nb)


    Genevieve Pearl (Schmidt) Greene (49)
    DH: Vernon Roy Palmer (Deceased)
    -DD1: Charlotte Jo (Palmer) Maldonado (28)
    --DexH: Roy Tommy McCarthy (28)
    ---DD1: Laura Ruth McCarthy (10)
    ---DS1: Gregory Jon McCarthy (9)
    --DH: Harry Don Maldonado (30)
    ---DS2: Curtis Steven Maldonado (7)
    DH: Peter Carl Greene (49)
    -DD2: Jane Diana (Greene) Kaufman (20)
    --DH: Kevin Glenn Kaufman (20)
    ---DD: Tonya Beth Kaufman (nb)
    -DD3: Bonnie Brenda (Greene) Conley (17)
    --DH: Walter Curtis Conley (19)
    -DS1: Bobby Jeffrey Greene (10)
    -DS2: Joel Brian Greene (1)


    Daniel Theodore Schmidt (47)
    DW: Bessie Rita (Mays) Schmidt (47)
    -DS1: Theodore Danny Schmidt (26)
    --DexW: Katherine Marlene Fritz (27)
    ---DD1: Valerie Carolyn Schmidt (8)
    --DW: Katherine Elaine (Ballard) Schmidt (25)
    ---DD2: Monica Julie Schmidt (2)
    -DS2: Phillip Gary Schmidt (24)
    --DW: Diane Ruth (Wallace) Schmidt (25)
    ---DS1: Troy Philip Schmidt (8)
    ---DS2: Jay Vincent Schmidt (7)
    ---DS3: Dean Martin Schmidt (6)
    ---DD1: Cathy Valerie Schmidt (4)
    ---DS4: Joe Harold Schmidt (3)
    ---DD2: Annette Wanda Schmidt (2)
    ---DD3/DD4: Julia Kristen Schmidt and Anna Jodi Schmidt (nb)
    -DD1: Joan Marsha (Schmidt) Herrera (23)
    --DH: Russell Leonard Herrera (23)
    ---DD1: Laurie Margaret Herrera (5)
    -DS3: Roger Jimmy Schmidt (22)
    --DFiancee: Nancy Paula Valentine (22)
    ---DD1: Rhonda Joan Schmidt (4)
    ---DD2: Vicki Wanda Schmidt (2)
    ---DS1: Tony Ronnie Schmidt (1)
    -DS4: Russell Frank Schmidt (21)
    --DexW: Elaine Mary Kahn (22)
    ---DS1: Todd Bradley Schmidt (3)
    --DW: Beverly Doris (Strong) Schmidt (21)
    ---DD1: Regina Monica Schmidt (1)
    -DS5: Samuel Anthony Schmidt (16)
    --DGF: Peggy Cheryl Clark (16)
    -DS6: Andrew Jerry Schmidt (15)
    -DD2: Jane Rebecca Schmidt (12)
    -DS7: Rodney Ricky Schmidt (8)
    -DS8: Douglas Danny Schmidt (4)
    -DS9/DS10: Gary Lawrence Schmidt and Keith Samuel Schmidt (2)

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    British Columbia

    DH: Walter Louis Reed (93, retired physician)
    DW: Sallie Mabel Reed (91, nee Richardson, homemaker)

    DS: Edward James "Eddie" Reed (67, retired carpenter)
    late-DW: Opal Georgia Reed (deceased at 38, nee Price)
    DGF: Agnes Ida Kelly (64, homemaker)

    DD: Maxine Mabel Reed (50, physician)
    DGF: Sylvia Inez Martinez (46, author)
    DS: Harvey Walter Reed (48, enlisted in WWII in 1943, Agricultural machinery manufacturer)
    DW: Leona Genevieve Reed (46, nee Gagnon, homemaker)

    DD: Carol Mary Reed (25, library technician)
    DF: Dennis Charles Smith (27, industrial engineer)
    DS: Michael Kenneth Reed (24, Refrigeration Mechanics and Installer)
    DW: Judy Diane Reed (21, social worker, nee Jones)
    DD: Linda Judith Reed (22, secretary)
    DH: Paul Joseph Taylor (23, payroll clerk)
    DD: Lucille Ruby Reed (47, teacher)
    DGF: Jennie Katherine Churchill (50, psychologist)
    DS: Chester John Reed (43, carpenter)
    DW: Sadie Cora Reed (44, nee Roy, homemaker, former psychiatric health aide)

