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    Thoughts on Stanley

    I really love the name Stanley, as it is my grandfather’s name and I’m seriously considering using it.

    However I’m not fond of shortening it to Stan, I thought Sonny would make a nice nickname?

    I’m also considering Stanley Ralph, as Ralph is my other grandfather’s middle name.

    Your thoughts on the name or any alternatives or alternative middle names would be greatly appreciated!
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    Stanley has grown on me. I kind of like it -feels old man and clunky but also on trend!

    Stanley 'Sonny' could work as Sonny works for most boys!

    Stanley Ralph flows well

    Stanley Wolf (from Ralph's meaning), Stanley Rafe, Stanley Rufus or Stanley Tobias came to mind too
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    I know a few Stanley's. I honestly think of Stuttering Stanley. I much prefer Stanton.

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    I really like the combo! Stanley is a lovely name, plus it ages well.

    What about the nn Sal or Lee?

    Alternatives to Stanley could be Sidney (nn Sid) or Winston (nn Sonny).
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    Not my style personally but I think it could work. An alternative first could be Stanton.

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    My husband loves this name. He is a hockey fan and associates it with the Stanley Cup, which I think is named after Lord Stanley () and there is also a big park in Vancouver called Stanley Park named after the same person.

    I've thought a lot about this name as my husband really wanted to use it. I can see its charm and I could imagine it making a comeback. However, like you, I don't like the nickname Stan. Of course there are other possibilities (e.g. Lee) but I suspect many people would end up using Stan, Stan the Man, etc. It oscillates between "cute, sophisticated" and "nerdy" in my mind. I ultimately decided it's personally just not my style.

    All that being said, if you want to honour your grandfather and love it, than I say for sure go for it.
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