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    Generations CAF Pt. 6 (1950-1959)

    Welcome to the 1950's!

    The Year is 1930. The Great Depression just hit. Roll to find out if your family was rich or poor:
    1-5: Poor
    ***For this round, you only have a child if you roll a 6. You will also only get married if you roll a 4.

    6: Rich (For this round, proceed as normal)

    Any Person 16+ Roll:
    1. Dating
    2. Dating
    3. Engaged
    4. Engaged
    5. Married
    6. Married

    Any woman from ages 16-48 can have children

    It's the baby boom! Roll every round as follows:
    1-4: Baby!
    5-6: No baby

    All names are from the top 100 of the year the baby is born!

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    DH: Henry Charles Black [37] -- Deceased
    DH: Harvey Donald Hartman [61] -- Deceased
    DW: Minnie Elizabeth Black-Hartman [71]

    DD: Marie Florence Price-Burgess nee Black [58]
    -DH: Howard Lawrence Price [38] -- Deceased
    -DH: Leo Alex Burgess [58]
    -DS: Sam Stephen Price [stillborn - 1920]
    -DD: Emily Lucille Price [stillborn - 1922]
    -DD: Edna Kathleen Benjamin nee Price [36]
    --DH: Ralph Daniel Benjamin [36]
    --DD: Patricia Janet Benjamin [10]
    --DD: Clara Bernice Benjamin [7]
    --DS: Martin Clarence Benjamin [6]
    --DS: Walter Floyd Benjamin [5]
    --DS: William Wayne Benjamin [4]
    --DD: Betty Louise Benjamin [3]
    --DS: Jerry Bruce Benjamin [2]
    --DS: Billy Dale Benjamin [1]
    -DD: Julia Pauleen Price [35]
    --DBF: Gary Earl McCann [35]
    -DD: Kathryn Jeanne Price [33]
    --DBF: Dale Frederick Gamble [33]
    -DS: Carl Kenneth Price [32]
    --DGF: Jo Theresa English [32]
    -DD: Lois Jane Price [30]
    --DF: Clyde Warren Stewart [30]
    -DS: James Gordon Price [22]
    -DD: Sarah Marlene Burgess [20]
    -DD: Glenda Ruth Burgess [18]
    -DD: Juanita Arlene Burgess [Stillborn - 1943]
    -DS: Stephen Patrick Burgess [16]
    -DS: Joseph Howard Burgess [15]
    -DD: Eileen Marie Burgess [13]
    -DS: Billy Eugene Burgess [12]

    DD: Effie Marguerite Price nee Black [57]
    -DH: Harold Paul Price [58]
    -DS: Jacob Harold Price [39]
    --DW: Hazel Marion Price nee Baxter [39]
    --DD: Lillian Frances Price [9]
    --DS: Charlie Herman Price [8]
    --DD: Evelyn Marie Price [7]
    --DD: Anna Darlene Price [6]
    --DS: Richard Charles Price [5]
    --DS: Jimmie John Price [4]
    --DD: Catherine Delores Price [3]
    --DD: Clara Jo Price [1]
    -DD: Bessie Katherine Holt nee Price [38]
    --DF: Eddie Lewis Holt [38]
    -DS: Lester Raymond Price [36]
    --DF: Emma Ellen Price nee Hoover [36]
    -DD: Eva Josephine Price [35]
    --DF: Melvin Kenneth Charles [5]
    -DD: Gloria Myrtle Price [34]
    --DF: Jack Walter Gardner [34]
    -DS: Anthony Clifford Price [31]
    --DGF: Donna Beverly Valentine [31]
    -DS: Andrew Richard Price [23]
    -DS: Alfred Russel Price [20]
    -DS: Alan Curtis Price [19]
    -DD: Charlotte Christine Price [18]
    -DS: Harry Stephen Price [Stillborn - 1943]
    -DD: Sandra Anne Price [13]
    -DS: Barry Leonard Price [11]

    DD: Marjorie Opal Barber nee Black [56]
    -DH: Fred William Barber [57]
    -DS: Jimmy Lee Barber [30]
    -DD: Phyllis Jean Barber [29]
    -DD: Mary Diane Barber [25]
    -DD: Marsha Marilyn Barber [23]
    -DS: Willie Carl Barber [22]
    -DD: Pamela Helen Barber [21]

    DD: Gertrude Mabel Rollins nee Black [55]
    -DH: Alvin Roosevelt Rollins [55] - ENLISTED
    -DS: Bernard Edwin Rollins [29]
    -DD: Brenda Margaret Rollins [23]
    -DS: Brian John Rollins [23]
    -DD: Barbara Lynn Rollins [22]
    -DD: Patsy Marion Rollins [10]
    -DS: Jimmy Douglas Rollins [7]

    DD: Marion Mae Hampton nee Black [54]
    -DH: Will Raymond Hampton [54]
    -DS: Eddie Franklin Hampton [9]
    -DD: Wanda Hazel Hampton [7]

    DS: Victor Theodore Black [52]
    -DW: Emma Grace Black nee Ayers [52]
    -DS: Roger Walter Black [9]
    -DD: Marilyn Alice Black [8]
    -DD: Peggy Jo Black [5]

    DS: Arthur Henry Black [51] - ENLISTED
    -DW: Mary Patricia Black nee George [50]
    -DD: Annie Lorraine Black [30]
    -DD: Theresa Elaine Black [29]
    -DS: Joe Albert Black [28]
    -DD: Bonnie Katherine Black [23]
    -DD: Betty Virginia Black [23]
    -DD: Patricia Karen Black [22]
    -DS: Henry Daniel Black [21]
    -DS: Larry Gene Black [9]
    -DS: Michael Philip Black [7]
    -DS: Samuel Peter Black [5]
    -DS: Andrew Ernest Black [4]
    -DD: Sarah Joann Black [2]

    DS: Samuel Robert Hartman [49] - ENLISTED
    -DW: Clara Anne Hampton [49]
    -DS: David Daniel Hampton [7]
    -DS: Anthony Leonard Hampton [3]
    -DD: Norma Judith Hampton [2]

    DS: Leon Clarence Hartman [46]
    -DW: Velma Ellen Hartman nee King [46]
    -DD: Carol Sarah Hartman [Stillborn - 1940]
    -DS: Peter Lawrence Hartman [29]
    -DD: Beverly Loretta Hartman [Stillborn - 1943]
    -DS: Alan Ronald Hartman [25]
    -DS: Glenn Douglas Hartman [23]
    -DS: Lawrence Frederick Hartman [23]
    -DS: Gregory Allen Hartman [21]

    DS: David Gordon Hartman [44]
    -DW: Jeanette Lorraine Meyer[42]
    -DS: [10]
    -DS: [8]
    -DS: [6]
    -DS: [5]
    -DS: [4]
    -DD: [3]
    -DS: [1]

    DS: Jack Herbert Hartman [43]
    -DGF: Valerie Florence Lynn [43]

    DD: Daisy Dora Key nee Hartman [39]
    -DH: Lloyd Jerome Key [39] - ENLISTED
    -DS: Albert Howard Key [10]
    -DS: Fred Norman Key [9]
    -DS: Louis Roy Key [6]
    -DS: Franklin Wayne Key [5]
    -DS: Marvin Clarence Key [4]
    -DS: Harry Melvin Key [3]
    -DS: Arthur Carl Key [2]

    DD: Rosa Gertrude Valentine nee Hartman [38]
    -DH: Michael Wayne Valentine [38]
    -DD: Margaret Helen Valentine [10]
    -DD: Joyce Frances Valentine [9]
    -DD: Gloria Jean Valentine [8]
    -DS: Edward Paul Valentine [7]
    -DD: Phyllis Elizabeth Valentine [4]
    -DD: Lois Ruth Valentine [3]

    DD: Laura Leona Hartman [35]
    -DBF: Roger Norman Howe [35]

    DD: Hazel Viola McGuire nee Hartman [33]
    -DH: Gordon Theodore McGuire[33]
    -DD: Sylvia Grace McGuire [10]
    -DS: Vernon Lewis McGuire [6]
    -DD: Esther Carole McGuire [4]
    -DS: Glenn Martin McGuire [3]
    -DD: Jacqueline Edith McGuire [1]

    DS: Hugh William Hartman [stillborn - 1922]
    savannah mary
    auntie of journey & oaklyn
    & nathan, dasha, & milton

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    DH: Ralph Peter Moody (Deceased)
    DW: Marie Pearl (O'Neal) Moody (Deceased)

    DD1: Hattie Esther Moody (59)
    DD2: Jessie Edith Moody (58)
    DD3: Evelyn Catherine Moody (56)
    DD4: Lillie Pearl Moody (55)
    DS1: Herman Ernest Moody (54)
    DD5: Nellie Emma Moody (53)
    DS2: Carl Leroy Moody (52)
    DS3: Russell Howard Moody (Deceased at 37)
    DS4: Clyde Ralph Moody (Deceased at 32)
    DD6: Alma Ruby Moody (46)
    DS5: Benjamin Donald Moody (Deceased at 28)
    DD7: Leona Louise Moody (41)
    DD8: Lucy Rose Moody (40)
    DD9: Jack Allen Moody (Deceased at 25)
    DS6: Ellen Irene Moody (38)
    DS7: Henry Roger Moody (Deceased at 20)
    DS8: Walter Willard Moody (Deceased at 21)
    DS9: Raymond Edgar Moody (34)
    DS10: Paul Arnold Moody (33)
    DS11: Thomas Wallace Moody (32)
    DD10: Ella Jean Moody (31)


