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    Question We have a girl named Daisy Gray now a boy is coming What to name her brother?

    Hi, my 22-month old granddaughter lives on Nantucket Island otherwise known as The Gray Lady.
    It’s an old whaling port, a small island, very quaint, with cobblestones, gray houses, fog, sandy beaches -
    Since she was born on the island, her parents chose the middle name Gray as a nod to the island, and her first name is a nature name - my daughter always wanted to name her girls flower names since she was a little girl.
    But now, she’ll be joined by a brother in December, right at the start of this year’s “Christmas Stroll” weekend.
    What kind of name for a boy can be as cool as Daisy Gray?
    Interested in nature, birds, surf or sandy beach names, unusual (Wolfe was a consideration, also Marley. The island has Bob Marley roots) I thought of Ray, for “Ray if Sunshine” and after my father but thumbs down I got.
    What do you think of Marley Shore - I’m getting used to it now.
    It’s an old Quaker town, Nantucket.
    A whaling town.
    I went to the whaling museum specifically to hunt up some old names but there really weren’t any.
    Certainly don’t want River or Laje though I like those names. They’re aren’t rivers or lakes here, only oceans and bogs. Swamps.
    Lots of seagulls and osprey...
    Oh, BOY!

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    Marley Shore is really cool with Daisy Gray.

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    Marley Shore is brilliant! I like it with Daisy Gray!

    Marley Ocean or Marley Cove?

    Jonah Wolfe? Jonah Opsrey? (As in Jonah and the whale?)

    Noel Ocean? Noel Sandy?

    Some other ideas:

    Skip (Bob Marley's grandson and linked to skipper, as in sea captains)

    Jethro (Jethro Coffin House -landmark in Nantucket island)

    Brant (Brant Point lighthouse)



    Fin (associated with whales/the sea etc)
    Sarai Matilda|Cherith Eliza|Sholto Felix|Tristan Rafferty
    Trying out...
    Cove Harriet|Everett Louisa|Forrest Alaia|Keaton Sophie
    Fox Eulalia|Sylvan Phillipa|Tate Isabella|Rory Winona

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    ~Joan/Joanie, Winifred/Winry, Heidi~
    Evangeline | Alma | Felicity | Mae | Alice | Dorothy | Ingrid | Margaery | Elizabeth/Zella | Bernadette

    ~Conrad, Rex, Isaac/Ike~
    William | Hugh | Herschel | Ian | Barnaby | Hugo | Lawrence | Rowan | Donovan | Xavier

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    Daisy Gray & _________:

    Perhaps Marley Noel?

    Orson, Carson, Mason, Dawson, Bronson, Emerson, Lawson, Jameson, Hudson, Tyson "Sonny"

    Kai (means Sea) Mitchell (first female astronmer from nantucket)

    Mitchell Essex
    (First female astronomer from nantucket) (Nantucket whaling ship that inspired Moby Dick)

    Griffin Essex "Finn"
    (Nantucket whaling ship that inspired Moby Dick)

    Hudson Brant (Light house) "Sonny"

    Jethro Brooks"Jett"
    (Jethro-oldest house in Nantucket) (Brooks-

    Tucker Cove

    Dune Bartholomew
    (discovered Nantucket)
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