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    If Gumnut is a Girl...

    Hi berries!

    I am about halfway with bubba #2 and I’m starting to think more seriously about names. My partner and I struggle to agree on many names, especially when it comes to girl names. I prefer longer, old-fashioned and more unique names, whereas he likes shorter and more popular names. Our plan is to take three for each gender in to labour as that’s what we did with our daughter, Olive.

    What are your thoughts on the names on our current shortlist?

    Harriet nn Hattie - only drawback is the rise in popularity here in Australia. Although Olive is also in the top 100 which took me a while to come around to during my first pregnancy.
    Clementine - my favourite. We’d potentially nickname her Cleo or Cece as the surname is Costello.
    Cordelia nn Cora, Coco or Cece - Not sure if it goes with Olive
    Ada - wanted to avoid our initials and my partner is Adam. Thinking it might get confused with Ava?
    Frankie - my partner’s favourite. I would prefer a fuller name for the birth certificate, but I don’t love Frances, not that SO will agree to it anyway, and he thinks Francesca is “too much” for our family. Also very popular in Aus atm.

    Other potential contenders if my partner decides he likes them one day (he actually changes his opinion on names day-to-day which makes it harder) are: Mabel, Daisy, and Beatrix.

    Thanks in advance and looking forward to hearing your opinions! Sorry for my rambling/venting. ☺️
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    Harriet 'Hattie' - love this one. It feels versatile in that i see it belonging to someone sweet and gentle, someone studious, someone girly, someone rough and tumble. It's one ive encountered but not too much. Hattie and Olive fit well together

    Clementine is gorgeous! I love the elegance and charm and anything which gets to Cleo is a plus in my eyes. It's full of flair but not too out there

    Cordelia - a beautiful name and Cora or Coco go really well with Olive, though they do feel a bit different as full names. I don't think that needs to be a deal breaker though -they flow well together nonetheless. Cornelia also came to mind

    Ada - i love Ada - quirky, vintage and sweet but it is very close to Adam. My brother is Adam and i think that would put me off using Ada. Adele maybe -or even Adelia (mixing Cordelia and Ada almost) came to mind

    Frankie -i do enjoy Frankie - there's something lively and tough about it but also sweet. Frankie and Olive are cute together. Francine 'Frankie' could work if you liked it

    Mabel is stunning -warm and cosy. Daisy is sweet and funky and Beatrix has a kind of rough and tumble elegance about it.

    I think to sum up, Harriet and Clementine are my faves, along with Mabel
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    My favourites are Harriet and Ada. Gorgeous names, and go lovely with Olive.

    Frankie is also nice, but Drew Barrymore has daughters named Frankie and Olive. If that doesnt bother you, Ffankie is lovely.
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    I would go for Harriet, personally, followed by Daisy and Mabel (if your S/O is on board).

    Given that your partner's name is Adam, I'd avoid Ada, and while Frankie is sweet, if you prefer a longer form but neither of you can agree on one, I'd say it's a safe bet to nix that as well. I like Clementine, but after thinking a lot about it, I feel like you'd be locking yourself into a food theme. I think Cordelia, Beatrix or Clementine would make for a nice MN choice, but I don't really love them up front.
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    We have similar taste in names - Olive was one of the front runners for my daughter’s name but unfortunately my partner didn’t love it as much as I did. I was also a little concerned by its growing popularity (I’m also in Australia) although another one of our front runners was Matilda, which is much more popular.

    Anyway, of your choices I absolutely love Clementine and Frankie, and think both are lovely with Olive. Frankie is more popular so if that’s a concern then Clementine makes a great, not too popular choice. I do really love the combination of Olive and Frankie though, but Olive and Clementine are beautiful together too.

    Daisy, Mabel, Beatrix and Ada are really lovely too, and I like Harriet but not quite as much. The only one that doesn’t appeal to me is Cordelia.

    As you want to avoid repeating initials with Adam and Ada I think you should take Clementine, Frankie and either Mabel or Beatrix in with you. Although perhaps Frankie isn’t a great idea considering you’d prefer a longer name for it and aren’t particularly into any of the options. In that case I’d say Daisy should be an option, even though it’s getting a little too popular for my liking.

    Ultimately, I see Clementine as your best choice.

    Anyway, good luck with the decision-making process, I know how hard it can be!
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    Hi there.

    Olive is lovely! Here are my thoughts on your list for #2:

    Harriet nn Hattie - This is rising in popularity in Australia? I feel like people in general have way better taste down there, LOL. Hattie is so cute, & perfect w/Olive. I don't personally love Harriet, but I also think that Hattie is better w/a full name.

    Clementine - Ooh, my favorite too. I love it. It's feminine, cherry, spunky, a little wild & fairly unique. At least in the US it is. I adore the nn Cleo. The nn Minnie is another option.

    Cordelia nn Cora, Coco or Cece -Well, it doesn't not go w/Olive. I wouldn't let that keep you from using it. It's a pretty name. I kind of like just Cora better w/Olive personally. Or maybe Coraline?

    Ada -I think that Ada is rising in popularity in my neck of the woods because people want a name that's like Ava, but not Ava being that Ava is so popular. So, it's a really sweet name, but probably getting popular.

    Frankie -This isn't my personal favorite, but I think that it could be cute as a nn. I just don't think it's quite full name worthy though. Francine maybe?

    Mabel-This is nice. Kind of soft & homely sounding, but in a sweet way.

    Daisy-Love it! Another one on my list too. So so pretty & spunky.

    Beatrix-I love this one too. It's different, & goes well w/Olive.

    Hope this helps.
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    You can always go with Francia instead of Frances for Frankie. I like Coco the best especially since your first daughter's name Olive is so simple.

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    your list:
    Harriet - Hattie - I love Hattie - I can't speak for popularity in Australia but it's darling - cute with Olive
    Cordelia - Cordy or Coco are sweet but I don't know if I would play on the surname like that
    Clementine & Olive is a bit much for me
    Ada & Olive is lovely but I agree if you want to have your own initials skip A names then
    Frankie - Frances - I actually love Frances nn 'Frankie' but not Frankie standing on its own , don't know why
    Daisy & Olive together I could go either way on but I don't dislike them together
    Mabel & Olive might be perfect, I don't know why but they sound like sisters, and May of Mae are great nns
    Beatrix - a fav of mine, Olive & Bea could work, I think Mabel Beatrix has a nice ring to it
    I think you and your partner will find the right name, this is a very nice list and you see to be thinking about evergthing.
    Congrats on your little one!
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    I also have an Olive!
    My favourites are Harriet, Mabel and Beatrix! I love Olive and Mabel together.
    Funny Frankie was my husband's top choice when preg too! I never warmed to it enough to use but I do like it.
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    I think that Clementine is my favourite, particularly with nickname Cleo. I think Coco could potentially work for Clementine too and I do like Olive & Coco (but I can't say I'm all too fond of Cordelia myself).

    I also like Olive & Frankie (and though that did immediately bring to mind Drew Barrymore's girls, that's not at all a negative for me as I'm a long-time Drew fan. Frankie is just so brilliantly zesty and bold, but any 'fuller' names for it just takes that vibe away for me - I definitely prefer it standalone. Frankie Clementine would make for a great combo.

    Mabel is really sweet too, and works beautifully with Olive, giving both a lovely, vintage feel.

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