    Hattie Esther (Moody) Everett (59)
    DH: Everett Edwin McKay (59)
    -DS1: Leon George McKay (Deceased at 27)
    --DW: Doris Evelyn (Bernard) McKay (43)
    ---DD1: Ruth Thelma (McKay) Snyder (25)
    ----DexH: Glenn Lawrence Ritter (25)
    -----DD1: Vicki Joanne Ritter (9)
    -----DD2: Phyllis Lynn Ritter (8)
    -----DD3: Sherry Maria Ritter (6)
    -----DS1: Philip Billy Ritter (5)
    ----DH: Paul William Snyder (27)
    -----DD4: Michelle Carolyn Snyder (3)
    ---DS1: Frank Dennis McKay (23)
    ----DexW: Dolores Wilma Strickland (24)
    -----DS1: George Richard McKay (7)
    -----DD1: Janice Debra McKay (6)
    -----DD2: Carolyn Linda McKay (2)
    -----DS2: Frank James McKay (nb)
    ---DS2: Gerald Walter McKay (19)
    ----DW: Karen Elaine (Foster) McKay (19)
    -----DS1: Billy Steve McKay (1)
    ---DS3: Gary Roger McKay (18)
    ----DW: Shirley Juanita (Reed) McKay (18)
    -----DS2: Alan Gerald McKay (2)
    -----DD1: Darlene Kathryn McKay (1)
    -----DD2: Wanda Angela McKay (nb)
    -DS2: Martin Joseph McKay (40)
    --DW: Lois Lillian (Ford) McKay (40)
    ---DD1: Anita Barbara McKay (20)
    ----DFiance: Ronald Floyd Ellis (20)
    -----DS1: William Rodney Ellis (1)
    -----DS2: Mark Walter Ellis (nb)
    ---DS1: Gordon Robert McKay (18)
    ----DW: Arlene Sue (Norris) McKay (18)
    -----DD1: Terri Debbie McKay (nb)
    ---DD2: Judy Linda McKay (13)
    ---DS2: Joseph James McKay (12)
    ---DD3: Carol Mary McKay (7)
    ---DD4: Kathleen Deborah McKay (5)
    ---DS3: Daniel David McKay (4)
    ---DD5: Cheryl Susan McKay (3)
    ---DD6: Diane Karen McKay (2)
    ---DS4: Donald John McKay (nb)
    -DD1: Virginia Wilma (McKay) Peck (39)
    --DexH: Joe Peter Dickerson (38)
    ---DS1: Francis Ralph Dickerson (21) "Frankie"
    ----DW: Sharon Geraldine (Dillon) Dickerson (22)
    -----DS1: Melvin Wayne Dickerson (5)
    -----DS2: Marvin Alan Dickerson (4)
    -----DD1: Dawn Judith Dickerson (3)
    -----DD2: Tina Kathryn Dickerson (nb)
    ---DD1: Joanne Lois Dickerson (20) "Annie"
    ----DexH: James Donald Fuentes (22)
    -----DD1: Robin Dorothy Fuentes (4)
    -----DS1: Douglas Harold Fuentes (3)
    ----DFiance: Harold Kenneth Wilkins (20)
    -----DS2: Johnny Matthew Wilkins (1)
    -----DS3: Billy Lawrence Wilkins (nb)
    ---DD2: Catherine Peggy (Dickerson) Roach (19) "Cathy"
    ----DH: Vernon Jesse Roach (20)
    -----DS1: Matthew Leonard Roach (2)
    -----DD1: Lynn Phyllis Roach (1)
    ---DS2: Phillip Roy Dickerson (18) "Phil"
    ----DW: Phyllis Anne (Villa) Dickerson (18)
    -----DD1: Virginia Debra Dickerson (2)
    -----DD2: Joanne Patricia Dickerson (nb)
    ---DD3: Rebecca Phyllis Dickerson (14) "Becky"
    ---DD4: Geraldine Ann Dickerson (13) "Geri"
    ---DD5: Teresa Connie Dickerson (11) "Tessa"
    --DH: Philip Harvey Peck (40)
    ---DD6: Anita Marilyn Peck (7)
    ---DS3: Eric Kevin Peck (6)
    ---DD7: Teri Joyce Peck (4)
    ---DD8: Valerie Robin Peck (3)
    ---DD9: Virginia Margaret Peck (2)
    ---DS4: Albert Jerry Peck (nb)
    -DS3: Lewis Edward McKay (Deceased at 20)
    --DGF: Clara Vivian McLaughlin (36)
    -DD2: Maxine Doris (McKay) Townsend (35)
    --DexH: Alfred Roger Osborne (35)
    ---DD1: Connie Jean Osborne (13)
    ---DS1: Jack Alan Osborne (11)
    ---DD2: Ruth Ann Osborne (10)
    ---DS2: Dale Harold Osborne (9)
    ---DD3: Denise Kathryn Osborne (8)
    ---DD4: Betty Virginia Osborne (7)
    ---DD5: Beverly Jo Osborne (6)
    --DH: Frank Elmer Townsend (33)
    ---DD6: Julie Cathy Townsend (4)
    ---DD7: Paula Judy Townsend (3)
    ---DS3: Wayne Steve Townsend (nb)
    -DS4: Dale Richard McKay (33)
    --DFiancee: Mary Beverly Douglas (33)
    ---DS1: Craig Glenn McKay (11)
    ---DS2: Ernest Stanley McKay (10)
    ---DS3: Rodney Philip Mckay (8)
    ---DS4: Steve Randall McKay (7)
    ---DS5: Harry Andrew McKay (6)
    ---DD1: Marsha Julie McKay (5)
    ---DD2: Lori Vickie McKay (4)
    ---DD3: Jean Katherine McKay (3)
    ---DS6: Jack Barry McKay (2)
    ---DS7: Curtis Ralph McKay (1)
    -DS5: Clyde Charles McKay (31)
    --DW: Ruby Pauline (Anthony) McKay (30)
    ---DS1: Mark Russell McKay (13)
    ---DD1: Ellen Dorothy McKay (11)
    ---DS2: Ronnie Lawrence McKay (10)
    ---DS3: Leonard Gerald McKay (9)
    ---DD2: Gail Doris McKay (8)
    ---DS4: Rodney Wayne McKay (7)
    ---DD3: Jacqueline Paula McKay (6)
    ---DD4: Vickie Connie McKay (5)
    ---DS5: Joe Peter McKay (4)
    ---DD5: Rhonda Cindy McKay (3)
    ---DS6: Jeffrey Timothy McKay (2)
    ---DS7: Kevin Joseph McKay (1)
    -DS6: Clifford Donald McKay (23)
    --DexW: Lois Sylvia Vargas (24)
    ---DD1: Jane Frances McKay (4)
    ---DD2: Gail Anita McKay (3)
    -DS7: Patrick David McKay (21)
    --DexW: Jo Margaret Gallegos (21)
    ---DS1: Willie Russell McKay (5)
    ---DD1: Rose Sheila McKay (4)
    ---DD2: Jean Diana McKay (3)
    --DW: Wanda Janet (Donovan) McKay (20)
    ---DD3: Christine Joyce McKay (1)
    ---DD4: Carolyn Paula McKay (nb)
    -DD3: Delores Nancy (McKay) Henry (20)
    --DH: Andrew Eddie Henry (22)
    ---DD1: Phyllis Jennifer Henry (3)
    ---DS1: Darrell Louis Henry (2)
    ---DD2: Ruth Ellen Henry (1)
    ---DD3: Suzanne Vickie Henry (nb)
    -DD4: Anne Linda (McKay) Case (19)
    --DH: Ray Willie Case (20)
    -DD5: Loretta Carol (McKay) Atkinson (18)
    --DH: James Ernest Atkinson (19)
    ---DS1: Eddie Peter Atkinson (2)
    ---DS2: Bill Mike Atkinson (1)
    -DS8: Barry William McKay (17)
    --DW: Gail Julia (Blair) McKay (17)
    ---DS1: Jeffrey Paul McKay (1)
    ---DS2: Kenneth Daniel McKay (nb)
    -DD6: Ruby Patricia McKay (16)
    --DFiance: William Paul Lynch (16)
    ---DS1: Charles John Lynch (nb)
    -DS9: Keith John McKay (13)
    -DS10: Martin Robert McKay (12)


    Jessie Edith (Moody) King (58)
    DH: Lloyd Peter King (58)
    -DD1: Mary Lucille (King) Christensen (41)
    --DH: Frank Lloyd Walsh (Deceased at 26)
    ---DS1: Anthony Larry Walsh (17)
    --DH: Wilbur Henry Christensen (41) - Enlisted 1945
    ---DS2: Carl Howard Christensen (15)
    ---DD1: Ann Rose Christensen (14)
    ---DD2: Frances Wanda Christensen (13)
    ---DD3: Jean Sherry Christensen (12)
    ---DS3: Dale Harry Christensen (8)
    ---DD4: Vicki Marsha Christensen (5)
    ---DS4: Randall Ernest Christensen (4)
    ---DD5: Sheila Suzanne Christensen (3)
    ---DS5: Jeffrey Vincent Christensen (1)
    ---DD6: Brenda Rita Christensen (nb)
    -DS1: John Earl King (Deceased at 20)
    --DW: Vera Irene (Huber) King (38)
    ---DS1: Donald Jerome King (19)
    ----DW: Wanda Loretta (York) King (20)
    -----DD1: Diana Michele King (3)
    -----DS1: Christopher Frederick King (2)
    -----DS2: Ricky Louis King (nb)
    ---DS2: Ronald Theodore King (18)
    ----DW: Josephine Eleanor (Bentley) King (18)
    -----DS1: Donald Bruce King (2)
    -----DD1: Diane Judy King (1)
    -DS2: William Roy King (Deceased at 20)
    --DFiancee: Jane Viola Dixon (34)
    ---DS1: Charles Harold King (16)
    ----DFiancee: Patsy Peggy Hansen (17)
    -----DS1: Jerry Christopher Hansen (nb)
    ---DS2: Thomas Stephen King (15)
    -DS3: James Clarence King (32)
    --DW: Joyce Lillie (Downs) King (32)
    ---DS1: Donald Timothy King (12)
    ---DS2: Joseph Peter King (11)
    ---DD1: Margaret Peggy King (10)
    ---DS3: Kenneth Alan King (9)
    ---DS4: Dennis Patrick King (8)
    ---DS5: Mark Lawrence King (7)
    ---DD2: Nancy Gail King (4)
    ---DD3: Cheryl Jean King (1)
    -DS4: Charles Fred King (31)
    --DW: Jane Esther (Haley) King (30)
    ---DS1: Eddie Carl King (11)
    ---DD1: Evelyn Connie King (10)
    ---DS2: Francis Carl King (9)
    ---DS3: Fred Walter King (6)
    ---DS4: Gerald Craig King (4)
    ---DD2: Gail Paula King (1)
    ---DS5: Henry Wayne King (nb)
    -DS5: Richard Lawrence King (30)
    --DexW: Thelma Hazel Villanueva (30)
    ---DS1: Mike Joseph King (14)
    ---DS2: Louis Donald King (13)
    --DexW: Gloria June Nielsen (30)
    ---DD1: Judy Suzanne King (9)
    ---DD2: Shirley Charlotte King (8)
    --DexW: Alice Lillian Jensen (28)
    ---DS3: Bruce Daniel King (6)
    ---DS4: Douglas Kenneth King (5)
    ---DS5: Randy Paul King (4)
    ---DS6: George Ronald King (3)
    ---DD3: Margaret Diane King (2)
    ---DD4: Robin Lisa King (1)
    --DGF: Sylvia Jane White (25)
    -DD2: Joan Geraldine (King) Willis (28)
    --DH: Herman Alfred Willis (30)
    ---DS1: Phillip Dennis Willis (12)
    ---DS2: Howard Steven Willis (9)
    ---DS3: Russell Ronald Willis (8)
    ---DD1: Ellen Brenda Willis (7)
    ---DD2: Elaine Janet Willis (6)
    ---DD3: Lisa Elizabeth Willis (5)
    ---DS4: Bruce Kevin Willis (3)
    ---DD4: Rebecca Kathy Willis (2)
    ---DD5: Kim Cheryl Willis (1)
    ---DS5: Christopher Daniel Willis (nb)
    -DS6: Donald Howard King (24)
    --DW: Ruby Emma (Mendoza) King (24)
    ---DD1: Virginia Glenda King (7)
    ---DD2: Jo Anna King (6)
    ---DD3: Rose Maureen King (5)
    ---DS1: Philip Victor King (3)
    ---DS2: Rodney Allen King (nb)
    -DD3: Shirley Norma (King) Knox (18)
    --DH: Richard Alvin Knox (22)
    ---DS1: Peter Steven Knox (1)
    ---DS2: Keith Thomas Knox (nb)
    -DD4: Margaret Dianne King (13)
    -DD5: Carolyn Anne King (11)

