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  • Ruby Clara

    25 35.21%
  • Emily/Emilia Maureen

    3 4.23%
  • Audrey Faye

    17 23.94%
  • Eve Maureen

    5 7.04%
  • Eve Noelle

    21 29.58%
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    Short and sweet sister

    My first daughter is Anna Dorothy. Ln Rodgers.

    Considering names for baby #2.
    Finding I love short sweet names or really long names:
    Ivy, Eden, Ruby, Eve, Noelle, Emily/Emilia, Millie, Audrey, Lainey, Amelie, Marlaina, Mariella.

    My top full names are in the poll. Comment if you have suggestions or want to mix and match!
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    Ruby Clara and Eve Noelle are lovely!!

    Eve Clara, Amelie Clara, Ivy Eden or Audrey Laine would be nice too
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    I think Eve Maureen and Ruby Clara go best. Both are lovely options and I adore big sister’s name!
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    So besides being a name nerd, I'm also a word nerd and I voted for Eve Noelle because at first I thought it sounded best but I also think it's cool that both Eve and Anna are palindromes (spelled the same forward and backwards). Just something to think about but of course as with all patterns if you plan on having more kids you might not want to, or you totally still could and not follow that pattern because not as many people are word nerds like me that would notice that similarity anyway.

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    Ruby Clara is gorgeous! I also love Amelie Clara (Amelie is my daughter’s name so I’m biased). Ivy is also beautiful - Ivy Clara and Clara Ivy/Clara Ruby/Clara Amelie are lovely, too.

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    Ruby Clara, Eve Noelle and Audrey Faye are gorgeous, and would work well with Anna’s name.

    Anna and Eve being palyndromes is really cool, and they share the same classic feel, so that would be my favourite.

    Best of luck!

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    I must admit I really adore Audrey Faye. I'm a little averse to share initals among sibling so I voted for my close second, Emily Maureen.

    I love Ruby and think it fits as a sister for Anna so beautifully, I'm just not sold on Clara as the middle. Had Ruby Maureen or Ruby Faye been an option it would have likely earned my vote.
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    My mom suggested Ruby Clara and my dad likes Eve Maureen! Just makes me like both more.

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    Eve Maureen feels like the perfect sister name for Anna Dorothy and is absolutely charming. I prefer the middle Maureen to Noelle for you. It feels more timeless and matches better with Dorothy.

    Ruby Clara doesn't have as great of a flow but I love its spunk.
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    I LOVE Ruby, so of your top choices, Ruby Clara is my favorite. However, of your longer list I actually like Ivy best with Anna!
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