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    Opninions on my fave name

    Hi I would like to know your opinions on my fave name combos ))

    Cassia moon
    Scarlett elowen
    Indigo nephele
    Cassia primrose
    Una serephine
    Nephele moon
    Uma calliope

    Freddie atticus
    Atticus Beaumont
    River elias
    Elio Henry
    names I love
    indigo,nephele,cassia,athene, Valentina,uma,una
    Freddie, atticus, river, Elio

    Cassia moon
    Indigo nephele,
    Henry atticus

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    I’m swooning so hard!

    Cassia Moon - Beautiful! Love Moon as a middle!

    Scarlett Elowen - GORGEOUS

    Indigo Nephele - Love the vibrant imagery that indigo conjures and the serene image of Nephele

    Cassia Primrose - Lovely

    Una Seraphine - So pretty

    Nephele Moon - such a gorgeous name! Evokes such beautiful images... im picturing the cutest nursery with the moon and clouds painted on the wall

    Uma Calliope - LOVE! I have this combo in my list as well

    Freddie Atticus - Freddie isn’t my favorite a little too nicknamey for me

    Atticus Beaumont - So grand!

    River Elias - LOVE! This one is also on my list

    Elio Henry - handsome
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    Cassia Moon - I love the sounds of Cassia and Moon adds something bright and exciting

    Scarlett Elowen -would like to know your opinions on my fave name combos*))

    Indigo Nephele - Indigo is so funky! I like the flow of Nephele with it

    Cassia Primrose - gentle, flowery and sweet

    Una Seraphine -i love the mystical vibe this gives!

    Nephele Moon - it has a nice sound but with Nephele I'd prefer something a little more grounded? Just me though

    Uma Calliope -love the flow of this!

    Freddie Atticus - love this, great flow and feel

    Atticus Beaumont -Beaumont isn't my style but these work well together! Atticus Bodhi or Atticus Beau would be nice too

    River Elias -love this a lot! Elias feels so elegant with River

    Elio Henry -great flow and mix of classic and unique
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    Cassia Moon - I love it. Cassia feels familiar but fresh at the same time, and I really like Moon as a middle name.
    Scarlett Elowen - My favorite from your girls combos. Scarlett is such a lovely name, and Elowen is very elegant.
    Indigo Nephele - I'm not a fan of Indigo, and I prefer it on a boy. But Nephele is a great middle name. This combo also feels like it might be a bit much.
    Cassia Primrose - I adore it, but I'd turn it around (Primrose Cassia). I agree that Cassia Primrose flows better though.
    Una Serephine - I'm not sure about this one. I like Serephine, I'd never thought about it before. I like it better than Seraphina. But I don't like Una very much. Oona is a better spelling, I think.
    Nephele Moon - I like this, it's elegant and mysterious, but not too out there.
    Uma Calliope - love Calliope, not too fond of Uma. But they sound nice together.

    Freddie Atticus - I like Freddie a lot, but I'd use a full name with Freddie as a nickname (Alfred is my favorite option). Atticus is one of those names I should love, but it doesn't do it for me. Freddie Atticus is a great combo though.
    Atticus Beaumont - I love this, even though Atticus isn't one of my favorites. Beaumont is such a wonderful name. Maybe a bit much to use in the first name spot, but a perfect middle name.
    River Elias - such a great combo, I can't say anything negative about it.
    Elio Henry - I'm not sure about Elio, I think I prefer Elias. But with a more classic, popular middle name like Henry, Elio is a lovely choice.
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    Cassia Moon - like this, the names sound lovely together. Cassia is very sweet and Moon adds something a little more unique and exciting.

    Scarlett Elowen - I really like this, though I actually prefer Elowen Scarlett! Elowen is so beautiful and ethereal sounding, but Scarlett is gorgeous too. Either way, it’s stunning.

    Indigo Nephele - I’m a fan! I like the way these two names sound together, though I’m 50/50 on Indigo.

    Cassia Primrose - flowery, sweet and romantic. I love it.

    Una Seraphine - Una isn’t really my style but I do like the way the names sound together and balance each other out.

    Nephele Moon - love the combination and the flow, but I would personally use a different middle name - something a little more grounded perhaps? Though it does sound very mystical.

    Uma Calliope - Uma isn’t my style, but I like the flow.

    Freddie Atticus - like the combo and the flow, but Freddie feels nicknamey to me.

    Atticus Beaumont - TKAM feels (which is a good thing)! I really like this.

    River Elias - LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

    Elio Henry - sweet and light, though Elio doesn’t do much for me.

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