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    Thoughts on Everly?

    My husband and I were originally going to name our daughter Everly, but some conflict came in that made us reconsider. What are your thoughts on Everly? Too popular? We don’t mind common names, as long as it’s not extremely popular. We also are trying to picture her applying for jobs, etc. to help put her name more into perspective!

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    I love it! I think the name is beautiful and has the nn potential for Ever, Eve, Evie. I don't see it as being too popular.

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    Everly is nice. It feels modern but not overly trendy, sleek and cute
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    I think it sounds nice. I agree with PP that it’s sleek and modern, but I also think it has kind of an older vibe to it (not sure why). But to be honest, I’m really sick of it. I think I know at least 10 Everly’s (I work in childcare) and know of even more. It’s a very trendy name.
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    I prefer the similar-sounding Evelyn. Everly, in my opinion, is too trendy (especially with all the Everleigh/Everley/Everlie), and too late 2010s. However, it has a very nice sound, and I can't say no to E names.
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    I think it has a beautiful sound!
    It leans a little trendy, I dont think of it as popular but maybe check the stats in your region if that's important to you
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    Everly is a beautiful, sweet and charming name. It will age very well. Everly sounds cute for a baby, but also strong and elegant for a woman. Everly is a popular name, but not an extremely popular choice. So it feels familiar, modern and fresh. I really like it!
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    Everly is lovely!! I think it's beautiful.
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    FWIW, I really like Everly. It’s soft, feminine, and has a touch of spunk. However, it’s very trendy. Everly is a name that will likely date your child, meaning people will hear her name and assume she was born in the late 2010s or early 2020s. Whether that bothers you or not, is up to you and there’s no right or wrong answer there. I still really like the name though!
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    I am personally not a fan of Everly, I feel like it will quickly become dated and children will be one of many variations in their day to day lives. It's just too trendy for my taste, but if you love it, you can't go wrong. I'm a firm believer that a name that is loved outranks anything that could make it less desirable.
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