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    Evelyn Catherine (Moody) Brock (56)
    DH: Ben Edgar Brock (58)
    -DD1: Charlotte Theresa (Brock) Elliott (39)
    --DH: Gordon Ernest Solomon (Deceased at 22)
    ---DD1: Donna Edna (Solomon) Martin (22)
    ----DH: Ernest Russell Martin (22)
    -----DD1: Vicki Joan Martin (5)
    -----DD2: Peggy Gloria Martin (4)
    -----DD3: Rhonda Bonnie Martin (3)
    ---DD2: Janice Rosemary (Solomon) Horton (19)
    ----DH: Clifford Francis Horton (20)
    -----DS1: Robert Matthew Horton (3)
    -----DD1: Debra Jo Horton (2)
    -----DS2: William Micheal Horton (1)
    -----DD2: Cynthia Suzanne Horton (nb)
    ---DS1: Raymond Clifford Solomon (18)
    ----DFiancee: Alice Patricia Gordon (18)
    -----DD1: Dawn Michelle Solomon (1)
    -----DS1: Roger Carl Solomon (nb)
    --DH: Gordon Ronnie Elliott (38)
    ---DD3: Dianne Mary Elliott (11)
    ---DD4: Sarah Linda Elliott (10)
    ---DD5: Maureen Patricia Elliott (9)
    ---DS2: Michael John Elliott (7)
    ---DS3: Eric David Elliott (6)
    ---DD6: Suzanne Deborah Elliott (4)
    ---DS4: Alan Mark Elliott (1)
    -DS1: Francis Philip Brock (37)
    --DW: Margaret Charlotte (Peck) Brock (37)
    ---DS1: Phillip Willie Brock (19)
    ----DW: Gloria Margaret (Reece) Brock (19)
    -----DS1: Brian Stephen Brock (2)
    -----DS2: Scott Anthony Brock (1)
    -----DS3: Gregory Edward Brock (nb)
    ---DD1: Ruby Phyllis Brock (17)
    ----DFiance: Robert Martin Ryan (17)
    ---DS2: Peter Barry Brock (16)
    ----DFiancee: Ellen Patricia Holder (18)
    -DS2: Jack Ronnie Brock (31)
    --DexW: Josephine Marilyn (Chan) Brock (30)
    ---DS1: Wayne Henry Brock (13)
    ---DD1: Bonnie Ruth Brock (11)
    ---DD2: Martha Helen Brock (10)
    ---DD3: Beverly Frances Brock (9)
    --DW: Thelma Ida (Munoz) Brock (28)
    ---DD4: Rebecca Jo Brock (7)
    ---DS2: Timothy Willie Brock (5)
    ---DD5: Kathy Lynn Brock (3)
    ---DS3: Kevin Johnny Brock (2)
    ---DS4: Jeffrey Matthew Brock (1)
    ---DD6: Brenda Annette Brock (nb)
    -DD2: Amy Joan (Brock) Noble (30)
    --DexH: Clarence Paul Proctor (30)
    ---DD1: Laura Rebecca Proctor (14)
    ---DD2: Dianne Paula Proctor (13)
    --DH: Francis Gordon Noble (33)
    ---DD3: Joyce Judith Noble (11)
    ---DD4: Elizabeth Deborah Noble (10)
    ---DS1: Jerry Richard Noble (9)
    ---DD5: Christine Nancy Noble (8)
    ---DS2: Alan Gary Noble (5)
    ---DD6: Ann Pamela Noble (4)
    ---DD7: Julie Sharon Noble (3)
    ---DS3: Kenneth Dennis Noble (2)
    ---DD8: Laura Kathy Noble (1)
    ---DS4: Douglas Kevin Noble (nb)
    -DD3: Ellen Doris (Brock) Russell (29)
    --DH: Arthur Leonard Russell (30)
    ---DS1: Bill Gregory Russell (12)
    ---DS2: Craig Raymond Russell (10)
    ---DS3: Jimmy Lawrence Russell (8)
    ---DS4: Howard Peter Russell (7)
    ---DS5: Phillip Kevin Russell (6)
    ---DS6: Curtis Jeffrey Russell (2)
    -DD4: Peggy Dolores Brock (17)
    --DexH: Andrew Clifford McGee (20)
    ---DD1: Terry Barbara McGee (1)
    -DS3: Timothy Wayne Brock (16)
    --DGF: Theresa Gloria Hinton (16)
    -DD5: Lorraine Jean Brock (15)
    -DS4: Rodney Joe Brock (13)
    -DD6: Glenda Diana Brock (11)
    -DD7: Ann Shirley Brock (10)


    Lillie Pearl (Moody) Abbott (55)
    DexH: Everett Roy Savage (55)
    -DS1: Leonard Warren Savage (39)
    --DW: Martha Lois (Cameron) Savage (39)
    ---DD1: June Marilyn (Savage) Patterson (18)
    ----DH: Henry Norman Patterson (18)
    -----DS1: Johnny Rodney Patterso (nb)
    ---DD2: Joann Beverly Savage (13)
    ---DS1: Tom Lawrence Savage (11)
    ---DS2: Gregory Norman Savage (10)
    ---DD3: Judy Dianne Savage (9)
    ---DD4: Shirley Sarah Savage (8)
    ---DD5: Joyce Constance Savage (7)
    ---DS3: Timothy Marvin Savage (6)
    ---DD6: Rebecca Maureen Savage (5)
    ---DS4: Bruce Danny Savage (2)
    ---DD7: Carolyn Tammy Savage (1)
    -DS2: Ernest Ralph Savage (38)
    --DexW: Violet Jane (Page) Savage (38)
    ---DS1: Alan Frank Savage (18)
    ----DW: Margaret Anna (Hardy) Savage (18)
    -----DD1: Sharon Lisa Savage (1)
    ---DS2: Fred Jerry Savage (14)
    ---DD1: Doris Joyce Savage (13)
    ---DD2: Marie Shirley Savage (12)
    ---DS3: Bobby George Savage (10)
    ---DS4: Philip Stephen Savage (9)
    ---DS5: Randy Mark Savage (8)
    ---DS6: Danny Dennis Savage (7)
    ---DS7: Wayne Larry Savage (6)
    ---DS8: Ricky Timothy Savage (3)
    --DW: Mae Hazel (Cohen) Savage (40)
    ---DD3: Annette Sharon Savage (1)
    ---DD4: Jane Diane Savage (nb)
    -DS3: Lawrence Harry Savage (Deceased at 23)
    --DFiancee: Myrtle Ruby Lynch (38)
    ---DD1: Janice Elizabeth (Savage) Roberson (19)
    ----DH: Donald Richard Roberson (20)
    -----DS1: Richard Danny Roberson (3)
    -----DS2: William Roger Roberson (nb)
    ---DD2: Virginia Donna (Savage) Mercer (18)
    ----DH: Joe Douglas Mercer (18)
    -----DD1: Jean Cindy Mercer (1)
    -----DD2: Jennifer Julie Mercer (nb)
    -DS4: Kenneth Joe Savage (36)
    --DexW: Edith Helen (Stephenson) Savage (36)
    ---DD1: Lois Gail Savage (13)
    ---DD2: Kathy Elaine Savage (12)
    ---DD3: Jo Paula Savage (11)
    ---DS1: Stanley Philip Savage (10)
    --DW: Louise Rita (Short) Savage (35)
    ---DS2: Leonard Samuel Savage (8)
    ---DD4: Rhonda Sherry Savage (6)
    ---DD5: Wanda Gloria Savage (3)
    ---DS3: Randall Arthur Savage (2)
    ---DD6: Judith Tina Savage (1)
    ---DS4: Jim Tony Savage (nb)
    -DD1: Shirley Patricia (Savage) Stephens (35)
    --DH: Bernard Frederick Kemp (Deceased at 18)
    ---DD1: Emma Alice (Kemp) Short (18)
    ----DH: Stanley Albert Short (20)
    -----DS1: Kevin Ronnie Short (nb)
    ---DD2: Edna Ann (Kemp) McDaniel (17)
    ----DH: Marvin Curtis McDaniel (17)
    -----DD1: Kathy Nancy McDaniel (nb)
    --DexH: Earl Samuel Crosby (36)
    ---DS1: Peter Rodney Crosby (11)
    ---DD3: Peggy Glenda Crosby (10)
    ---DD4: Gail Sarah Crosby (9)
    ---DD6: Bonnie Dianne Crosby (8)
    ---DS2: Randy Norman Crosby (7)
    --DH: Victor Frank Stephens (34)
    ---DS3: Jerry Earl Stephens (6)
    ---DD7: Beverly Laurie Stephens (5)
    ---DD8: Shirley Ruth Stephens (3)
    ---DS4: Lawrence Albert Stephens (2) “Larry
    ---DD9: Virginia Maria Stephens (nb)
    DH: Henry Milton Abbott (57)
    -DD2: Rose Irene (Abbott) Bauer (34)
    --DFiance: Charlie William Wolf (Deceased at 20)
    ---DD1: Louise Dorothy Wolf (17)
    ----DFiance: Clifford William Kramer (18)
    -----DS1: Philip Johnny Kramer (nb)
    --DH: Francis Edward Bauer (35)
    ---DS1: Stephen Allen Bauer (13)
    ---DS2: Daniel Ernest Bauer (12)
    ---DD2: Marsha Pamela Bauer (11)
    ---DD3: JoanneTeresa Bauer (9)
    ---DS3: Russell Craig Bauer (8)
    ---DS4: Eugene Philip Bauer (7)
    ---DS5: Ronnie Henry Bauer (4)
    ---DD4: Virginia Darlene Bauer (3)
    ---DD5: Valerie Sheila Bauer (2)
    ---DS6: Billy Jeffrey Bauer (1)
    ---DD6: Annette Brenda Bauer (nb)
    -DS5: Carl Albert Abbott (Deceased at 18)
    --DW: Grace Vera (Flemming) Abbott (34)
    -DS6: Howard Arthur Abbott (Deceased at 18)
    --DW: Gertrude Jean (Shea) Abbott (32)
    ---DD1: Janice Carole Abbott (14)
    -DS7: Louis Henry Abbott (31)
    --DexW: Ida Gertrude Norman (31)
    ---DD1: Rita Helen Abbott (13)
    ---DS1: Ronnie Willie Abbott (11)
    --DW: Clara Mary (Anderson) Abbott (33)
    ---DD2: Gloria Anne Abbott (10)
    ---DD3: Beverly Constance Abbott (9)
    ---DD4: Rebecca Lois Abbott (8)
    ---DD5: Cheryl Valerie Abbott (7)
    ---DD6: Judy Doris Abbott (6)
    ---DS2: Scott Curtis Abbott (3)
    ---DD7: Janice Tina Abbott (2)
    ---DS3: Mike Tony Abbott (nb)
    -DS8: Gerald Eugene Abbott (30)
    --DexW: Marie Alice Preston (30)
    ---DD1: Margaret Gail Abbott (13)
    ---DS1: George Johnny Abbott (12)
    --DW: Eileen Ellen (Blair) Abbott (30)
    ---DS2: Lawrence Alfred Abbott (11)
    ---DS3: Gerald Curtis Abbott (10)
    ---DD2: Teresa Marie Abbott (6)
    ---DS4: Roger Martin Abbott (5)
    ---DD3: Shirley Elaine Abbott (4)
    ---DD4: Paula Gail Abbott (1)
    ---DS5: Wayne Phillip Abbott (nb)
    -DD3: Mildred Alice (Abbott) Hernandez (28)
    --DH: Roger Jerry Hernandez (29)
    ---DS1: Michael Bill Hernandez (11)
    ---DS2: James Randall Hernandez (6)
    ---DD1: Deborah Dorothy Hernandez (5)
    ---DS3: William Harold Hernandez (2)
    ---DD2: Patricia Dawn Hernandez (1)
    ---DD3: Donna Tina Hernandez (nb)
    -DS9: Norman Jerry Abbott (25)
    --DW: Dolores Eleanor (Walters) Abbott (25)
    ---DD1: Barbara Sylvia Abbott (6)
    ---DD2: Patricia Maureen Abbott (4)
    ---DD3: Susan Michele Abbott (3)
    ---DD4: Linda Ellen Abbott (1)
    ---DD5: Karen Joanne Abbott (nb)
    -DD4: Annie Janet (Abbott) Buchanan (24)
    --DH: Ronald Ray Buchanan (25)
    ---DD1: Joyce Cheryl Buchanan (5)
    ---DS1: Douglas Larry Buchanan (4)
    ---DD2: Lori Elizabeth Buchanan (1)
    -DS10: Wayne Harold Abbott (23)
    --DexW: Josephine Kathleen Murphy (24)
    ---DS1: Douglas Richard Abbott (5)
    ---DD1: Joyce Barbara Abbott (4)
    --DW: Lorraine Catherine (Gillespie) Abbott (23)
    ---DS2: Henry Kevin Abbott (nb)
    -DD5: Bonnie Donna (Abbott) Tapia (19)
    --DH: Jerry Roy Tapia (20)
    ---DS1: Vincent Joe Tapia (2)
    ---DS2: Stanley Jeffrey Tapia (nb)
    -DS11: Jack Frank Abbott (18)
    --DW: Josephine Frances (Cortez) Abbott (18)
    ---DD1: Jennifer Patricia Abbott (2)
    ---DD2: Angela Debra Abbott (1)
    ---DS1: Philip William Abbott (nb)
    -DS12: Willie Roger Abbott (14)
    -DD6: Frances Dorothy Abbott (13)
    -DS13: Danny Terry Abbott (12)
    -DD7: Jane Gloria Abbott (9)
    -DD8: Peggy Beverly Abbott (7)

