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    Middle Names for Kinley? Thoughts?

    So I'm a huge outdoors person. Hiking is my therapy. I crave being outside, I get depressed if I spend too much time indoors. The mountains have always inspired me, called to me. My fiance is the same way.

    So, I was inspired by Mount McKinley. I actually had this name picked for my dog awhile back, but last second picked Koda. So it's a name that's been on my radar for awhile.

    But I recently have had it in my head again, this time for a baby girl.

    Out of curiosity, I looked up the meaning of the name. It’s of Irish origin, meaning “fair haired warrior” or “fair haired Viking.”

    Which is absolutely perfect. My fiancé is of Irish/Scottish/Scandinavian descent, and we are both Norse pagans by faith.

    I’m not 100% sold on the name yet, because I’m so in love with a few others on our short list, but I could easily see this one moving to the top. For both how cute it sounds, and how fitting it is with the double meaning to our little family.

    Can anybody suggest any middle names for this?

    I love nature names, but also classic/vintage. I’m open to anything, though.

    So far I’m kinda feeling Kinley Grey, Kinley Rae (favorite so far) and Kinley Violet. I worry that Kinley Grey might be too masculine, though, because Kinley doesn't necessarily scream "girl." I apparently really like the long "a" sound with it, though.
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    Kinley's adorable! Have you considered McKinley itself? Not sure if it's your style, but I see it (and Kinley) working really well with your DSD's name, and your list.

    Kinley Grey is cute, though I'm not a fan of Grey, personally. I like Kinley Violet, but I don't exactly love it :/

    I've broken my suggestions down a bit into the different styles you mentioned liking, hope this helps!

    Nature Inspired:

    Kinley Acacia
    Kinley Apple
    Kinley Aspen
    Kinley Azalea
    Kinley Bay
    Kinley Blossom
    Kinley Bluebell
    Kinley Breccia
    Kinley Cherry
    Kinley Clementine
    Kinley Coral
    Kinley Cypress
    Kinley Dahlia
    Kinley Daisy
    Kinley Ebony
    Kinley Fern
    Kinley Flora
    Kinley Harbour
    Kinley Hazel
    Kinley Iris
    Kinley Juniper
    Kinley Lark
    Kinley Laurel
    Kinley Magnolia
    Kinley Maple
    Kinley Marigold
    Kinley Marina
    Kinley Meadow
    Kinley Ocean
    Kinley Olive
    Kinley Peach
    Kinley Petal
    Kinley Plum
    Kinley Raven
    Kinley River
    Kinley Rose
    Kinley Rowan
    Kinley Savanna
    Kinley Sierra
    Kinley Snow
    Kinley Sparrow
    Kinley Summer
    Kinley Tulip
    Kinley Willow
    Kinley Winter
    Kinley Wren


    Kinley Ada
    Kinley Adelaide
    Kinley Adeline
    Kinley Alison
    Kinley Amelia
    Kinley Andrea
    Kinley Annabel(le)
    Kinley April
    Kinley Beatrice
    Kinley Beatrix
    Kinley Belle
    Kinley Caroline
    Kinley Cecilia
    Kinley Charlotte
    Kinley Cordelia
    Kinley Delilah
    Kinley Edith
    Kinley Elaine
    Kinley Eliza
    Kinley Emmeline
    Kinley Evelyn
    Kinley Faye
    Kinley Felicity
    Kinley Florence
    Kinley Frances
    Kinley Georgina
    Kinley Grace
    Kinley Helena
    Kinley Isabella
    Kinley Isabelle
    Kinley Jacqueline
    Kinley Jean
    Kinley Jemima
    Kinley Josephine
    Kinley June
    Kinley Lavinia
    Kinley Leah
    Kinley Lillian
    Kinley Louisa
    Kinley Louise
    Kinley Lydia
    Kinley Matilda
    Kinley Penelope
    Kinley Rosemary
    Kinley Sophia
    Kinley Stella
    Kinley Susannah
    Kinley Tabitha
    Kinley Vanessa
    Kinley Victoria
    Kinley Vivienne


    Kinley Ava
    Kinley Bliss
    Kinley Cadence
    Kinley Darling
    Kinley Elise
    Kinley Ember
    Kinley Ever
    Kinley Fable
    Kinley Harper
    Kinley Haven
    Kinley January
    Kinley Lyric
    Kinley Miracle
    Kinley Serene
    Kinley Sunday
    Kinley Tess(a)
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    Thank you everyone for your suggestions so far! I really like Kinley Sage, Kinley Elaine, Kinley Sierra, and Kinley Maeve
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