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    Question Thoughts on the baby name Winter?

    I love and adore this baby name, it’s something more unique to the classic and more popular ‘summer’ and ‘autumn’.

    I only know two winters, my friend who’s in her 20’s, born in February, gets called Winnie as a nickname, which I also adore, and My Other friend who’s just had a baby in July named her daughter Winter. Nothing more to it than she loved the name and thinks it’s adorable.

    Just curious about it, it’s a very seasonal name that is obviously linked to the end of the year and the colder months but the two people I know haven’t been born in winter at all. I also know a baby summer born in November.

    Thoughts on this baby name? I would totally go for it if I had another girl.
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    I think Winter is cute! I dont think it matters too much about when the baby was born - I know lots of women named April, June and May who werent born in those months, and even a September born in March!
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    Winter is probably my absolute favorite name in the world. But then again, the season brings out the best in me. I love snow, everything cold. When there's a heavy snowfall and you wake up and the entire world is still and coated with white, each branch outlined against a beautiful grey sky... ugh. Its so beautiful it takes my breath away. Winter just fills me with such a childlike wonder.

    I've vetoed it with a heavy heart though because it just does not sound good with my last name. Winter Tucker.
    And it also does not sound good alongside my stepdaughter's name.

    I've got such a soft spot for it though that I keep coming back to it and there's a chance it'll stay on my list anyway.
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    Winter is a beautiful name very interesting name! I would consider it for the middle name spot.
    I don't think it matter if the baby was born during winter or not. Probably, I would think that Winter's parents love that season and that name. Perhaps they wanted to honor a friend/family member that was born in Winter or maybe they wanted a connection with a special date or a special place (wedding, anniversary, vacation) for them.
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    Love Winter! So pretty and the imagery is lovely.
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    Not my style but as far as word names go it's one of the best in my opinion. I love the nickname Winnie!

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    I wouldn't name a child Winter, boy or girl. It's just too icy for me.

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    I think it’s super cute!
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    I think it's great, but I'd personally prefer it in a middle slot, even if she's called "Winnie" formally.

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    I Love Winter! And nn Winnie!
    It would totally be on my name list if it suited our last name.
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