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    so I have been STRUGGLING to find a baby name that clicks for me. I keep looking for names with "Nell " or "Louise" in them because they are family names. I always liked the name Evie a lot as well. I stumbled upon the name Evalouise. I love it. But my concern is that it is too long or too much of a mouthful

    Do you think Evalouise is too long for a first name?

    ALSO: I'd love any unique suggestions with "Nell",,"Louise" or "Ev" in them!

    Current names I love: Evalouise, ornella, arianell, Eden.

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    I don't mind Evalouise, but personally I'd prefer Eva-Louise, just so it doesn't look like someone forgot to hit the spacebar on legal documents. I don't think it's too long though. It's no more letters than Annabella, which is plenty popular, and it's the same number of syllables as Ariana, Eliana, Gabriella, etc., which are also really common place nowadays.
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    I'd probably consider Eva-Louise as pp mentioned but they flow well.

    Evelina, Geneva, Evanna and Evadne might be ways to Evie

    Luisina, Louisette, Aloisia and Ouisa/Ouida are variants of Louise that might interest you

    Cornelia, Antonella, Marinell and Marinella might be ways to Nell.
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    I think I like Evalouise . And no I don't think it is too long or too much of a mouthful.

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    Evalouise is quite pretty! It feels vintage, yet very current. If you think its too long you could use Evie as a nn?

    Other ideas:
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    I agree with previous posters - I'd probably use Eva-Louise or Eva Louise, but there's nothing wrong with the name.

    To honour Louise and Nell, what about Eloise? It basically has the whole of Louise inside it, and Nell is typically a nickname for Eleanor or Ellen, both of which feature the prominent 'el' sound of Eloise. Eva, Evadne, or Evangeline in the middle spot would be a good way to get to the nn Evie - or Eloise plus any V-featuring middle could work. Eloise Virginia, Eloise Vivienne, Eloise Vera, Eloise Avery?

    I hope this helps (and makes sense)!
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    I think Evalouise sounds perfectly fine, but I also agree with PPs that hyphenating it to be Eva-Louise would be a better idea.
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