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    Lucille Eowyn has arrived!

    August 14th at 4:37 a.m. because who needs sleep right? 5 lbs 13 ounces and 18 inches long.
    Our little one needed some assistance with her bilirubin and spent her first week in the NICU where she earned the nickname Hurricane Lucy. She's a major squirmy wormy.

    We chose Lucille as her name partly because we love Lucy and partly for the arrested development/loose seal jokes. Its accidentally a family name on my husband's side but that was incidental.

    I chose Eowyn because while I was pregnant and sick, watching the Two Towers I thought "oh, that sounds nice". We didn't yet know if we were having an Eowyn or an Eomer, but it was decided that would be the middle name.

    Shout out to all the nurses in the world but especially my labor and delivery nurse Maria, I couldn't have done this without her. And our favorite NICU nurse Anna who got us through the most difficult time in our lives. Nurses are there best!

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    Congrats on your little hurricane. Lucille Eowyn is absolutely stunning! Lucille is so lovely and I am a major fan of the name Eowyn due to LoTR as well, so I seeing this name on birth announcement section is such a pleasant surprise.

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    Congratulations!! Lucille Eowyn ia beautiful
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    Congratulations - I really like the name Lucille!

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    Congratulations! Lucille is a fantastic name!
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    Congratulations!! Great name. Can I just say I love that you went with Lucille partly because of the Arrested Development loose seal jokes. Love it! :lol:

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    Congrats! Fabulous name and I love that you've got such a great sense of humour about the whole crazy process
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    Lucille Eowyn is stunning! Lucy is so sweet. I love the lotr association, she definitely has a great namesake!
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    Congrats! I LOVE Eowyn as a middle name, so gorgeous!!
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    What an absolutely gorgeous name, and i love to see Eowyn being used. Congratulations!
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