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    Middle Name with Meaning?

    We have 2 girls (Rosalie Matilda & Leonie Ruth). We are in the process of adopting and if it's a boy, he will be Phineas (Finn). We are really struggling with a middle name. We want it to be familiar but not too popular. And the meaning is very important to us. Matilda means "mighty in battle" and Ruth means "compassionate friend" so we want something that also has a good, strong meaning.

    Some ideas that husband hasn't liked are:
    -Phineas Reuben (behold, a son)
    -Phineas Jasper/Casper (treasure)
    -Phineas Valor(virtue name)

    Any other ideas?

    Husband wants the middle name to be Tolkien after JRR Tolkien. I was open to this a few years ago but no longer want this to be the middle name. Just feels like maybe too much, but maybe not. Curious your thoughts on this as well. Tolkien itself does not have a clear meaning but this name would hold lots of personal meaning to my husband.

    Thank you!
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    Phineas Isaac (laughter)
    Phineas Asher (happy)
    Phineas Rueuel (friend of god/friend - also Tolkein's middle?)
    Phineas Peregrin (from lotr and it means traveller, so the idea of going on a journey?)
    Phineas Luke (meaning light)
    Phineas Oscar (can mean both friend and fighter)
    Phineas Ethan (means strong)
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