  5. #5
    Join Date
    Aug 2012
    Herman Ernest Moody (54)
    DexW: Rose Marjorie Bradford (55)
    -DS1: Russell Donald Moody (Deceased at 18)
    --DFiancee: Josephine Mattie Carroll (34)
    ---DS1: Jimmie Russell Moody (17)
    ----DGF: Darlene Jacqueline Matthews (17)
    ---DS2: Victor Don Moody (16)
    ----DGF: Phyllis Teresa Burton (16)
    -DD1: Lorraine Mildred Moody (33)
    --DexH: Floyd Ray Stein (34)
    ---DS1: Eugene Gerald Stein (14)
    ---DS2: Howard Terry Stein (13)
    ---DS3: Samuel Frank Stein (10)
    ---DD1: Laura Cheryl Stein (9)
    ---DD2: Frances Gloria Stein (8)
    ---DS4: Andrew Peter Stein (7)
    ---DD3: Phyllis Gail Stein (6)
    ---DS5: Phillip Patrick Stein (5)
    ---DS6: Jeffrey Brian Stein (4)
    ---DD4: Kathleen Lisa Stein (2)
    ---DS7: Kevin Ronald Stein (1)
    --DFiance: Elmer Herman Cross (32)
    ---DS8: Johnny Harold Cross (nb)
    -DS2: Stanley Thomas Moody (32)
    --DW: Phyllis Alma (Gallagher) Moody (32)
    ---DD1: Katherine Helen Moody (11)
    ---DS1: Harry Henry Moody (10)
    ---DS2: Samuel Jack Moody (9)
    ---DD2: Jo Denise Moody (8)
    ---DS3: Roy Raymond Moody (7)
    ---DD3: Diana Beverly Moody (6)
    ---DS4: Stanley Jerry Moody (5)
    ---DD4: Dorothy Robin Moody (4)
    ---DS5: Harold Douglas Moody (3)
    ---DD5: Laurie Margaret Moody (2)
    ---DD6: Peggy Janice Moody (nb)
    DexW: Edna Dorothy Pittman (54)
    -DD2: Audrey Rita (Moody) Fitzgerald (30)
    --DexH: Andrew Ralph Roth (30)
    ---DD1: Jo Mary Roth (9)
    ---DS1: Henry Robert Roth (6)
    ---DS2: Stanley Michael Roth (5)
    --DH: Anthony Carl Fitzgerald (30)
    ---DD2: Gloria Catherine Fitzgerald (2)
    ---DD3: Annette Kimberly Fitzgerald (1)
    -DD3: Lillian Roberta Moody (21)
    --DFiance: Leonard Melvin Reed (23)
    ---DS1: Mike Henry Reed (3)
    ---DS2: Jeffrey Harold Reed (2)
    ---DD1: Kathleen Dawn Reed (1)
    -DS3: Albert Gene Moody (18)
    --DW: Lois Katherine (Garner) Moody (18)
    ---DD1: Kathryn Kimberly Moody (nb)
    -DD4: Kathryn Brenda Moody (17)
    --DFiance: Terry Paul Yoder (18)
    ---DS1: Anthony Danny Yoder (1)
    ---DD1: Julie Connie Yoder (nb)
    DW: Jessie Emma (Gaines) Moody (52)
    -DS4: Brian Earl Moody (11)
    -DD5: Anna Dianne Moody (10)
    -DD6: Victoria Eileen Moody (9)
    -DD7: Suzanne Anita Moody (8)
    -DS5: Rodney Melvin Moody (7)
    -DD8: Jacqueline Lois Moody (6)
    -DS6: Barry Fred Moody (5)
    -DD9: Ruth Michelle Moody (4)


