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    Is Hermione too "Harry Potter" to use?

    I'm a lover of Greek mythology and was reading a novel based around Hermione, the daughter of Helen of Troy.
    As with all book characters, when I begin to love the character, I fall in love with the name. Its derived from "Hermes," the Greek messenger God of travels and literature (and much much more.) Which I love, because I love to travel and hike and explore. And, obviously I'm a bookworm.
    But I'm worried about it having such a strong association with Harry Potter. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Harry Potter. Huge nerd, here. But I'm concerned that it might be "too much."

    Would you veto Hermione due to the heavy pop culture reference?
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    While the connection’s pretty heavily there, I wouldnt be put off of Hermione because of it. Luna is incredibly popular and honestly, my only association for that is also Harry Potter.

    I think it’s fine.

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    I do have a strong reference to harry potter when I hear that name. However, I still adore the name and if you love it then don't let it stop you from using it!

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    It's definitely usable! Although Hermione is strongly associated with HP, it's starting to appear in other things, such as in the tv show Riverdale.

    It's such a lovely name!
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    Harry Potter would probably be the most commonly known association but I always think of the character from Shakespeare's Winter's Tale. I think it's a beautiful name and is perfectly usable (hence, my signature)

    Also, what @leafsgirl44 said about Luna -- I hadn't really heard before Harry Potter either and that name has done really well! And I agree with @river_dweller as well about Hermione becoming mroe widely used in pop culture and in real life.

    I think you should totally go for it if you love it! <3
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    I do think of Harry Potter immediately when I see it. If you were to use it I think people would think you're a huge fan. Those who know of the books and movies would at least know how to pronounce it, while those who aren't as familiar may need help spelling and pronouncing it. Overall, I don't think it's unusable but it is heavily associated with Harry Potter for now. Personally I would only consider it as a middle name.
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    I think it would’ve been too strongly associated at the height of the movies, but since the popularity has died down I don’t think the association makes it unusable or anything like that. I think it’s like naming your daughter Ariel, some people will immediately think of the little mermaid and it won’t even cross the minds of others. Hermione is a great character too so it doesn’t put me off the name.
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    It is very much tied to Harry Potter, but I think it’s still usable.
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    It's way too tied to HP for me. I've never met or even heard of a Hermione in real-life. I learned of the name through HP and have not seen it used in anything else (I know there are other works that use the name and it has a history but I've never directly interacted with anything with a character named Hermione). So I have no frame of reference for a Hermione outside of HP. That being said, it's not the same for everybody, as many of the pps above think it's usable!
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    I wouldn’t veto Hermione due to the HP connection, as it was the character that made me want to use it. But in general, Hermione has had a lot of use and history pre-HP, and I know of at least one actress with the name (who’s older than the books). I do think the character would be many people’s first thought, however I think after a while the name will just fit and be associated with the person, especially amongst family and friends.
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