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    need help with my list please :)

    Hi guys! I need some help finding some new names for my list, and also opinions on names/combos I already have! This will definitely be a long post, so if you get a chance, just comment on something that stands out to you!

    All of my middle names are honour names, as you will probably notice, so I think it's best I explain the middle names first.

    Dana - my grandmother's name was Danama, which I'm not a fan of, but I do like her nickname Dana (dah-na, not day-na).

    Daveena - my older sister's name

    June - the month that my older sister was born

    Harley - An alternative way of honouring my dad, who loves his Harley Davidson. I like this for both a boy and a girl, but do you think it suits a girl?

    Now for the first names/combos:

    Ophelia - I think it's a beautiful sounding name, and the Hamlet association doesn't bother me. The nickname "Fifi" would honour my mother, as it isn't my Mum's actual name, but it is her family nickname. As a combination, I like Ophelia June. Ophelia Dana feels a little forced to me, but that would be second choice.

    Harley - I actually love the name Harley right now, even as a first, which means I wouldn't need an honour name as a middle (though Harley June/Harley Briar aren't bad). Any suggestions?

    Briar - I like the 'princess' connotation, but also love that it's kinda spunky at the same time. I like all four - Briar Dana, Briar Daveena, Briar June and Briar Harley, but none really stick out to me.

    Octavia - I'm not sure if this name is too out there and there is no 'eighth' personal meaning, but I really like it. Octavia June and Octavia Harley are two combos I quite like.

    Haven - I discovered this name recently and it's become a quick favourite of mine, what do you think of it? I don't like it with any of my four honour names, except maybe Haven June.

    Daphne - I think this is such a sweet name, perhaps Daphne June? Daphne doesn't really stick out to me either though.

    Phoebe - It feels a bit too common for me, but I automatically think of someone creative, someone who is an individual (though that be because of characters I love). Phoebe Dana/Phoebe Daveena isn't bad, but I'm unsure.

    Jasmine - I like the reference to the princess from Aladdin, who I grew up loving. I have a friend named Jasmine, and I call her "Jas" but I'm not a fan of "Jazzy". Jasmine Dana seems sweet to me. I think it's a bit too common for me.

    Rain - I'm always undecided on a name like this. Sometimes it seems a too out there, and sometimes I like it. Definitely not a favourite though. Rain Daveena? I like Rayna, but I named a character that, so I've had a bit of 'overexposure' if you get what I mean.

    Bellamy - other than Harley, I'm usually not a fan of unisex names, but I actually really like Bellamy. When you think Bellamy, do you think male or female? I adore The 100, which means I automatically relate 'Bellamy' back to the main (male) character. I quite like the nickname Bell. Bellamy June seems sweet.

    Athena - I like the meaning behind it, but currently don't like any middles with it. I like the name, but I don't love it (this is why I need more girl names that I love!).

    Arielle - I really like this name, but also named a character Arielle, so I have that overexposure issue again. I like it with all four of my honour names.

    Also, I prefer to not have two middle names. Thank you to anyone who responds with an opinion or suggestion, and I'm sorry for the super long post!

    luna florence | briar daveena | ophelia "fifi" june
    willow katherine | octavia hermione

    perseus "percy" james | harley orpheus | spencer rodney
    dean sirius | charlie phoenix

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    Hi there.

    Here are my thoughts on your list:

    Ophelia - Ophelia June is lovely . Strong, feminine, & unique.

    Harley - I think that this is nice as an honor name in the mn spot, but it's not my style as a fn. Sort of trendy & masculine sounding.

    Briar -Briar is lovely. It's not overly frilly, but has a beautiful floral imagery. It's unique yet simple. I like Briar Daveena lot.

    Octavia - This is okay. It sounds a little harsh to me, but it's different. It's similar to Ophelia, but Ophelia seems prettier.

    Haven -This is not my style, honestly. I'm not sure why . It just doesn't have a nice sound.

    Daphne -This is sweet. Spunky, simple, not over done, & obviously feminine. Daphne June is the best from your honor list.

    Phoebe -This is cute. It's not too common, but I feel like it's similar to Daphne but the slightly more popular version. Phoebe Dana or Phoebe June sound good to me.

    Jasmine -This is okay. I should like it, but can't get into it. Jazzy could be hard to avoid?

    Rain -I think that just Rain is better than Rayna. It's sleeker, & has a pretty cool imagery. Rain Daveena sounds best.

    Bellamy -I go back & fourth on this one. It sounds feminine, but I know that it's a boy name so I can't get into it. Bellamy June does sound cute. Keep in mind that other 'Bella' names are popular, so that may get annoying.

    Athena -This is okay. It's a strong feminine name, but it also sounds too strong for my tastes.

    Arielle - This is pretty. I do prefer the more simplistic spelling of Ariel. Ariel Daveena is my favorite.

    Hope this helps.
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    Ophelia - such a beautiful name. Literary, elegant and lively. Ophelia June is lovely

    Harley - i quite like it! Harley has a softness to it while also feeling strong and rugged and cute! Harley June and Harley Briar are cute! Harley Renee, Harley Cosette, Harley Beatrix, Harley Fern, Harley Cressida

    Briar - i love the sharp, distinctive sound of Briar! A nice choice. Briar Harley or Briar June are nice!
    Briar Juno (a nod to June) Briar Pearl (birth stone of June)and Briar Delphine (could be a nod to Daveena)

    Octavia -i dont mind it but its a little harsh for me. It does have a kind of grandeur and elegance to it
    Octavia June is sweet

    Haven is warm, comforting and fresh. Haven June is nice, but I'll also suggest Haven Pearl (Junes birthstone), Haven Rose (Junes birthflower), Haven Nadine/Nadeen (a nod to Daveena) - or a d name to honour Danama and Daveena -Haven Delilah, Haven Dahlia, Haven Delia, Haven Dorothea

    Daphne is vintage and clunky but in a good way. If it's not standing out, Delphine, Edith, Thisbe could be alternatives

    Phoebe is lively and bubbly, familiar but not too overused. Pheobe Dana is sweet. Phoebe Danielle might work

    Jasmine - Jasmine is pretty and sleek -i like it. Minnie could be an alternative nn if you dont like Jazzy. Jasmine Dana or Jasmine Harley would be nice.
    Juniper could be an alternative to Jasmine?

    Rain is okay, but i admit it's not my favourite. i feels a tad incomplete as a first though as a middle it would be nice. Aurelia 'Rey'/'Ray' came into my mind too.

    Bellamy- Bellamy strikes me as very unisex, so i see it as either. Bellamy June is nice and i like Bellamy Rose too

    Athena -Athena is really light and sweet! Athena Pearl, Athena Danielle, Athena Harley?
    Some names that remind me of Athena (and your other names) include Anastasia, Acacia, Adelia, Mirabel, Aurora, Rosalie, Imogen

    Arielle is nice and it has a fantastic sound but if you've used it on a character, Luella, Arianell, Arabella, Alaia or Adele might be alternatives
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    Maeve Emily|Sloane Felicity|Linus Theodore|Jude Amadeus

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    Thank you both so much for your helpful replies! Briar Daveena and Ophelia June are my favourites I think.

    luna florence | briar daveena | ophelia "fifi" june
    willow katherine | octavia hermione

    perseus "percy" james | harley orpheus | spencer rodney
    dean sirius | charlie phoenix

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