    Nellie Emma (Moody) Quinn (53)
    DexH: Johnnie Allen Pearson (56)
    -DS1: John Wallace Pearson (36)
    --DexW: Myrtle Nancy Ellis (36)
    ---DS1: Victor Russell Pearson (17)
    ----DW: Charlotte Maria (Mathis) Pearson (17)
    ---DS2: Theodore Leroy Pearson (16)
    ----DGF: Marjorie Ruby Anthony (16)
    ---DD1: Glenda Joann Pearson (13)
    ---DD2: Eileen Constance Pearson (11)
    ---DD3: Victoria Sarah Pearson (10)
    ---DD4: Anna Evelyn Pearson (9)
    --DexW: Ida Elizabeth McCormick (35)
    ---DD5: Jacqueline Christine Pearson (7)
    ---DS3: Alan Barry Pearson (5)
    --DW: Alice Catherine (Armstrong) Pearson (40)
    ---DS4: Randy Lawrence Pearson (3)
    -DD1: Dorothy Alma (Pearson) Branch (35)
    --DH: Glenn Wallace Branch (36)
    ---DS1: Bobby Ralph Branch (18)
    ----DW: Ruby Ellen (Richardson) Branch (18)
    -----DD1: Kim Donna Branch (1)
    -----DS1: Christopher Robert Branch (nb)
    ---DS2: Roy Willie Branch (17)
    ----DW: Anne Evelyn (Fritz) Branch (18)
    -----DS1: Roy Eric Branch (nb)
    ---DD1: Diana Peggy Branch (12)
    ---DS3: Patrick Timothy Branch (11)
    ---DD2: Virginia Martha Branch (10)
    ---DS4: Ralph Ricky Branch (5)
    ---DD3: Annette Cathy Branch (1)
    -DD2: Mary Ella (Pearson) Sharp (34)
    --DexH: Raymond Harold Frye (36)
    ---DD1: Diana Carol (Frye) Hays (18)
    ----DH: Carl Jimmy Hays (20)
    -----DD1: Lori Leslie Hays (1)
    ---DD2: Elaine Sandra Frye (14)
    ---DS1: Johnny David Frye (13)
    ---DD3: Gail Nancy Frye (12)
    ---DS2: Ralph Richard Frye (11)
    --DH: James Dale Sharp (34)
    ---DD4: Kathleen Barbara Sharp (8)
    ---DD5: Carol Susan Sharp (7)
    ---DS3: Kenneth John Sharp (6)
    ---DS4: Paul William Sharp (4)
    ---DS5: Daniel Thomas Sharp (3)
    ---DS6: Ronald Steven Sharp (2)
    ---DS7: Brian Charles Sharo (nb)
    -DD3: Betty Lillie (Pearson) Williamson (33)
    --DexH: Victor Ray Gonzales (33)
    ---DD1: Joyce Karen Gonzales (13)
    ---DD2: Brenda Judy Gonzales (12)
    --DexH: Ray Leroy Browning (35)
    ---DD3: Rebecca Marie Browning (11)
    ---DD4: Marilyn Doris Browning (9)
    ---DS1: Danny Leonard Browning (8)
    ---DD5: Martha Suzanne Browning (7)
    --DH: Clifford Gerald Williamson (33)
    ---DS2: Stanley Raymond Williamson (3)
    ---DD6: Cathy Anita Williamson (2)
    ---DS3: Curtis Ricky Williamson (1)
    ---DS4: Phillip Terry Williamson (nb)
    DH: Stanley Kenneth Quinn (53)
    -DD4: Carolyn Janet (Quinn) Glover (31)
    --DexH: Robert Leroy Newman (31)
    ---DD1: Glenda Joanne Newman (13)
    ---DD2: Sylvia Marie Newman (12)
    ---DS1: Clarence Bobby Newman (10)
    --DH: Philip Albert Glover (30)
    ---DS2: Andrew Marvin Glover (8)
    ---DS3: Samuel Micheal Glover (7)
    ---DS4: Russell Eric Glover (6)
    ---DS5: Arthur Allen Glover (4)
    ---DD3: Kathryn Michelle Glover (3)
    ---DS6: Phillip Roy Glover (2)
    -DD5: Elsie Eva (Quinn) Bentley (30)
    --DexH: Vincent Samuel Black (30)
    ---DS1: Clifford Steve Black (14)
    ---DD1: Louise Doris Black (12)
    ---DD2: Patsy Rose Black (11)
    ---DS2: Scott Phillip Black (10)
    --DH: Carl Victor Bentley (31)
    ---DD3: Rebecca Nancy Bentley (9)
    ---DS3: Raymond Richard Bentley (8)
    ---DS4: Roger Thomas Bentley (4)
    ---DS5: Russell William Bentley (nb)
    -DD6: Beatrice June (Quinn) Berg (28)
    --DH: Arnold Jack Berg (30)
    ---DD1: Gloria Joan Berg (6) “Glory
    ---DS1: Danny Scott Berg (5)
    ---DS2: Alan Brian Berg (3)
    ---DS3: Wayne Edward Berg (2)
    ---DS4: Jeff Stephen Berg (nb)
    -DS2: Vincent Francis Quinn (26)
    --DexW: Donna Beverly (Hess) Quinn (27)
    ---DD1: Elaine Janice Quinn (10)
    ---DD2: Vicki Cynthia Quinn (9)
    --DW: Sarah Emma (Wong) Quinn (25)
    ---DD3: Rose Evelyn Quinn (7)
    ---DS1: Martin Allen Quinn (2)
    ---DS2: Arthur Micheal Quinn (1)
    ---DD4: Jean Suzanne Quinn (nb)
    -DS3: Patrick Marvin Quinn (23)
    --DW: Ellen Katherine (Freeman) Quinn (23)
    ---DD1: Ann Leslie Quinn (6)
    ---DD2: Lori Rita Quinn (2)
    ---DS1: Stanley Edward Quinn (nb)
    -DS4: Clifford Melvin Quinn (21)
    --DW: Sue Peggy (Zamora) Quinn (20)
    ---DS1: Lee Frank Quinn (4)
    ---DD1: Elaine Judy Quinn (2)
    ---DS2: Micheal Steve Quinn (nb)
    -DS5: Leon Louis Quinn (20)
    --DexW: Donna Roberta Rosario (20)
    ---DS1: Alan Walter Quinn (4)
    ---DS2: Carl Randall Quinn (2)
    ---DS3: Eric Johnny Quinn (1)
    ---DS4: Roger Rodney Quinn (nb)
    -DS6: Theodore Johnny Quinn (19)
    --DW: Barbara Marlene (Pierce) Quinn (20)
    ---DD1: Anne Robin Quinn (2)
    ---DS1: Jim Randy Quinn (1)
    ---DD2: Judith Tammy Quinn (nb)
    -DS7: Ralph Allen Quinn (13)
    -DS8: Philip Glenn Quinn (11)
    -DD7: Rose Joanne Quinn (10)
    -DS8: Craig Russell Quinn (9)
    -DD8: Teresa Lynn Quinn (8)
    -DS9: Jack Eugene Quinn (7)

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    Join Date
    Aug 2012
    Carl Leroy Moody (52)
    DexW: Ruby Dora (Davies) Moody (52)
    -DD1: Mildred Jessie (Moody) Stevens (36)
    --DH: Clyde James Stevens (37)
    ---DD1: Peggy Gloria Stevens (15)
    ---DS1: Johnny Raymond Stevens (14)
    ---DS2: Danny Roger Stevens (13)
    ---DS3: Willie Frank Stevens (11)
    ---DD2: Gail Cheryl Stevens (9)
    ---DD3: Bonnie Betty Stevens (7)
    ---DS4: Ricky Peter Stevens (4)
    ---DS5: Steve Patrick Stevens (2)
    ---DS6: Dale Mike Stevens (1)
    ---DS7: Alan Bruce Stevens (nb)
    -DD2: Elizabeth Nellie (Moody) Leon (34)
    --DexH: Calvin Albert Wright (35)
    ---DS1: Larry Clifford Wright (17)
    ----DGF: Margaret Ellen Dorsey (17)
    ---DS2: Joseph Jimmie Wright (16)
    ----DW: Dolores Joanne (Gallagher) Wright (16)
    ---DD1: Judy Anne Wright (12)
    ---DS3: George Clarence Wright (11)
    ---DD2: Shirley Sylvia Wright (10)
    ---DD3: Joyce Jeanne Wright (8)
    ---DD4: Carolyn Leslie Wright (6)
    --DH: Walter Wayne Leon (33)
    ---DS4: Dennis Harry Leon (3)
    ---DS5: Douglas Frederick Leon (2)
    ---DS6: Edward Bill Leon (1)
    ---DD5: Lori Joanne Leon (nb)
    -DS1: Thomas Wallace Moody (33)
    --DW: Wilma Alma Byrd (33)
    ---DS1: Russell Gerald Moody (15)
    ---DS2: Patrick Daniel Moody (14)
    ---DD1: Wanda Janet Moody (13)
    ---DD2: Rose Janice Moody (12)
    ---DD3: Theresa Pamela Moody (11)
    ---DD4: Katherine Diane Moody (7)
    ---DD5: Ruth Carol Moody (6)
    ---DS3: Rodney Ronald Moody (5)
    ---DS4: Jack Kenneth Moody (3)
    ---DS5: Samuel Jeffrey Moody (nb)
    -DS2: Edward Allen Moody (32)
    --DW: Juanita Elaine (Vance) Moody (33)
    ---DS1: Timothy David Moody (14)
    ---DS2: Philip Michael Moody (13)
    ---DS3: Steve Thomas Moody (12)
    ---DS4: Scott Richard Moody (9)
    ---DS5: Andrew Charles Moody (8)
    ---DS6: Samuel William Moody (7)
    ---DD1: Sherry Barbara Moody (6)
    ---DD2: Diana Patricia Moody (4)
    ---DS7: Jeffrey John Moody (3)
    ---DS8: Kevin Robert Moody (2)
    ---DS9: Ronald James Moody (1)
    ---DS10: Brian David Moody (nb)
    -DD3: Shirley Anne (Moody) Marshall (31)
    --DexH: Dale Ronald Townsend (33)
    ---DD1: Lorraine Phyllis Townsend (12)
    ---DD2: Jeanne Ruth Townsend (11)
    ---DD3: Lynda Diana Townsend (10)
    ---DS1: Clarence Johnny Townsend (8)
    ---DS2: Clifford Scott Townsend (7)
    ---DD4: Anna Connie Townsend (6)
    --DH: George Clarence Marshall (31)
    ---DS3: John Dennis Marshall (4)
    ---DS4: David George Marshall (3)
    ---DS5: Michael Douglas Marshall (1)
    -DD4: Ruth Laura (Moody) Holland (30)
    --DexH: Edwin Clifford Osborn (30)
    ---DS1: Bruce Jim Osborn (11)
    ---DD1: Joyce Anne Osborn (10)
    ---DS2: Timothy Ronnie Osborn (8)
    --DH: Floyd Bob Holland (28)
    ---DS3: Danny Bobby Holland (6)
    ---DD2: Gloria Helen Holland (5)
    ---DS4: Ricky Curtis Holland (4)
    ---DS5: Wayne Albert Holland (3)
    ---DD3: Connie Ruth Holland (2)
    ---DD4: Terry Jo Holland (1)
    -DS3: Paul Jimmy Moody (28)
    --DW: Joanne Elsie (Bush) Moody (29)
    ---DS1: Raymond William Moody (12)
    ---DD1: Cynthia Patricia Moody (11)
    ---DD2: Cheryl Barbara Moody (10)
    ---DS2: Jeffrey David Moody (7)
    ---DD3: Carolyn Susan Moody (6)
    ---DS3: Kevin John Moody (5)
    ---DD4: Rebecca Debra Moody (4)
    ---DS4: George James Moody (3)
    ---DD5: Margaret Mary Moody (2)
    ---DS5: Jerry Michael Moody (nb)
    -DD5: Nancy Emma (Moody) Colon (27)
    --DH: Frederick Clifford Colon (28)
    ---DS1: Melvin Allen Colon (8)
    ---DS2: Fred Martin Colon (6)
    ---DD1: Doris Marie Colon (5)
    ---DS3: Leonard Eddie Colon (4)
    ---DD2: Joanne Helen Colon (2)
    ---DD3: Virginia Vickie Colon (nb)
    -DS4: George Edwin Moody (24)
    --DW: Frances Marlene (Rowe) Moody (24)
    ---DS1: Tommy Carl Moody (6)
    ---DS2: Norman Ricky Moody (5)
    ---DS3: Harry Wayne Moody (3)
    ---DS4: Frederick Lawrence Moody (2)
    ---DS5: Howard Craig Moody (1)
    -DS5: David Andrew Moody (23)
    --DW: Juanita Charlotte (Lam) Moody (24)
    ---DS1: Steven Jay Moody (6)
    ---DD1: Donna Leslie Moody (5)
    ---DD2: Nancy Marcia Moody (4)
    ---DD3: Pamela Michele Moody (2)
    ---DS2: Timothy Harold Moody (nb)
    -DD6: Carol Josephine Moody (20)
    --DexH: Edward Robert Christian (21)
    ---DS1: Billy Dean Christian (3)
    ---DS2: Roy Leonard Christian (2)
    --DFiance: Franklin Tommy Donaldson (21)
    ---DS3: Micheal Phillip Donaldson (1)
    ---DS4: Allan Curtis Donaldson (nb)
    -DD7: Betty Jeanette (Moody) Travis (19)
    --DH: Russell Charles Travis (20)
    ---DD1: Phyllis Barbara Travis (3)
    ---DD2: Jacqueline Donna Travis (2)
    ---DD3: Helen Pamela Travis (1)
    -DS6: Larry Phillip Moody (14)
    DW: Josephine Nellie Scott (50)
    -DS7: Clarence Ralph Moody (10)
    -DD8: Jeanne Wanda Moody (9)
    -DD9: Sylvia Jo Moody (7)
    -DS8: Rick Henry Moody (6)
    -DS9: Norman Harold Moody (5)
    -DS10: Vincent Stanley Moody (4)
    -DS11: Dean Martin Moody (3)