    DS/DS: David Albert and Michael Ralph Reed (10)
    DD: Karen Judith Reed (8)
    DD: Mary Katherine Reed (7)
    DS: Richard Lawrence Reed (4)
    DS: Steven Arthur Reed (3)
    DS: Joseph Harold Reed (2)
    DS: Edwin Louis Reed (42, logger)
    DW: Minnie Lena Reed (42, nee Jones, homemaker)

    DS: Timothy Andrew "Timmy" Reed (19, home inspector)
    DF: Linda Susan Brown (19, secretary)
    DS: Patrick Randall "Pat" Reed (17)
    DD: Marcia Denise Reed (15)
    DS: Russell Allen "Russ" Reed (11)
    DD: Frances Audrey Garfield (35, nee Reed, homemaker)
    DH: Stephen Victor Garfield (37, car mechanic)

    DD: Judy Cynthia Garfield (15)
    DS: Brian Daniel Garfield (14)
    DS: Keith Samuel Garfield (13)
    DS: Craig Ernest Garfield (12)
    DS: Earl Thomas Garfield (11)
    DS: Philip Vernon Reed (34, broadcast engineer)
    DF: Stella Violet Williams (32, library assistant)

    DS: William Charles "Billy" Reed (66, schoolmaster)

    DD: Dorothy Ruth "Dottie" Gray (65, nee Reed, homemaker)
    DH: John Charles Gray (65, bookkeeper)

    DD: Betty Ruth Gray (42, copy editor)
    DF: Lee Gordon Wayne (41, statistician)
    DS: Frank Robert Gray (41, physicist)
    DF: Ella Lucy Smith (40, physicist)
    DD: Shirley Jean Barnes (39, nee Gray, funeral director)
    DH: Morris Martin Barnes (40, funeral director)

    DS: James William Barnes (20, building inspector)
    DGF: Donna Margaret Williams (19, real estate agent)
    DS: Robert Charles Barnes (19, bookkeeper)
    DF: Sandra Carol Wilson (17, student)
    DS: John Daniel Barnes (17)
    DD: Mary Carol Barnes (13)
    DS: Thomas Paul Barnes (12)
    DS: David Joseph Barnes (11)
    DD: Nancy Lois Gray (36, nurse)
    DS: Ralph Thomas Gray (33, sheet metal worker)
    DW: Bessie Lorraine Gray (31, nee Wilson, homemaker, former waitress)

    DS: Joe Henry Gray (9)
    DS: Rick Arthur Gray (6)
    DS: Barry Martin Gray (5)
    DS: Bill Rodney Gray (4)
    DD: Randy Phillip Gray (3)

    DS: Harold John "Harry" Reed (64, physician)
    DW: Emma Lucille Reed (62, nee Hughes, homemaker)

    DD: Lillian Ida Reed (43, Clinical lab tech)
    DF: Vincent Lester Moore (44, scientist)
    DD: Alice Irene Myers (42, nee Reed, homemaker)
    late-DH: Robert John Myers (died at 28, former auditor)

    DD: Patricia Shirley "Patty" Myers (24)
    DS: Ronald Thomas "Ronnie" Myers (22)
    DD: Violet June Reed (41, homemaker)
    DF: Frank Walter Houseman (42, electrician)

    DS/DS: Jeffrey Dale and Russell Alan Houseman (1)
    DD: Clara Marion Reed (39, author)
    DF: Arnold Wallace Taylor (40, Diesel Engine Specialist)

    DS: Theodore Henry "Teddy" Reed (63, reporter)
    late-DW: Stella Violet Reed (deceased at 31, nee Peterson, former nurse)

    DD: Barbara Helen "Barbie" Reed (34, counsellor)
    DF: Roland Lewis Miller (38, health and safety engineer)

    DD: Eleanor Mary "Nellie" King (62, nee Reed, homemaker)
    DH: Bernard Homer King (63, dairy farmer)

    DS: Gordon Paul "Gord" King (43, printing machine supervisor)
    ex-DF: Evelyn Marie Wiebe (41, bank teller)
    ex-DF: Mattie Jeanne White (40, typist)
    DF: Gail Edith Johnson (38, auditing clerk)
    DS: Eugene Ralph "Gene" King (42, dairy farm worker)
    DF: Gertrude Bertha Thompson (42, dairy farm worker)
    DS: Raymond Earl "Ray" King (41, jeweler)
    ex-DW: Elaine Ida King (33, nee Harris, clerk, mother of first three children)
    DW: Bonnie Pamela King (24, nee Davies, homemaker, mother of last two children)

    DS: James PaulJimmyKing (9)
    DD: Margaret HelenMaggieKing (8)
    DD: Elizabeth MaryBettyKing (7)
    DS: Robert GeorgeBobbyKing (4)
    DS: William JohnBillyKing (3)
    DS: Douglas Allen "Doug" King (38, dairy farm worker)
    DW: Laura Joyce King (37, nee Martin, dairy farm worker)

