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  • Isabella Katriona

    7 12.96%
  • Isabella Katherine

    8 14.81%
  • Charlotte Katriona

    8 14.81%
  • Charlotte Katherine

    3 5.56%
  • Ella Katriona

    5 9.26%
  • Ella Katherine

    7 12.96%
  • Arabella Katriona

    4 7.41%
  • Arabella Katherine

    12 22.22%
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    Baby girl name poll

    We're mulling over names for our baby girl. Both my husband and I prefer classic feminine names like Elizabeth, Margaret, and Katherine. Additionally, Ella is a family name that we both love so we are considering using a name that can lead to that NN. We are thinking it's best to avoid using Ella using on it's own to avoid feelings of preferential treatment towards one side of the family.

    We also don't mind names that are pretty popular as none of the names selected belong to anyone we know.

    Baby girl has two older brothers that have very distinctively Scottish names and our family name is very Scottish though we're in North America.
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    I love Isabella Katriona for you! I believe it has everything you're looking for. It is tradicional and girly. It also has a beautiful Scottish feeling and the nickname Ella as an option. Based on your description I think it goes very well with your oldest children's names. Isabella Katriona is a gorgeous name!
    My second choice is Charlotte Katriona or Arabella Katriona. I would love to suggest Margaret Katriona!
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    I love Ella Katriona!

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    I like Isabella Katherine the best. Have you considered Eleanor/Elinor? It seems like a perfectly British classic to go along with your family and easily gets to Ella. I like Eleanor Katriona.

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    Arabella Katherine is gorgeous! I love Charlotte Katherine too, though Arabella had a better ring to it with Katherine for me.
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    Charlotte Katriona/Katherine and Ella Katherine are my favorites. Lovely names!
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    Thank you all for your feedback and ideas. The poll seems pretty split, which definitely makes me feel like we have some good options to work with. Baby doesn't come for another 5 months so we have some time.

    I brought up Eleanore a while ago and my husband isn't a fan. I also know two little Eleanores (though, our daughter is unlikely to cross paths with either of them socially), so for me it doesn't really feel like an option.

    I'm definitely open to other suggestions that would lend themselves to the nickname Ella so if anyone has any thoughts I'd love to hear them.

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    Ella Katriona and Ella Katherine are my favourites.

    As for suggestions:

    Fenella - i like its scottish feel, and it can lead to Ella

    Best of luck!

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    Catriona spelled with a K really throws me off since Catriona is the Irish and Scottish linguistic variant of Katherine.
    Katherine or Katrina are fine, but Katriona just doesn't look quite right.

    For this reason, I lean heavily toward your options with Katherine in the middle. My vote went to Ella Katherine, but Charlotte Katherine is lovely also!
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    I completely agree with spelling Catriona with a "K". Typically I wouldn't modify the spelling of a traditional name like that, but it holds specific family significance to have a middle name of Katherine/Katrina or some other variant that begins with a K. I like the Scottish spelling of Katrina and thought I could get away with changing it to K to carry on the tradition.

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