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    I'm at a loss with Mirabel

    I’ve had Mirabel at the bottom of my list for quite some time. With a little “?” behind it, even though I love it.
    And I say bottom of the list because its incomplete.
    It’s a name that I adore. It just holds so much charm for me. Its timeless and elegant, and so underused.
    However, I cannot find a middle name to suit it with our last name: Tucker.
    I feel like with a three syllable first name, and a two syllable surname, a one syllable (or maybe even two syllable) middle would be ideal.
    I just don’t like any of them very much.

    So far the only two I like are Mirabel Blake Tucker, Mirabel Chase Tucker, and Mirabel James Tucker. I also really like Mirabella. But I'm not sure if that would be a no-no considering my stepdaughter's middle name is Isabella... but then again I do not feel that it is fair and that I should allow my naming process to be hindered by her middle name. Her first name, yeah, but the middle name I feel is more grey territory. My fiance feels the same.
    I know Blake is unisex, and James is becoming unisex, but for whatever reason James just screams “boy” to me. But James would be her father’s name, so…. It would be fitting. And it sounds cute. I don’t know if my fiance would go for it, though, because its SO traditionally boy.

    Anyone have any suggestions? I’m at a loss.
    I feel like it could easily climb to the top of my list if I could find the perfect middle name.
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    I'm not very good at coming up with combinations, but let's see what I can rustle up for you.

    Mirabel/la ...


    I'll try and think up some more gender-neutral middles if that's what you're into.
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    I really like Blake, James, and Chase. I think it's really nice to want to honour your fiance in your daughter's name.

    Mirabel Jane
    Mirabel Jay
    Mirabel Jamie
    Mirabel Jacqueline (a feminine form of James)
    Mirabel Blair
    Mirabel Georgia
    Mirabel Audrey
    Mirabel Brooke
    Mirabel Liv
    Mirabel Snow
    Mirabel Arden
    Mirabel Flynn
    Mirabel Britt / Mirabel Brittni (to honour your name)
    Mirabel Anne
    Mirabel Reese
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    I like Mirabel James

    Mirabel Jaye
    Mirabel Sage
    Mirabel Flynn
    Mirabel Louise
    Mirabel Liv
    Mirabel Cadence
    Mirabel June
    Mirabel Jude
    Mirabel Drew
    Mirabel Lacey
    Mirabel Faith
    Mirabel Daisy
    Mirabel Anastasia
    Mirabel Evie
    Mirabel Eden
    Mirabel Ardith
    Mirabel Faye
    Mirabel Cove
    Mirabel Hailey
    Mirabel Everest

    I've included a couple of 2/4 syllable names that I think work with Mirabel and Tucker too, but ignore them if that's not what you're looking for at all
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    Una Adele|Mabli Charlotte|Percy Evander|Otto Elias
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    Maeve Emily|Sloane Felicity|Linus Theodore|Jude Amadeus

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    I also think Mirabella would be fine to use. It's her middle name, and you could even spin it as a cool link between the two names, which may strengthen the half sibling bond, depending on how old your step-daughter is. If she's older,you could just ask her which she prefers of Mirabel and Mirabella.
    Mirabel Blaje sounds nice, and if James is too masculine, how about Jamie? It's a bit softer, and Mirabella Jamie sounds lovely
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