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    Is Clio usable if my name is Chloe?

    Is the name Clio too similar to my own name, Chloe, for me to ever use it?

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    I would say that it’s too similar
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    As long as you don't mind the similar sounds, it's fine. People name their kids after themselves after all
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    I think since the prominent vowel sound is different, it wouldn't be a huge issue, practically speaking. But the names might still get mixed up now and again.
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    It's fine! Clio is a beautiful name. A lot of men name their children after themselves, so why can't you give your daughter a name that is a little similar to yours? Please, use it! For sisters, I would say it is too similar, but for mother and daughter it definitely works.
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    I absolutely adore the name Clio, but I wouldn’t use it if I were called Chloe, sorry! It’s just a bit of a tongue-twister. Not undoable if it’s definitely The One, but it would be too close for me.
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    There might occasionally be confusion, but I don't think it's unusable. I think you could make it work as long as you're prepared to sometimes correct people.
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    I think people would probably confuse your names a lot. I know a Taylor with a daughter named Tatum and people are always calling one by the other. If that wouldn’t bother you and Clio’s the one, then I would go for it.
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