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    girl versions of boy names?

    I'm planning on adopting two girl guinea pigs this year, but I can't help but want to name them after male duos.

    Tim and Harvey (from The Carol Burnett Show)

    Amos and Theadore (from The Apple Dumpling Gang)

    are my main two that I keep going back too -- mainly because I'm a big fan of Tim Conway

    I was wondering if I could get your help on what these names would be as girl names?
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    Amy and Thea
    Mossy and Dora
    Mo and Teddy

    Immy and Harley
    Tia and Harlow
    Mitzi and Harper
    Tamsin and Hattie

    Carol and Apple?

    (Just a warning, my girl guinea pigs smell as much as my boys...)
    Sarai Matilda|Cherith Eliza|Sholto Felix|Tristan Rafferty
    Una Adele|Mabli Charlotte|Percy Evander|Otto Elias
    Cleo Tallulah|Lois Aurelia|Jesse Peregrine|Bram Atticus
    Maeve Emily|Sloane Felicity|Linus Theodore|Jude Amadeus

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    Ooh those are all so adorable! I love Mo and Teddy, it reminds me of Little Women. Thank you.

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