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    Bailey Jacob, Reed Phineas, Talon Isaac, & ...

    Hi! I have three little ones, Bailey Jacob, Reed Phineas, and Talon Isaac. We aren't finding out the gender until the baby is born and we have our fingers crossed that we get a girl this time after three boys. If we do have a girl, her name will either be Sage Abigail or Harper Abigail. For a boy we like Owen, Hudson, and Luke but we're aren't completely sure about any of them yet and we aren't sure about the middle name yet either. Do you like any of those or is there anything else that you'd think we might like? Or any ideas on a middle name? Thanks!

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    Hmm with your sibset I like either Hudson or Luke. Hudson Luke and Luke Hudson are cute, but if you're looking for other middles, I like:

    Luke Jasper
    Luke Elijah
    Luke Oliver
    Luke Leander
    Luke Nolan
    Luke Archer
    Luke Felix
    Luke Tobias
    Luke Rowan

    Hudson Jasper
    Hudson Elijah
    Hudson Oliver
    Hudson Leader
    Hudson Xavier
    Hudson Archer
    Hudson Rufus
    Hudson Felix
    Hudson Tobias
    Hudson Cole

    Hope this helps. Good luck!
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    anniebrown01 I like Hudson Luke, Luke Tobias, and Hudson Tobias
    and greyblue I like Owen Caleb and Hudson Gabriel. I'm really liking Everett, Flynn, Wesley and Milo too.

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    I'm also liking Miles now. Do you think that fits?

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    Yes, I really like Bailey, Reed, Talon and Miles. For middles, perhaps:

    Miles Abner
    Miles Abram
    Miles Asher
    Miles Eli
    Miles Everett
    Miles Gideon
    Miles Hudson
    Miles Wesley

    Hudson is also a great fit.
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    Thanks ceryle!
    I like Miles Asher the best although I like all of those suggestions.

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