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    Ciaran's brother (& honoring grandfathers)

    We already have one son, Ciaran Edison. His middle name is Edison to honor his dad, Edward. We've recently found out that we're expecting a second son and we want to honor both of his grandfathers, Michael and John. We don't want to use their exact names but maybe a variant or something with a similar meaning or sound. We don't mind which one is the first name and which is the middle name as long as they're both included. Or maybe we could somehow combine them into one name and use it as the middle. Then we could choose whatever we want for the first name.
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    Thanks, I like those. Jackson Micah is my favorite of those names.

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    Ian and Ivan are both variations of John. I like Micah a lot as an honor for Michael. I also thought of Miles or Milo for the prominent "mi-" sound, and it turns out they come from the Slavic milu, which means "gracious." John means "God is gracious." So Miles or Milo could, at a stretch, encompass both names.

    Esmond also comes from a root meaning "grace."

    Esmond Miles
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    Micah Esmond
    Miles Ian
    Miles Ivan
    Miles Jackson
    Milo Jackson
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    I think Owen and Ciaran would be lovely.

    Ciaran Edison and Owen Miles

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    Micah Shane was my first thought

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    Thanks, I think Miles/Milo could work for both names. I like Jack or Jackson with Miles or Milo. Owen Miles and Micah Shane do with well with Ciaran too, I like them together.

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    Jackson Miles would make a great brother for Ciaran

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    Hi there.

    I love the name Ciaran. I think that a Gaelic form of John would be great as a brother to Ciaran. Iain or Evan probably make the most sense. I also like Ivan, even though it's not Gaelic like Ciaran. Micah is a nice mn idea. May be nice as a fn too. Or you could always do just Jack as a fn.

    Hope this helps.
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