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  • Colonial American name

    21 32.81%
  • Old British name

    27 42.19%
  • Pan European name

    17 26.56%
  • Spanish name (Luisa?)

    4 6.25%
  • Spelled with a Z (Louiza?)

    2 3.13%
  • Other?

    8 12.50%
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    Major name regret!

    So baby girl is here and we named her Louisa. But once a day I get very depressed about it especially when strangers ask me what her name is. Even though I can't think of any other name that's better (Except Emmeline but SO is ADAMANT we are not changing it). She is perfect in every way! To help me feel better, I ask everyone to call her by her middle name but I do not want her to think I don't like her name...

    How often will she have to correct people that we pronounce it with a Z sound? How often will she have to spell it for people?

    When you hear Louisa, do you think....
    Colonial American name
    Old British name
    General European name
    Spanish name (Luisa?)
    Spelled with a Z (Louiza?)

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    I pronounce it as if it has a z "Louiza" What don't you like about it? What's her middle name?

    Maybe a cute nickname will help? LouLou or Lizzy or Liza all work

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    Why do you get depressed when strangers ask what her name is? Are you getting negative feedback or are they having trouble with the correct pronunciation?

    Lots of names have different ways to pronounce them. My baby daughter is called Mabel, which I thought was pretty straightforward but she has been called Ma-belle (not to mention being written as Mable lots of times).

    Call your daughter by her beautiful name and introduce her with the correct pronunciation. If a stranger says it incorrectly I wouldn't worry too much, as long as family and friends say it correctly then that's what matters.

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    I pronounce Louisa with a Z sound. I don't know if that's just an American thing? But I think it's lovely, I wouldn't change it.

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    Louisa is a very sweet vintage pick! My brother goes by his middle name, so do a lot of guys in my family, I don’t see anything wrong with it. If you really regret but SO doesn’t want to change it, going by the middle name is a good compromise. What about a nickname for Louisa? Lou, Isla, Lola, Lucy, Lulu, Luka, Lila. Don’t forget to take a breath, don’t let depression and anxiety get to you. Having a baby can be tumultuous, always remember that you have a perfect baby girl and she won’t be ruined by any stretch of the imagination by her name.
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    Louisa is part of a town name near where I am from so I have the town connection to it otherwise I think its absolutely stunning! If we didn't live neat there I would consider stealing it!
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    I love Louisa. I pronounce it with a Z sound as well. I like the nicknames Lulu, Lola or Zaza. Louie is cute too if you want something boyish.
    It sounds either old British or Colonial American to me I guess. It has a very sweet yet sassy energy about it and I think it works well on a little girl and a woman. Only you know how you truly feel, but I will say that hormones are usually a bit crazy for a while after giving birth and you may feel more comfortable with your choice in a few months. I just say that from my own experience. However, if you still end up not liking her first name, using her middle name is a good compromise.
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    I love Louisa! I work with a Louisa and everyone pronounces it with a “z” sound. I see it as a cool vintage choice that is stylish and spunky. I can also vouch for the post pregnancy hormones making you question your choice. In a few months it will feel fine!

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    I feel bad when people ask how to pronounce it or how to spell it. I wouldn't have minded except we set out to name her something simple and easy to pronounce and spell (that was the argument against Emmeline). Her middle name is Emmy so we call her Emmylou (lou for louisa). But it is complicated unlike something like Eleanor\Ellie. I am not looking to change her name. Just feel better about it so she doesn't feel like I don't like her name. You all understand how important a name is to a person. My friends and family are tired of me talking about it but you all have made me feel better. Thank you!

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    I LOVE Louisa!! I love the Victorian feel. I also pronounce it with a Z sound.

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