    DD: Roberta Jeanne "Bobbi" King (17)
    DD: Constance Ellen "Connie" King (16)
    DD: Virginia Lois "Ginny" King (15)
    DD: Dorothy Anna "Dotty" King (14)
    DD: Katherine Laura "Katie" King (12)
    DS: Clifford Glenn "Cliff" King (37, materials engineer)
    DW: Gladys Pauline King (35, nee Walker, homemaker)

    DD: Linda Susan King (15)
    DD: Karen Deborah King (13)
    DS: Mark Andrew King (11)
    DD: Theresa Mary "Terry" Anderson (34, nee King, homemaker)
    DH: Joe Francis Anderson (34, glazier)

    DD: Alice Evelyn Anderson (14)
    DD: Jane Louise Anderson (10)
    DS: Phillip John Anderson (9)
    DD: Charlotte Rose Anderson (7)
    DS: Henry William Anderson (5)
    DS: Arthur James Anderson (4)
    DS: Edward Robert Anderson (3)
    DD: Rose Anna Anderson (2)
    DS: Russell Clyde "Russ" King (33, courier)
    ex-DGF: Annie Louise Green (32, dental assistant, mother of first child)
    DF: Glenda Darlene Robinson (27, cashier)

    DD: Rita Phyllis King (11)
    DS: Stanley Floyd "Stan" King (32, locomotive operator)
    DF: Patsy Ellen Lewis (30, nanny)
    DS: Norman Dale "Norm" King (31, firefighter)
    DW: Bonnie Sarah Clark (29, waitress)

    DD/DD: Julie Colleen and Amy Dawn King (10)
    DD: Laura Renee King (6)
    DD: Melissa Leslie King (4)
    DD: Kelly Lynn King (2)
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    British Columbia

    DD: Beatrice Lillian "Bea" Foster (61, nee Reed, homemaker)
    late-DH: Norman Cecil Foster (died at 50, former engineer)
    DF: Walter Clarence (68, high school principal)

    DS: Paul Kenneth Foster (40, lithographer)
    DW: Eva Hazel Foster (38, nee Hill, homemaker)

    DS: Michael Dennis "Mike" Foster (16)
    DS: Richard Mark "Rich" Foster (15)
    DD: Sandra Diane Foster (13)
    DD: Pamela Nancy "Pam" Foster (12)
    DS: Steven Jeffrey "Steve" Foster (11)
    DD: Doris Virginia Maxwell (39, nee Foster, homemaker)
    DH: Joseph Richard Maxwell (40, mail carrier)

    DD: Robin Mary Maxwell (19)
    DD: Wendy Katherine Maxwell (18)
    DD: Cheryl Dorothy Maxwell (17)
    DD: Ellen Theresa Maxwell (13)
    DS: Kevin Joseph Maxwell (12)
    DD: Joyce Dorothy Adams (38, nee Foster, homemaker)
    ex-DF: David Earl Arkley (40, student)
    DH: Bill Russell Adams (40, police officer)

    DS: Gregory Dennis "Greg" Adams (16)
    DD: Barbara Sharon "Babs" Adams (11)
    DD: Martha Dolores Wright (34, nee Foster, homemaker, former personal care worker)
    late-DH: Roger Leroy Hall (died at 29, insulation worker, father of first two children)
    DH: Gerald Marvin Wright (37, therapist)

    DD: Janet Donna "Jan" Hall (14)
    DS: Kenneth George "Ken" Hall (12)
    DD: Stephanie ChristineStephWright (2)
    DD: Lois Patricia Foster (32, conservation scientist)
    DH: Carl Herbert Wright (37, environmental scientist)
    DD: Joan Mildred Scott (31, nee Foster, real estate agent)
    DH: Walter Ralph Scott (33, maintenance worker)

    DD: Nancy Frances Scott (11)
    DD: Karen Dorothy Scott (9)
    DD: Donna Katherine Scott (8)
    DS: Mark Robert Scott (7)
    DS: Paul Joseph Scott (5)
    DS: Brian William Scott (4)
    DS: George Edward Scott (2)

    DD: Florence Louise "Flora" Brooks (60, nee Reed, homemaker)
    ex-DH: Lloyd Milton Brooks (61, lawyer)

    DD: Marjorie Lorraine "Marjie" Nielsen (39, nee Brooks, seamstress)
    late-DF: Herbert Warren Thibault (died at 22, reporter)
    DH: Daniel Stanley Nielsen (43, chemist)

