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    Question Asher? For a boy?

    We have a Sonny James and if number 2 is another boy we will use Thomas for middle name.
    Is Asher suitable for boy.. I have heard a few girls, but spelt Asha and unsure?

    We like Asher Thomas and think it sounds nice with Sonny James?


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    Yes, Asher is most definitely a boy name! Asher is a man in the Old Testament. Sonny & Asher are very sweet together.
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    Sonny James and Asher Thomas are fantastic together! Asher is definitely a boys’ name and separate from the female name Asha.

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    Asher Thomas is brilliant! I like it a lot
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    Asher is definitely a boys name. Sonny James and Asher Thomas is such a great sibset! Great flow, concise style, love that they’re nature name adjacent.
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    I love Asher for a boy! Very handsome
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    Asher is a biblical male name. I have a cousin named Asher so I’ve only heard it on a boy. I think it would be weird on a girl.
    Asher Thomas is very handsome and goes well with Sonny James!
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