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  • Emery

    16 26.67%
  • Lake

    12 20.00%
  • Willow

    23 38.33%
  • Hazel

    32 53.33%
  • Haven

    12 20.00%
  • Violet

    23 38.33%
  • Prairie

    9 15.00%
  • Hailey

    1 1.67%
  • Ever

    7 11.67%
  • Poet

    6 10.00%
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    Please vote: baby girl names

    Sorry for yet another threat but I think we are going somewhere! Finally, yay. We've been struggling with baby girl's names and we narrowed them down to the following:

    Emery: My husband's fav name at the moment. He loves Emerson but I vetoed it, so he suggested Emery. I love the nickname Emmie/Em, so Im trying to 'love' this name. Emery Lauren/Laurel is my hubby's fav combo.

    Lake: I've fallen in love with Lake! It's unique, lovely and evokes such positive feelings. We love sailing, going fishing, camping and there's a beautiful lake nearby. When I hear the name Lake, I immediately think of our lake surrounded by gold autumnal trees.

    Other names on our list:
    Hazel: we like the combo Hazel Grace

    Big sisters are Aria, Elowen and Briar
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    Baby #4 coming late December 2019! If it's a boy:
    Forest, Kit, Jem, Bodhi, Sage

    If it's a girl (still collecting names)
    Io, Aella & ..

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    What about Emery Lake?
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    Lake Emery would be sweet as would Lake Emmeline, Emery Lake, Emery Violet or Emery Snow.
    In fact, Emery would add a nice kind of symmetry to your sibset. Aria and Briar have similar letters and Elowen and Emery would too -just a thought

    I do really like Hazel and Willow too!
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    Lake is perfect with your other daughters' names!

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    Emery is nice, although it does seem more male to me (it's the name of a boy in 'Fresh Off the Boat'). There's nothing wrong with it, though. Emery Lake would be lovely.

    Haven, Willow, and Violet are also great options. I like Hazel Grace, although it is the name of a character in 'The Fault in Our Stars' - not sure if that bothers you or not, but it was the first thing I thought of, and I've neither read the book nor seen the film.

    Aria, Elowen, and Briar are great names. Best of luck naming their sister!
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    I personally prefer Emerson but I like Emery too (although Emerie is a prettier spelling imo.) I think there would be nicer combos than Emery Lauren or Laurel though. Since you also like Lake, could Emery Lake be an option? I personally think Lake is lacking as a first name, but makes a great middle.

    I really like Hazel, Willow, and Violet, and I think one of these goes best with sisters' names too. Although as others have mentioned Hazel Grace is the name of the main character in 'The Fault in Our Stars.'

    I kind of like Haven, and Ever, they have something endearing about them. I want to like Prairie but I'm just not sure.

    I don't like Poet as a first name (could work as a middle though) and Hailey feels very 90's to me.
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    Emery - I like it but ultimately if you don't then that's not what you should name your kid
    Lake - Not a fan. I think it'll be misheard as Blake, and her full name would sound, you know, like the name of a Lake
    Haven - I like it! Fits nicely with your other girls
    Hazel - I like Hazel but I think Hazel Grace is overused; there's a very popular YA book/movie where the main character is named Hazel Grace and it just makes me think of that, plus while Grace is a really good middle name it's also a pretty common one - I don't know if that's something you mind, just thought I'd point that out
    Willow - Feels nice but with Briar I feel like there's too many plant names in the family
    Hailey - Not a fan, feels very dated because it's been popular for so long
    Ever - I like it! I really like it with your other girls
    Violet - I love this name so much and it would sound nice with the other girls, but like I said about Willow I wonder if it might be too much... it would be a great middle though!
    Prairie - Not a fan, maybe as a middle
    Poet - Not a fan, maybe as a middle

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    Thank you for all the suggestions and your feedback! It's really getting harder and harder. My favs are Lake, Willow, Hazel and Ever while my SO loves Emery so it's gonna be a struggle.

    Edit: I didn't know there's a character named Hazel Grace (we picked Grace because it's related to Jesus and it fits our seasonal theme), so we have to find a new mn that we love with Hazel.
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    Karlee and Bennett. Loving parents to three amazing girls:

    Aria Winter (5)
    Elowen Ivy (3)
    Briar Faye (1)

    Baby #4 coming late December 2019! If it's a boy:
    Forest, Kit, Jem, Bodhi, Sage

    If it's a girl (still collecting names)
    Io, Aella & ..

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    With your girls' names I love Hazel, Willow and Violet. Haven and Lake are nice options too. I think Prairie is an adorable name and it would be a great middle option. Hazel Prairie is an enchanting choice for a girl. I'm not a big fan of Emery, but Emery Laurel is interesting. Emery Lake would be a great compromise. What about Hazel Emery or Violet Emery?
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    I love your other girls names and you also have a lot of beautiful options!

    Emery - don't love this but think "Emmie" is cute.
    Lake - Love something about this but it seems short compared to your other girls. Perhaps Laken?
    Haven - pretty and fits your sibset nicely.
    Hazel - getting too popular/trendy imo
    Willow - its okay, prefer Willa with your other girls names.
    Hailey - too 90s, not a fan
    Ever - Really like this one!
    Violet - could never see past its closeness to the word "violent".
    Prairie - There is something about this name I really like, however not sure about it for you.
    Poet - Love this one!

    Other ideas for you.. Meadow (Could use 'M'/Em as a nick name), Larkin, Daisy, Harlow?
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