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    Struggling on choosing baby's name

    Hey everyone!

    I'm back again with some different names. My husband and I are really struggling with baby girl's name because of how important her name is to us. We keep finding ourselves going back to the same names over and over (from the beginning).

    As previously mentioned, we had a stillborn named Wyatt.

    The journey to get to our rainbow baby was incredibly hard, but she's here and we are rejoicing! We are also believers, therefore these names have very special meanings to us biblically.

    Ivy June - Ivy means faithfulness

    Haven June- Haven means Safe in refuge

    Selah June (pronounced as Say-La) Means to pause and to praise.

    Any opinions are welcomed!
    Maybe you all can help us finalize her name! haha

    We appreciate every one of you!

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    Of your list, I think Ivy is most stylistically similar to Wyatt (old-fashioned but on trend), but I really, really love the idea of Selah. I've recently added it to my own list, and for you the meaning seems perfect—a reminder that after any event in life, blessing or tragedy, we should pause and give praise. It also suggests that the song is not over, if that makes sense. There is more to come. Appropriately hopeful for a rainbow baby.
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    Vote for Selah June. It's simple and sweet, and I love that the meaning behind it just seems so perfect for you.

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    Selah June is so beautiful! Love the meaning, a lovely way to celebrate your baby!
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    I like Selah June best.

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    Selah June is beautiful!
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    You have great choices! My personal favourite is Selah June.
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    My favourite is Ivy June. Such a sweet name!

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    I think Ivy June is beautiful.

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    I love Haven June! I hadn't heard of Haven before today, and it's a new love of mine.

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