    Russell Howard Moody (Deceased at 37)

    DexW: Virginia Theresa (Kim) Moody (42)
    -DS1: Clarence Albert Moody (Deceased at 18)
    --DFiancee: Viola Alice Brooks (24)
    ---DD1: Charlotte Connie Moody (17)
    ----DFiance: Jesse Curtis Wilkinson (18)
    -----DD1: Elizabeth Debbie Wilkinson (1)
    -----DD2: Carol Diane Wilkinson (nb)
    -DD1: Norma Irene (Moody) Daniels (33)
    --DH: Joe Howard Daniels (33)
    ---DS1: Leroy Kenneth Daniels (15)
    ---DS2: Clarence Joseph Daniels (13)
    ---DD1: Anne Margaret Daniels (11)
    ---DD2: Suzanne Debra Daniels (8)
    ---DS3: Rodney Charles Daniels (7)
    ---DS4: Jack Thomas Daniels (6)
    ---DS5: Roy Richard Daniels (5)
    ---DD3: Jo Barbara Daniels (4)
    ---DS6:Martin Timothy Daniels (nb)
    -DD2: Martha Joan Moody (31)
    --DH: Leo Jesse Banks (32)
    ---DD1: Darlene Katherine Banks (15)
    ---DD2: Dianne Sylvia Banks (14)
    ---DD3: Dorothy Jeanne Banks (13)
    ---DD4: Donna Theresa Banks (12)
    ---DD5: Deborah Rose Banks (11)
    ---DS1: Dennis Phillip Banks (10)
    ---DD6: Denise Marie Banks (8)
    ---DD7: Doris Sally Banks (7)
    ---DS2: David Allen Banks (6)
    ---DS3: Donald Louis Banks (5)
    ---DD8: Dawn Victoria Banks (4)
    ---DS4: Daniel Howard Banks (2)

    -DS2: Carl Richard Moody (28)
    --DW: Wilma Loretta (Bell) Moody (28)
    ---DD1: Sharon Maureen Moody (10)
    ---DD2: Kathleen Sarah Moody (9)
    ---DD3: Sandra Dianne Moody (8)
    ---DD4: Pamela Leslie Moody (4)
    ---DD5: Barbara Wendy Moody (nb)
    DW: Ruby Grace (Bryan) Moody (50)
    -DD3: Jeanette Sue Moody (20)
    --DexH: Kenneth Jim Merritt (21)
    ---DS1: Edward Douglas Merritt (4)
    ---DS2: Dennis George Merritt (1)
    --DFiance: Jimmy Samuel Wilkins (20)


    Clyde Ralph Moody (Deceased at 32)
    DW: Mattie Mae (Crosby) Moody (48)
    -DD1: Eleanor Maxine (Moody) Dunn (32)
    --DH: Billy Victor Dunn (33)
    ---DD1: Marjorie Rita Dunn (14)
    ---DS1: Alfred Eugene Dunn (13)
    ---DD2: Roberta Katherine Dunn (9)
    ---DS2: Lee Philip Dunn (8)
    ---DD3: Sarah Vicki Dunn (6)
    ---DS3: Harry Gerald Dunn (2)
    ---DS4: Eddie Jeffrey Dunn (1)
    ---DS5: Louis Paul Dunn (nb)
    -DS1: Frederick Don Moody (31)
    --DexW: Gladys Dolores (Rhodes) Moody (31)
    ---DD1: Barbara Helen Moody (13)
    ---DS1: William Arthur Moody (12)
    ---DS2: John Jack Moody (11)
    ---DD2: Patricia Denise Moody (8)
    ---DD3: Mary Betty Moody (7)
    --DFiancee: Frances Audrey Frey (30)
    ---DD4: Sharon Carolyn Frey (3)
    ---DD5: Brenda Catherine Moody (1)
    ---DS3: Jeffrey Peter Moody (nb)
    -DD2: Hazel Theresa (Moody) Tran (28)
    --DexH: Gerald Russell Madden (30)
    ---DS1: Peter William Madden (12)
    ---DS2: Timothy David Madden (11)
    ---DD1: Martha Sandra Madden (10)
    ---DD2: Joan Kathleen Madden (8)
    ---DD3: Marilyn Carol Madden (7)
    ---DS3: Kevin Kenneth Madden (6)
    ---DD4: Joyce Diane Madden (5)
    --DH: Richard Frank Tran (28)
    ---DS4: Darrell Ralph Tran (3)
    ---DS5: Howard Henry Tran (2)
    ---DS6: Louis Curtis Tran (1)
    ---DS7: Todd Phillip Tran (nb)
    -DS2: Leo Bernard Moody (27)
    --DW: Frances Jacqueline (Key) Moody (27)
    ---DD1: Teresa Joan Moody (8)
    ---DD2: Jane Gloria Moody (6)
    ---DS1: Dale Walter Moody (3)
    ---DD3: Betty Sheila Moody (2)
    -DD3: Emma Josephine (Moody) Bowers (26)
    --DexH: Lawrence Arnold Everett (28)
    ---DD1: Charlene Beverly Everett (10)
    ---DD2: Sue Martha Everett (9)
    ---DS1: Alfred Martha Everett (8)
    ---DS2: Theodore Patrick Everett (7)
    ---DS3: Rick Wayne Everett (6)
    ---DD3: Terri Robin Everett (5)
    ---DD4: Suzanne Judy Everett (4)
    ---DS4: Ernest Jerry Everett (3)
    ---DS5: Harry Keith Everett (2)
    ---DS6: Eddie Bruce Everett (1)
    --DH: Fred Daniel Bowers (30)
    ---DD5: Anne Wanda Bowers (nb)
    -DS3: Clyde Peter Moody (25)
    --DexW: Wilma Helen Montoya (26)
    ---DS1: Johnny Edward Moody (8)
    ---DS2: Ricky George Moody (6)
    --DW: Bernice Wilma (Huber) Moody (25)
    ---DS3: Barry Robert Moody (3)
    ---DS4: Chris John Moody (nb)
    -DD4: Clara Arlene (Moody) Romero (24)
    --DexH: Eddie Bernard Klein (24)
    ---DD1: Kathy Roberta Klein (8)
    ---DD2: Rebecca Lois Klein (6)
    --DH: Clifford Floyd Romero (23)
    ---DD3: Virginia Susan Romero (5)
    ---DS1: Andrew John Romero (4)
    ---DD4: Diana Patricia Romero (3)
    ---DD5: Kimberly Barbara Romero (2)
    ---DD6: Katherine Donna Romero (1)
    -DS4: Tommy Leonard Moody (23)
    --DW: Sylvia Clara (Malone) Moody (23)
    ---DD1: Carolyn Suzanne Moody (7)
    ---DD2: Joyce Elaine Moody (6)
    ---DS1: Douglas Martin Moody (4)
    ---DS2: Randy Rodney Moody (2)
    ---DS3: George Billy Moody (1)
    ---DD3: Robin Annette Moody (nb)
    -DS5: Gordon Clarence Moody (21)
    --DW: Judith Joan (Houston) Moody (23)
    ---DS1: Terry Dale Moody (5)
    ---DD1: Katherine Vicki Moody (4)
    ---DD2: Lori Diana Moody (3)
    ---DD3: Ann Kimberly Moody (2)
    ---DD4: Christine Robin Moody (nb)
    -DD5: June Marjorie (Moody) Johns (20)
    --DH: Donald Gordon Johns (20)
    ---DS1: Eugene Fred Johns (4)
    ---DS2: Dean Victor Johns (2)
    ---DS3: Vincent Tom Johns (1)

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    Aug 2012
    Alma Ruby (Moody) Blackburn (46)
    DexH: Vincent Fred Gardner (47)
    -DD1: Florence Geraldine Gardner (22)
    --DexH: Leon Douglas Rosario (22)
    ---DS1: James Eugene Rosario (6)
    ---DD1: Deborah Ellen Rosario (5)
    ---DD2: Linda Valerie Rosario (4)
    ---DD3: Susan Virginia Rosario (2)
    --DH: Lloyd Kenneth Knox (22)
    -DD2: Evelyn Sally Gardner (13)
    DH: Daniel Bernard Blackburn (45)
    -DD3: Linda Eileen Blackburn (11)
    -DD4: Mary Victoria Blackburn (10)
    -DD5: Patricia Anna Blackburn (9)
    -DS1: John Norman Blackburn (6)
    -DD6: Deborah Leslie Blackburn (5)
    -DD7: Susan Marcia Blackburn (4)
    -DD8: Karen Joanne Blackburn (3)
    -DS2: Robert Leonard Blackburn (2)
    -DD9: Cynthia Jacqueline Blackburn (1)
    -DS3: Richard Todd Blackburn (nb)


    Benjamin Donald Moody (Deceased at 28)
    DexW: Theresa Katherine (Marks) Moody (44)
    -DD1: Virginia Carol (Moody) Ortega (24)
    --DexH: Stanley Raymond Fisher (25)
    ---DS1: Louis David Fisher (8)
    ---DD1: Anne Susan Fisher (7)
    ---DD2: Sally Barbara Fisher (6)
    ---DD3: Frances Karen Fisher (4)
    --DH: Marvin Dale Ortega (24)
    ---DD4: Bonnie Beth Ortega (1)
    ---DD5: Judith Katherine Ortega (nb)
    -DD2: Marilyn Margaret Moody (23)
    --DexH: Larry Jim Grant (24)
    ---DS1: Raymond Ronald Grant (5)
    --DexH: James Franklin Thompson (23)
    ---DD1: Lisa Rose Thompson (3)
    ---DS2: Brian Martin Thompson (2)
    --DBF: Willie Andrew Bright (25)
    -DD3: Donna Joan (Moody) Freeman (21)
    --DH: Alvin Ernest Freeman (21)
    ---DD1: Jacqueline Margaret Freeman (3)
    ---DD2: Phyllis Julie Freeman (2)
    ---DS1: Louis Gregory Freeman (1)
    ---DD3: Renee Kathleen Freeman (nb)
    -DS1: Harold Jerry Moody (19)
    --DW: Joann Wilma (Gilmore) Moody (19)
    ---DD1: Annette Joan Moody (2)
    -DS2: Roger Kenneth Moody (18)
    --DFiancee: Kathleen Lorraine Gross (18)


