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    A sister for Vivian Grace, please help

    Hi berries,

    I’m 32 weeks pregnant with baby girl #2 and I just cannot seem to land on a name that feels right—and that my husband loved too. It’s not an easy task for us! We finally decided on Vivian Grace for our first daughter 2 days after she was born. A week after her birth (and after getting some negative feedback when saying her name to others) I all started to question it. Now, 2 years later, I adore her name and I’m so glad we used it for her. Her name, Vivian, sounds like music to me. I want to pick another beautiful, classic (and if possible not super overused name) for our second little one.

    For the last few months, I thought she might be Lila Claire... or Lila Something... my husband doesn’t love Claire so he might have vetoed the middle name. He was happy with Lila. But now he is feeling like it is too much of a nickname and not quite right. He is liking Charlotte now. I have liked this name a lot the last few years, but I do have a cousin who used Charlotte for his daughter so we would see them 1-3 times a year. I’m more close w my aunt, whose granddaughter it is, than my cousin. But apparently she doesn’t care at all if we were to use it, but it holds me back a little because I would hate to have the girls compared. However of course there are so many people with the same name perhaps it is ok. If we go w Charlotte, we would use the middle name Isabella or Isabelle for my mom and grandma who were both Isabel. My mom didn’t love her name growing up and in fact hated it, because she got called Izzy a lot, so she never passed it down to any of her 4 girls. But it would be nice to use it to honor them.

    Sometimes I wonder if I should seriously consider Isabella for her first name but my husband would definitely want to call her Izzy, which is cute, but this is my last child most likely and I’m just not sure if I’d ever pick that name if it wasn’t in the family. I know it’s uber popular now too and has been for years.

    Other names I’ve considered:

    Emma (husband says it doesn’t do much for him and he knew a dog Emma growing up). I could probably push him on it, but it’s also been so popular for so long I feel like I’d just be naming her Jennifer, the popular name of my era, ha. But Emma Isabella is pretty and i like Emma-bella as a nn. We do have a niece named Emily but that side of the family uses a lot of the same name over and over and wouldn’t care.

    Isla. I love the sound of this name but I don’t enjoy writing it out or how it looks written out. I thought of using Isla as a possible nn for Isabella since first and last two letters in Isabella spell Isla, but I think Lila is pretty written out and sounds so similar to Isla anyway...

    Liliana nn Lila is Pretty but we have a niece named Lilian/Lily and this is even more of a copy than just going w Lila.

    Violet... very petty but neither of us really wants to do another V name in case we do have a 3rd and would be pressured to do a 3rd V. Could be a great middle name.

    Other names I’ve liked and husband has vetoed are: Hazel, Sadie, Lane/Lainey, Aubrey

    Other names I’ve considered but just can’t seem to love are Amelia, Juliette (have a sister Julia), Elizabeth (my middle name, don’t love the nn Liz/Lizzie).

    Any suggestions of what to do with based on above?? Should I get my husband to fall back in love with Lila? Go with Charlotte? Are there any other beautiful names I’ve missed??

    Thank you so much! We need to figure this out soon...
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    You have lots of lovely options and I don't think you can go wrong. I do like Charlotte for you, since your family seems fine with it, and Charlotte Isabel or Charlotte Isabella would be lovely. I also really like Lila Claire. A few other ideas:

    Vivi@n & Audrey
    Vivi@n & Estelle
    Vivi@n & Celia
    Vivi@n & Phoebe
    Vivi@n & Penelope
    Vivi@n & Colette
    Vivi@n & Felicity
    Vivi@n & Natalie
    Vivi@n & Eloise
    Vivi@n & Alice
    Vivi@n & Constance
    Vivi@n & Valerie
    Vivi@n & Beatrice
    Vivi@n & Lyra
    Vivi@n & Camille
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    Hmm that's a tricky one. I would suggest not using Charlotte, even though your family says it's ok to use, it just doesnt seem right to me. I also agree that you/your family may be comparing them over the years.

    It seems like you both are on board with Lila, if you want it as a nn maybe consider... Delilah, Magnolia, Galilah.

    Other ideas:
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    I think Charlotte sounds right for you! Charlotte Isabelle is very, very pretty. You’ve got some great suggestions from the other posters, and I don’t have anymore for you. From theirs I really like Eloise, Camille, Lucille, Cecilia, Annabel, and Margaret.
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    I do really like Lila. Lila Claire is pretty, or Lila Charlotte.

    Some suggestions
    Emilia (nn Emma, Milly, Mila or even Lila)
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    I might go with Eliza and call her Lila as a nn. Eliza Claire is so pretty.
    Or, since you like Elizabeth but not the nn Lizzie, you could name her either Elizabeth or Eliza and call her Bess.

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    I agree that Eliza sounds similar to Lila and honors you as well. Lila is lovely, but there are several ways to spell it that are popular right now, so it could be a somewhat frustrating name to wear over time. Eliza and Charlotte are both great classic names and more straight forward to say and spell. The family connection with Charlotte could be fun, but you never know if the girls who share the name would love it or hate it. I might lean toward avoiding it, but that's a personal decision and one only you can make. Other L names: Liora, Linnea, Louisa, Lucy. Alice has a strong L sound also. Isabella/Isabel is wonderful, but if you don't love it, then take it off the table. In fact, any name that either parent can't agree to should be taken off the list. It can be sad to say goodbye to names you love, but acknowledging that reality and moving on sometimes helps. And, after all is said and done, if you both love Lila or Charlotte - then go for it! Don't try too hard to talk yourselves into names you don't really like.

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    Congrats! Your list is very solid as is, and I think any one of those choices would make a lovely name for your daughter. If the names on your list are feeling somewhat almost-not-quite, there some choices that sound similar that might strike your fancy. Quick idea: The name Ayla sounds a lot like Isla, and might look nicer to your eye.

    Similar to Lila:

    Emmeline/Emmaline: Has the sound of Emma that you like, retains the vintage yet upbeat sound of Vivian, and is longer, like Isabella. Other substitutes for Emma could include Emilia and Esme.
    Josephine: Seems refined and elegant, like Charlotte.
    Isadora: This could still be an honor name, but isn't exactly the same name.
    Genevieve, Adelaide, Evangeline: I think these suit the classic criteria quite nicely, and they quite remind me of Isabella and Charlotte.
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    I think you’ve already found the perfect name. Lila. It just sounds like last minute cold feet.

    Lila Isabelle.
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