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    Sisters Evangeline and Ivy?

    I already have an EvangelineEvie” We are considering using Ivy for her half sister.
    I’m hesitant because of how close the names are, but it’s the only name we both love, and she could go by her full name Evangeline which she loves.
    What do you think?

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    If she only went by Evangeline, I think it'd be fine, but if she is usually Evie, I'd look for something else. Ivy and Evie are really close. I think it's hard to get rid of a nickname once it's already been established, so I'm leaning towards finding another option.

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    I agree with previous poster. If she went by Evangeline/Eva/Lina/Angie etc, it would be fine but Evie and Ivy are a bit close for me.
    I don't think they're unusably close as the ee and i sounds are strong and you won't be calling them together forever, but it might be a tad matchy and a bit confusing when they're young
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    Evie and Ivy sound too close to me.

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    I agree with the others. If she went by Evangeline only it’d be absolutely fine but Evie and Ivy are much too similar. How about Iris?

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