    Leona Louise (Moody) Pope (41)
    DexH: Daniel Martin Pope (41)
    -DS1: Samuel Albert Pope (14)
    -DD1: Sheila Suzanne Pope (13)
    -DD2: Laura Paula Pope (12)
    -DD3: Evelyn Elaine Pope (11)
    DH: Ralph John Morton (40)
    -DD4: Ruth Helen Morton (10)
    -DD5: Jean Frances Morton (9)
    -DS2: Henry Andrew Morton (7)
    -DD6: Jo Maria Morton (6)
    -DD7: Rose Katherine Morton (5)
    -DS3: Randall Rodney Morton (4)
    -DS4: Walter Jack Morton (3)
    -DD8: Sheila Gloria Morton (2)


    Lucy Rose (Moody) Duarte (40)
    DH: Leon Ralph Ewing (Deceased at 26)
    -DD1: Marilyn Lucille (Ewing) Benson (22)
    --DH: Donald Bruce Benson (23)
    ---DD1: Wanda Janice Benson (6)
    ---DD2: Diana Denise Benson (5)
    ---DD3: Sherry Margaret Benson (4)
    ---DS1: Randall Edward Benson (3)
    ---DS2: Andrew Anthony Benson (nb)
    -DS1: Curtis Gerald Ewing (20)
    --DW: Doris Florence (Schmidt) Ewing (20)
    ---DS1: Scott Raymond Ewing (4)
    ---DS2: Randy Frank Ewing (2)
    ---DD1: Robin Catherine Ewing (1)
    -DD2: Lillian Virginia Ewing (19)
    --DFiance: Marvin Dennis Hays (20)
    DH: Chester Earl Stout (Deceased at 24)
    -DS2: Willie Johnny Stout (14)
    DexH: William Wilbur Lewis (44)
    -DS3: Dennis Leonard Lewis (9)
    -DD3: Margaret Doris Lewis (8)
    -DD4: Elizabeth Suzanne Lewis (7)
    -DD5: Janice Vickie Lewis (6)
    -DD6: Rebecca Julie Lewis (5)
    DH: Chester Roy Duarte (43)
    -DD7: Jane Victoria Duarte (4)
    -DS4: Dale Tony Duarte (3)


    Jack Allen Moody (Deceased at 25)
    DW: Norma Leona (Pineda) Moody (39)
    -DD1: Jean Phyllis (Moody) Vega (19)
    --DH: Herbert Robert Vega (21)
    ---DS1: Eugene Mark Vega (2)
    ---DS2: Allen William Vega (1)
    ---DD1: Ruth Debra Vega (nb)


    Ellen Irene (Moody) Watson (38)
    DexH: Victor Everett Walls (38)
    -DS1: Don Jack Walls (19)
    --DW: Susan Jo (Tanner) Walls (19)
    ---DD1: Joanne Donna Walls (1)
    ---DD2: Ellen Karen Walls (nb)
    DH: Andrew Floyd Watson (40)
    -DD1: Teresa Wanda Watson (10) "Tess"
    -DD2: Alice Paula Watson (8)
    -DS2: Arthur Barry Watson (7) “Artie
    -DD3: Jacqueline Bonnie Watson (5) “Jackie
    -DS3: Craig Jimmie Watson (3)
    -DS4: Russell Ralph Watson (2)
    -DS5: Henry Jeffrey WAtson (nb)


    Henry Roger Moody (Deceased at 20)
    DFiancee: Martha Kathryn Todd (37)
    -DD1: Edith Rosemary (Moody) Chavez (19)
    --DexH: Roy Patrick Carter (20)
    ---DD1: Jill Tina Carter (2)
    ---DS1: Vincent Arthur Carter (1) “Vince
    --DH: Leroy Ralph Chavez (18)
    ---DD2: Mary Betty Chavez (nb)
    -DS1: Curtis Gordon Moody (17)
    --DW: Helen Dolores (Nolan) Moody


    Walter Willard Moody (Deceased at 21)
    DW: Nellie Eileen (Sawyer) Moody (35)


    Raymond Edgar Moody (34)
    DexW: Alice Lorraine (Morales) Moody (34)
    -DD1: Jacqueline Lorraine Moody (17)
    --DFiance: Henry Frederick Foley (18)
    ---DS1: Kenneth Raymond Foley (1)
    -DD2: Roberta Julia (Moody) Blankenship (16)
    --DH: Barry Earl Blankenship (17)
    ---DD1: Sheila Tina Blankenship (nb)
    -DD3: Sarah Cynthia Moody (14)
    -DD4: Louise Elaine Moody (13)
    -DS1: Randy Billy Moody (11)
    -DD5: Jeanne Wanda Moody (10)
    -DS2: Clarence Ralph Moody (9)
    -DD6: Sylvia Paula Moody (8)
    DW: Pauline Elaine (Vincent) Moody (32)
    -DS3: Jeffrey Eric Moody (7)
    -DD7: Kathy Michelle Moody (5)
    -DS4: Timothy Fred Moody (4)
    -DS5: Darrell Larry Moody (3)
    -DS6: Gregory Howard Moody (2)
    -DD8: Julie Beth Moody (1)
    -DS7: Anthony Martin Moody (nb)


    Paul Arnold Moody (33)
    DFiancee: Mary Viola Hurst (33)
    -DD1: Katherine Evelyn Moody (16)
    --DBF: Robert Harvey Noble (19)
    -DS1: Harry Eddie Moody (10)
    -DS2: Stanley Rodney Moody (9)
    -DS3: Martin Jack Moody (3)
    -DD2: Rose Jean Moody (2)
    -DS4: Rick Arthur Moody (nb)


    Thomas Wallace Moody (32)
    DexW: Virginia Bernice Walter (34)
    -DD1: Sharon Kathleen Moody (14)
    -DS1: Charles George Moody (13)
    -DD2: Donna Margaret Moody (12)
    -DD3: Karen Judith Moody (11)
    DW: Elsie Bernice (Williamson) Moody (30)
    -DS2: Ralph Jeffrey Moody (7)
    -DS3: Craig Timothy Moody (6)
    -DD4: Kathryn Rebecca Moody (5)
    -DS4: Arthur Dennis Moody (3)
    -DD5: Julie Gloria Moody (2)
    -DS5: Anthony Roy Moody (nb)


    Ella Jean (Moody) McMillan (31)
    DH: Lloyd Anthony McMillan (34)
    -DD1: Karen Ann McMillan (13)
    -DD2: Donna Connie McMillan (11)
    -DD3: Brenda Jean McMillan (10)
    -DD4: Margaret Ruth McMillan (9)
    -DS1: Dennis Kevin McMillan (8)
    -DD5: Cynthia Peggy McMillan (7)
    -DS2: Charles Walter McMillan (4)
    -DD6: Nancy Sheila McMillan (2)
    -DS3: Joseph Jeffrey McMillan (1)

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    Aug 2012
    DH: Howard Benjamin Potts (Deceased)
    DW: Josephine Olive (Galvan) Potts (Deceased)

    DS1: Andrew Leonard Potts (56)
    DD1: Katherine Agnes Potts (55)
    DD2: Josephine Ella Potts (53)
    DD3: Margaret Leona Potts (50)
    DS2: Claude Harvey Potts (Deceased at 35)
    DS3: Howard Charlie Potts (Deceased at 33)
    DD4: Mae Pearl Potts (46)
    DS4: David Daniel Potts (45)
    DS5: Wilbur Alexander Potts (43)
    DD5: Frances Virginia Potts (37)
    DD6: Elsie Clara Potts (35)
    DS6: Stanley Philip Potts (32)
    DS8: Warren Lloyd Potts (31)

    Howard and Josephine and their fourteen children; Andrew, Katherine, Josephine Margaret, Claude (deceased), Howard (deceased), Mae, David, Wilbur, Frances, Elsie, Stanley and Warren.

    Andrew Leonard Potts (56)
    DW: Agnes Irene (Crane) Potts (55)
    -DD1: Katherine Viola (Potts) Richards (34)
    --DH: Lewis Albert Richards (35)
    ---DD1: Ann Sandra Richards (12)
    ---DD2: Wanda Frances Richards (10)
    ---DS1: Curtis Paul Richards (8)
    ---DS2: Eric Thomas Richards (7)
    ---DS3: Kevin Joseph Richards (6)
    ---DD3: Cynthia Jean Richards (4)
    ---DS4: Kenneth Dean Richards (3)
    ---DS5: Craig Howard Richards (1)
    ---DD4: Robin Wendy Richards (nb)
    -DD2: Julia Vivian (Potts) Reed (33)
    --DH: Peter Louis Reed (33)
    ---DD1: Paula Anne Reed (16)
    ---DD2: Sarah Mildred Reed (15)
    ---DD3: Helen Sylvia Reed (11)
    ---DD4: Marsha Sally Reed (10)
    ---DD5: Jeanne Katherine Reed (7)
    ---DD6: Christine Susan Reed (6)
    ---DD7: Brenda Ellen Reed (4)
    ---DS1: Andrew Stanley Reed (3)
    ---DD8: Laura Theresa Reed (nb)
    -DS1: Ralph Leonard Potts (31)
    --DW: Margaret Charlotte (House) Potts (31)
    ---DD1: Elaine Sharon Potts (13)
    ---DD2: Lois Lynda Potts (10)
    ---DD3: Sylvia Dianne Potts (9) "Sylvie"
    ---DD4: Jane Barbara Potts (8)
    ---DD5: Ruth Debra Potts (7)
    ---DS1: Howard Gary Potts (6)
    ---DS2: Lawrence Rodney Potts (4)
    ---DS3: Russell Donald Potts (3)
    ---DD6: Bonnie Carolyn Potts (2)
    ---DS4: Douglas Glenn Potts (1)
    ---DS5: Walter Bruce Potts (nb)
    -DS2: Michael Vernon Potts (27)
    --DW: Irene Hazel (Casey) Potts (28)
    ---DD1: Catherine Jean Potts (11) "Cate"
    ---DS1: Frederick Rodney Potts (10) "Freddie"
    ---DS2: Charles Allen Potts (9) "Charlie"
    ---DS3: Samuel Howard Potts (8) "Sam"
    ---DD2: Michelle Jo Potts (4) "Shelly"
    ---DD3: Cynthia Joyce Potts (3) "Cindy"
    ---DS4: Robert Scott Potts (2) "Robbie"
    ---DD4: Deborah Theresa Potts (1) "Debbie"
    ---DS5: Matthew David Potts (nb) "Matt"
    -DD3: Lucille Barbara (Potts) Melton (22)
    --DH: Martin Walter Melton (23)
    ---DD1: Carolyn Annette Melton (1)
    ---DS1: Rodney Joe Melton (nb)
    -DS3: Harold Douglas Potts (20)
    --DW: Wilma Nancy (Lowe) Potts (20)
    ---DS1: Lawrence Randy Potts (4)
    ---DS2: Joseph Dale Potts (2)
    ---DS3: Martin Douglas Potts (1)
    ---DS4: Timothy Jim Potts (nb)
    -DS4: Curtis Ernest Potts (16)
    --DGF: Anita Rebecca Acosta (16)
    -DD4: Mary Cynthia Potts (10)
    -DD5: Ruth Dorothy Potts (9)
    -DS5: Theodore Daniel Potts (8)
    -DD6: Victoria Gail Potts (7)

    Andrew and Agnes and their eleven children; Katherine, Julia, Ralph, Michael, Lucille, Harold, Curtis, Mary, Ruth, Theodore and Victoria.
    ~Katherine and Lewis and their nine children; Ann, Wanda, Curtis, Eric, Kevin, Cynthia, Kenneth, Craig and Robin.
    ~Julia and Peter and their nine children; Paula, Sarah, Helen, Marsha, Jeanne, Christine, Brenda, Andrew and Laura.
    ~Ralph and Margaret and their eleven children; Elaine, Lois, Sylvie, Jane, Ruth, Howard, Lawrence, Russell, Bonnie, Douglas and Walter.
    ~Michael and Irene and their nine children; Cate, Freddie, Charlie, Sam, Shelly, Cindy, Robbie, Debbie and Matt.
    ~Lucille and Martin and their two children; Carolyn and Rodney.
    ~Harold and Wilma and their four children; Lawrence, Joseph, Martin and Timothy.

