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    Names for quadruplet boys

    We have a new set of quadruplet boys in our NICU and the parents have posted a poll about their names, seeking input and suggestions from the staff, so I thought I'd share it here to see what berries have to say about it!
    The boys were originally to be named Sullivan, Roarke, Finnigan and Callister (Van, Rory, Finn, Cal). Their last name is decidedly Irish. They have since become enamored of sticking with the A-B-C-D designation the boys have had in the hospital since birth and want to incorporate that somehow.
    They've come up with these favorite A-B-C-D names and are looking to add them as either middle or first names, while keeping the boy's original names as well.

    A-Ashby, Aeson, Alden, Anders
    B-Brennan, Beckett, Baylen, Bowen, Braxton
    C-Probably will stick with Callister, but also like Crew, Carrick, Calder, Camden
    D-Dawson, Daelan, Declan, Daughtry, Deveraux

    They're looking for feedback, combo suggestions, feelings about the A-B-C-D theme...
    (The boys were born at 33 weeks (amazing!), are doing very well and expected to be discharged from NICU in a month or less!)
    Personally, I love their original names and suggested using the A-B-C-D names as middle names to compliment first names. Someone at work went completely off the grid and suggested ditching all previous ideas and going with Wilder, Calder, Thayer and River and the parents actually love those names too!
    If anyone responds, I'll be sure to pass your ideas along to our happy, but name-conflicted parents!

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    Ashby Sullivan, Brennan Roarke, Callister Alden and Dawson Beckett would be great!
    I do like the original names though
    Sarai Matilda|Cherith Eliza|Sholto Felix|Tristan Rafferty
    Trying out...
    Cove Harriet|Everett Louisa|Forrest Alaia|Keaton Sophie
    Fox Eulalia|Sylvan Phillipa|Tate Isabella|Rory Winona

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    I love their original names! The ABCD thing is cute but I think it should be done with their middle names:

    Sullivan Ashby
    Callister Bowen
    Finnegan Calder
    Roarke Deveraux

    I think these are fantastic names!

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    I think they should stick with the original first names and put the ABCD names in the middle slots! I agree that the ABCD names are cute, but definitely better suited for the middle, otherwise they comes off TOO cutesy.

    My favorite combos are
    Finnigan Anders or Alden
    Callister Brennan or Bowen
    Sullivan Crew or Calder
    Roarke Deveraux or Dawson

    I also like River though and I think River Deveraux or River Dawson work wonderfully too!
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    I agree ABCD in the middle spot would be cool!

    Sullivan Ashby
    Callister Bowen
    Finnigan Crew
    Roarke Dawson

    But here are my favourite options with ABCD in the first spot:

    Anders Sullivan
    Bowen Thayer
    Callister Finnigan
    Dawson Roarke

    Congrats to the new parents
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    I don't like the idea of all the names ending in -er.
    I do like the original names and nicknames a lot!
    For abcd - Asher, Brennan, Callister, Declan
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    Name update on quad boys! They are officially, oldest to youngest, and in A_B_C_D order:

    Sullivan Ashby (Van)
    Callister Beckett (Cal)
    Finnegan Calder (Finn)
    Roarke Dawson (Rory)

    They are beautiful and continue to do well! Parents are exhausted, thankful, and happy to have their boys named! I added all the suggestions from Nameberry to the name poll for the family and looks like, once again, berries got it right!

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