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    Post Names for two new characters!

    Hello, I need your help to think of a name for two new characters that I've created over two weeks ago, it's for a cartoon that i'm making. I would like the names to be nice and have a nice fit for the both of them.

    It takes place in modern-day America in the 2010s.

    1) Description: The character is a young twelve year old girl, she has frizzy orange medium-length hair and has fair skin, she is slender and is in pretty good shape. She wears a white t-shirt with blue skorts.

    She is a young girl who lives in the nice neighborhood in Michigan. She is nice, active, optimistic, down to earth, compassionate, clever, creative, fun-loving, energetic, enthusiastic, friendly, lovable, sweet, imaginative, cheerful and kind girl who can be annoying, irritating, naive at times. She goes to Junior High School and is in the 7th grade, where her favorite classes are Art and Gym. She likes to paint and draw in her spare time and hopefully when she grows up she would like to be a artist or an animator. Her favorite things that she likes to do is hang out with her friends, paint and draw, go on adventures, riding her bike and playing outside.

    The names that i'm considering:

    I would like her name to be nice and modern that has a good fit for her.

    2. Description: The character is a young thirteen year old African-American girl, she has black medium-length hair and has light brown skin, she is tall for her age and is overweight. She wears a sleeveless light brown t-shirt and khaki shorts.

    She is a young African-American girl who lives in a nice middle-class neighborhood in the suburbs, her mother is a doctor and father works as a computer programmer, she has an older brother who is on the basketball team. She is intelligent, nice,smart, witty, loyal, down to earth, honest, trustworthy, mature, brave,confident, caring, loving, understanding, protective, serious, responsible, compassionate, thoughtful, polite,cool, level headed,wise, bighearted, sarcastic, stern, hardworking, sassy young lady who can be a bit mean, condescending, blunt, cynical, impulsive, moody, neurotic, rude and pessimistic. She is Girl #1's best friend and second-in-command who is the smart one of the duo who serves as the voice of reason to her friend when she's acting up or just need some help, they have known each other since they were five years old, they have a nice inseparable friendship even though they're different from each other. She is an avid reader who likes to read literature and is a part of a girls' book club.She attends the same school her friend and is in the 7th grade, she is really involved in the activities in her school like running track and playing on the soccer team. Her favorite things that she like to do is read, hanging with her friend, and play soccer.

    The names that i'm considering:

    I would like her name to be smart, brave and modern that has a good fit to the character.

    If you had already came up with good names for the two, hit the reply button!

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