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    Greek baby girl names

    Hello everyone

    I have been reading into Greek mythology a lot recently, it has always been an interest of mine. I would love to talk about some of the names I've come across, and see what your opinions are. I would particularly be interested to hear which ones are your favourites and which do you feel are usable/not usable. I may do a few questions like this.

    I am Irish myself, but I know that there are some people on here who are Greek, and so for ones I've found which us English speakers may struggle to pronounce, it would be wonderful if you could advise us how to pronounce them I will mark ones I find a bit tricky accordingly.

    Asteria (how do you pronounce? Is it Ah-steer-ee-a?)
    Chione (How do you pronounce? I would guess Kee-oh-nee, but not sure)

    These are just some names of the name I've come across so far. Don't feel you have to comment on every single one unless you want to I decided to choose some of the most unusual names, as I feel there are obviously some names which are discussed on here daily. But if you wish to tell me your other favourite Greek mythological names, feel free to Thank you!

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    As someone who loves Greek mythology, I would definitely say I like most of these names. My own naming style is a bit more traditional, however I do think that Artemis, Athena, Astraea, Calliope (with the nickname Callie/Cal?), Gaia, and Megara (Meg?) are usable. I actually know an Athena and an Astraea .

    Chione gives me similar vibes to Chloe and Kiana and such, which makes me think it could be pretty usable too, though the pronunciation might need to be explained at first. And I have always assumed it was pronounced like you described, but I'd love to see what a Greek berry thinks, as I don't speak any Greek.

    The only one I would consider totally unusable is Merope- it looks like 'mope' to me, and makes me picture gray clouds and a cold, sad environment, probably because of the Harry Potter character.

    The ones I didn't mention I think are usable but a bit braver than those I listed above.

    My personal favorites would be Athena, Calliope, Chione, Megara, and Caliadne
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    nearly all of these were the suggestions of fellow berries - thank you!

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    Love this! Greek names are my absolute favorite!

    My favorite are Ariadne, Calypso, Persephone, Calliope, and Artemis.

    I like the sound of Galatea, Evadne, Merope, Pandora, Phaedra, Megara, Caliadne, Gaia and Athena

    I’m not a fan of Aphrodite, Astraea, Asteria, and Demeter

    I think Chione is pronounced, Ky-oh-nee
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