    DS: Frederick Allen "Freddie" Nielsen (13)
    DS: Arthur ThomasArtieNielsen (10)
    DD: Katherine JoanKatieNielsen (9)
    DD: Dorothy GailDollyNielsen (4)
    DS: Harold DanielHarryNielsen (3)
    DD: Margaret WandaMaggieNielsen (2)
    DS: Franklin Albert "Frank" Brooks (38, ship captain)
    DW: Ruth Anna Brooks (37, nee Doyle, homemaker)

    DS: Ernest Eugene "Ernie" Brooks (17)
    DS: Albert Howard "Al" Brooks (12)
    DD: Beverly Wilma "Bev" Brooks (35, middle school teacher)
    DF: Fred Leonard Reiter (38, high school teacher)
    DD: Joanne Carol "Jo" Novak (32, nee Brooks, homemaker)
    DH: George Allen Novak (35, financial specialist)

    DD: Cindy Ellen Novak (12)
    DS: Eric Samuel Novak (11)
    DS: Lawrence Roger "Larry" Brooks (31, research worker)
    DGF: Edna Delores Tam (28, student)

    DS: Robert George "Robbie" Reed (59, civil engineer, enlisted in WWII in 1943)
    DW: Mary Louise Reed (57, nee Wood, homemaker)

    DD: Anna Mary Thompson (38, nee Reed, homemaker)
    ex-DH: Peter Alfred Lambert (40, chiropractor, father of first two children)
    DH: Herbert Earl Thompson (36, father of youngest child)

    DD: Deborah SusanDebbieLambert (8)
    DS: Richard KevinRichieLambert (7)
    DD: Kimberly LoriKimThompson (3)
    DS: James Robert Reed (37, accountant)
    DF: Sarah Delores Evans (34, budget analyst)

    DS: Joseph Paul "Joey" Reed (57, physician, enlisted in WWII in 1941 as an army doctor)
    DW: Clara Myrtle Reed (56, nee Flores, homemaker)

    DS: Howard Anthony "Howie" Reed (36, optometrist)
    DF: Peggy Wilma Green (33, technical writer)
    DS: Leonard Dale "Lenny" Reed (24, repairman)
    DS: Arthur Norman "Artie" Reed (23, veterinarian)
    DD: Frances Wanda "Frankie" Reed (21, clerk)
    DBF: Ronald Gary Walker (23, announcer)

    DD: Margaret Anna "Maisie" Stewart (56, nee Reed, wheat farmer)
    late-DH: Leon Claude Stewart (died at 45, former wheat farmer, enlisted in WWII in 1941)
    DF: Warren Louis Jackson (60, electrician)

    DD: Sally Louise Stewart (24, waitress)
    DS: Jack Arthur Stewart (23, elementary teacher)
    DGF: Brenda Janice Clarke (22, kindergarten teacher)
    DS: Bobby Gerald Stewart (22, dispatcher)
    DF: Rebecca Jean Thomas (20, social worker)
    DS: Fred Raymond Stewart (21, economist)
    DGF: Suzanne Paula Lewis (22, financial specialist)

    DD: Katherine Eva "Kitty" Young (54, nee Reed, teacher)
    DH: Ernest Clarence Young (59, history professor)

    DD: Rosemary Frances "Rosie" Young (24, masters student)
    DH: Edward Peter Mason (27, PHd candidate)
    DS: Theodore Harvey "Teddy" Young (22, surveyor)
    DF: Martha Beverly Mitchell (22, preschool teacher)

    DS: Frederick Harvey "Freddy" Reed (53, sailor, enlisted in WWII in 1941)
    DW: Ethel Gladys Reed (52, homemaker, nee Carter)

    DS: Lloyd Philip Reed (25, car mechanic)
    DD: Jean Louise Reed (22, health diagnosing support)

    late-DS: Leonard Arthur "Lenny" Reed (deceased at 49, gas fitter, enlisted in WWII in 1942)
    DW: Bessie Jean Reed (48, nee Mitchell, homemaker)

    DD: Martha Helen Reed (24, life scientist)
    DD: Darlene Sandra Reed (23, telephone operator)
    DF: Larry David Rose (25, patternmaker)
    DD: Janice Carol Reed (22, telephone operator)
    DBF: John Robert Alexander (24, food service supervisor)
    DS: Gary Ronald Reed (21, financial clerk)
    mid-20's lover of names, reading and history living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Aspiring teacher and writer. No plans for children yet.

    Clementine, Beatrix, Winifred, Eleanor, Adelaide, Matilda, Annabel, Josephine, Elspeth
    August, Theodore, Gregory, Frederick, Bernard, Alistair, Harold, Joseph,

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