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    Lightbulb Classic but not overdone boy names needed!

    My best friend is due with her first child, a boy, this fall and is stuck on names! She knows what a name nerd I am and asked for suggestions.

    She’s always loved Maxwell and thought that would be her boy name - but another close friend got a kitten last year and named him Maxwell which wore off some of the shine for her.

    Her other contender right now is Julian, a name her husband suggested that she didn’t care for originally but grew on her. She feels like it’s pretty popular and isn’t completely sold.

    My top suggestion was Calvin Squire, thinking it would check all the boxes. She liked Squire (her mom’s maiden name is Squires and her husband is really into history/ancient Roman/medieval/Game of Thrones stuff) but wasn’t a fan of Calvin (or my other suggestions, including Roman).

    Wondering if anyone has any other suggestions?! Other middle names thrown around have been Squire, Squires, Powers, Robin, Hawthorne. Last name sounds like Woodpitch.

    Thank you, Berries!
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