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    Ianthe 'Io' with a seasonal middle name?

    Still adding names to our list. It's time to talk about the beautiful name Ianthe. Io Saskia was our fav combo at the beginning of this pregnancy, however Io feels incomplete next to Aria, Elowen and Briar. That's why we keep thinking about Ianthe (we prefer the ee sound) with the nicknames Io or Thea or even Ian for a little tomboy. Io reminds me of starry night skies. We love adventures, sailing and diving and according to the myth, Ianthe was a daughter of the ruler of the ocean so it fits beautifully!

    Our daughters have seasonal middle names: we have a Winter, an autumnal Ivy and the summery Faye so we want to keep the theme. Our baby will be born around Christmas, so we are looking for names related to winter, Christmas, stars etc. We like Noelle. Ianthe Noelle? Do you have any suggestions? What would you pair it with?
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    Ianthe Tempest (makes me think of summer storms)
    Ianthe Soleil
    Ianthe Rain
    Ianthe Sienna (Autumnal vibes, for me)
    Ianthe Aurelia (meaning golden-- another autumnal one)
    Ianthe Neva (derived from the Latin word for 'snow')
    Ianthe Gale (reminds me of a spring or summer breeze)
    Ianthe Odeletta (French-- little spring)
    Ianthe Azalea
    Ianthe Aviv (Hebrew-- spring)
    Ianthe Florence (Latin-- blooming)
    Ianthe Jora (Hebrew-- Autumn rain)
    Ianthe Orla (Irish-- golden princess)
    Ianthe Niamh (Irish-- snow)
    Ianthe Olwen (Celtic-- white footprint)
    Ianthe Idalia (Greek-- behold the sun)
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    Love the ideas of Ianthe Snow and Ianthe Noelle!

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    Ianthe Noelle would be stunning, as would Ianthe Snow! The O sound in both names makes Io even more fitting!

    Ianthe Estelle/Estella (star)
    Ianthe Seren (star)
    Ianthe Lucia (means light - makes me think of stars, snow and christmas lights?)
    Ianthe Neve (means snow)
    Ianthe Coco (reminds me of warm hot chocolate/cocoa and christmas chocolates?)
    Ianthe Clara (also means light and it's also from the Nutcracker)
    Ianthe Robin
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    I like Noelle! Some other names that remind me of Christmas:

    Ivy - from the carol The Holly and the Ivy
    Ember - as in short for December but it also makes me think of sitting around a cozy fire during wintertime

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    I love the name Ianthe. To stick with the winter theme, how about Ianthe Eira? Eira means snow.
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