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    Lucia Magnolia

    Hey guys, I've been loving Lucia Magnolia as a double-barreled first name lately! I love all the pronunciations of Lucia, but my preferred is Loo-chee-ah and I love Lux and Noa as nicknames. My only issue is the middle name, not that I can't find any but that I love a lot of them. My top 4 are:

    Lucia Magnolia Braveheart
    Lucia Magnolia Sunday
    Lucia Magnolia Caroline
    Lucia Magnolia Marvel

    Sunday is a religion tie but I also just like how happy and pretty it sounds, Braveheart, Marvel and Caroline are honours.

    So, which of the 4 do you think flows best/sounds the best or do you have any other suggestions that might work with Lucia Magnolia?
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    Lucia Magnolia Braveheart is incredible! I love it! So unique and powerful...
    Lucia Magnolia Caroline is my second favorite. Marvel is an amazing idea but I'm not sure about the combination Magnolia Marvel. I also like Sunday, but again, I'm not sure if it goes well with Lucia Magnolia.
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    IMO Lucia Magnolia is really long for a double-barrel and maybe a little too sing-songy but I like it as part of a first name middle name combo, or with another middle after Magnolia. That said, I think I like Caroline the best with it!

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    Lucia Magnolia 'Lux' is lovely!

    Sunday and Caroline are both brilliant! I thinj i like Sunday just a tad more though
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