    Katherine Agnes (Potts) Graham (55)
    DH: John Paul Graham (56)
    -DS1: Clyde Thomas Graham (Deceased at 22)
    --DW: Agnes Geraldine (McClain) Graham (38)
    ---DD1: Linda Mildred (Graham) Mullins (18)
    ----DH: Curtis Stanley Mullins (19)
    -----DS1: Craig Dean Mullins (2)
    -----DD1: Vickie Cathy Mullins (1)
    -----DS2: Paul Daniel Mullins (nb)
    -DS2: Gilbert Martin Graham (35)
    --DexW: Patricia Viola O'Donnell (35)
    ---DD1: Irene Sylvia Graham (14)
    ---DD2: Janet Judith Graham (12)
    ---DS1: Harold Bruce Graham (11)
    ---DD3: Susan Phyllis Graham (10)
    --DW: Lois Virginia (Frost) Graham (34)
    ---DD4: Laura Valerie Graham (7)
    ---DS2: Michael Scott Graham (5)
    ---DS3: Matthew Stephen Graham (3)
    ---DD5: Kimberly Dawn Graham (nb)
    -DS3: Henry Chester Graham (34)
    --DW: Kathryn Laura (Shields) Graham (34)
    ---DD1: Rebecca Lois Graham (13)
    ---DD2: Sharon Anna Graham (11)
    ---DD3: Evelyn Sarah Graham (10)
    ---DD4: Charlotte Eileen Graham (7)
    ---DS1: Jay Curtis Graham (6)
    ---DD5: Margaret Helen Graham (4)
    ---DS2: George Howard Graham (1)
    ---DS3: Randall Lawrence Graham (nb)
    -DS4: Leonard Gordon Graham (33)
    --DW: Helen Ida (Stewart) Graham (34)
    ---DD1: Marjorie Nancy (Graham) Hardy (16) "Maggie"
    ----DH: Frank Francis Hardy (18)
    -----DD1: Dawn Rebecca Hardy (nb)
    ---DS1: Clifford Gregory Graham (13) "Cliff"
    ---DS2: Kenneth Randall Graham (11) "Kenny"
    ---DS3: Lawrence Scott Graham (10) "Wren"
    ---DS4: Charles Allen Graham (7) "Charlie"
    ---DS5: Peter Howard Graham (4) "Pete"
    ---DD2: Judith Laura Graham (2) "Jude"
    ---DS6: James Eric Graham (1) "Jamie"
    -DD1: Jane Lois (Graham) Roach (32)
    --DH: Arthur Lloyd Roach (33)
    ---DD1: Suzanne Diana Roach (13)
    ---DD2: Marie Betty Roach (12)
    ---DS1: Harry Andrew Roach (11)
    ---DS2: Walter Francis Roach (9)
    ---DS3: Theodore Curtis Roach (8)
    ---DD3: Victoria Janice Roach (7)
    -DD2: Ruth Edna (Graham) McCoy (31)
    --DH: Charles Roy McCoy (20)
    ---DS1: Russell David McCoy (10)
    ---DD1: Denise Sarah McCoy (9)
    ---DS2: Steven Clifford McCoy (7)
    ---DS3: Christopher Peter McCoy (6)
    ---DS4: Patrick Micheal McCoy (4)
    ---DD2: Mary Diane McCoy (3)
    ---DS5: Douglas George McCoy (1)
    ---DS6: Glenn Martin McCoy (nb)
    -DS5: Arnold Harvey Graham (30)
    --DexW: Gertrude Norma (Lloyd) Graham (30)
    ---DD1: Nancy Alice Graham (13)
    ---DD2: Linda Jacqueline Graham (10)
    ---DD3: Sharon Kathryn Graham (9)
    ---DD4: Lois Marie Graham (8)
    ---DD5: Sheila Christine Graham (4)
    --DW: Dolores Louise (Casey) Graham (30)
    ---DS1: Roger Jack Graham (nb)
    -DD3: Bonnie Kathleen (Graham) McCullough (27)
    --DH: Melvin Curtis McCullough (30)
    ---DD1: Sylvia Susan McCullough (7) "Sylvie"
    ---DS1: Walter James McCullough (6)
    ---DS2: Jack Andrew McCullough (4)
    ---DD2: Rebecca James McCullough (2)
    ---DD3: Christine Cynthia McCullough (1)
    ---DD4: Annette Diane McCullough (nb)
    -DS6: Ernest Theodore Graham (9)
    -DD4: Margaret Alice Graham (8)

    Katherine and John and their ten children; Clyde, Gilbert, Henry, Leonard, Jane, Ruth, Arnold, Bonnie, Ernest and Margaret.
    ~Clyde (deceased) and Agnes and their daughter Linda.
    ~~Linda and Curtis and their three children; Craig, Vickie and Paul.
    ~Gilbert and Patricia and their four children; Irene, Janet, Harold and Susan.
    ~Gilbert and Lois and their four children; Laura, Michael, Matthew and Kimberly.
    ~Henry and Kathryn and their eight children; Rebecca, Sharon, Evelyn, Charlotte, Jay, Margaret, George and Randall.
    ~Leonard and Helen and their eight children; Maggie, Cliff, Kenny, Wren, Charlie, Pete, Jude and Jamie.
    ~~Maggie and Frank and their daughter Dawn.
    ~Jane and Arthur and their six children; Suzanne, Marie, Harry, Walter, Theodore and Victoria.
    ~Ruth and Charles and their eight children; Russell, Denise, Steven, Christopher, Patrick, Mary, Douglas and Glenn.
    ~Arnold and Gertrude and their five children; Nancy, Linda, Sharon, Lois and Sheila.
    ~Arnold and Dolores and their son Roger.
    ~Bonnie and Melvin and their six children; Sylvie, Walter, Jack, Rebecca, Christine and Annette.

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    Aug 2012
    Josephine Ella (Potts) Dixon (53)
    DH: Arthur Frederick Dixon (54)
    -DS1: Fred Martin Dixon (Deceased at 19)
    --DW: Laura Ethel (Lawson) Dixon(35)
    ---DD1: Evelyn Elizabeth Dixon (17)
    ---DD2: Anna Alice Dixon (16)
    -DS2: Earl Wallace Dixon (Deceased at 19)
    --DFiancee: Martha Willie Meyer (35)
    -DD1: Ruby Florence (Dixon) Wagner (31)
    --DH: Lewis Raymond Wagner (31)
    ---DD1: Carol Geraldine Wagner (14)
    ---DS1: Bill Richard Wagner (13)
    ---DS2: Alan Patrick Wagner (11)
    ---DS3: Martin Kevin Wagner (10)
    ---DD2: Beverly Suzanne Wagner (9)
    ---DD3: Joan Maureen Wagner (8)
    ---DD4: Deborah Catherine Wagner (7)
    ---DD5: Vickie Jacqueline Wagner (6)
    ---DD6: Marcia Teresa Wagner (4)
    ---DS4: Jeffrey Raymond Wagner (2)
    ---DS5: Dale Roger Wagner (1)
    -DS3: Roy Douglas Dixon (30)
    --DW: Rosemary Sally (Bullock) Dixon (29)
    ---DD1: Anne Joan Dixon (6)
    ---DD2: Lynn Ellen Dixon (5)
    ---DD3: Mary Jo Dixon (3)
    ---DS1: Frank Jay Dixon (1)
    -DS4: Glenn Clifford Dixon (29)
    --DW: Joanne Bertha (McLean) Dixon (29)
    ---DS1: Keith Rodney Dixon (11)
    ---DD1: Irene Marilyn Dixon (9)
    ---DD2: Virginia Helen Dixon (8)
    ---DS2: Gregory Kevin Dixon (5)
    ---DD3: Rhonda Carolyn Dixon (3)
    ---DD4: Cynthia Laurie Dixon (2)
    ---DS3: Glenn Douglas Dixon (nb)
    -DS5: Leo Kenneth Dixon(26)
    --DexW: Clara Jacqueline Casey (26)
    ---DD1: Suzanne Martha Dixon (8)
    ---DS1: Russell Phillip Dixon (7)
    --DW: Geraldine Edna (McDonald) Dixon (24)
    ---DD2: Karen Michelle Dixon (nb)
    -DS6: Floyd Anthony Dixon (25)
    --DW: Ruby Betty (Harrison) Dixon (25)
    ---DS1: Eddie Frederick Dixon (8)
    ---DD1: Connie Theresa Dixon (7)
    ---DS2: Roy Stanley Dixon (6)
    ---DD2: Ann Margaret Dixon (5)
    ---DD3: Donna Elizabeth Dixon (3)
    ---DS3: Larry Andrew Dixon (2)
    ---DS4: Paul Harold Dixon (1)
    ---DD4: Judy Michele Dixon (nb)
    -DD2: Ruth Carolyn (Dixon) Cohen (22)
    --DH: Leon Henry Cohen (21)
    ---DD1: Phyllis Tina Cohen (2)
    ---DS1: Richard Dale Cohen (1)
    ---DS2: Samuel Christopher Cohen (nb)
    -DD3: Jane Katherine Dixon (9)
    -DD4: Anna Marie Dixon (8)
    -DS7: Wayne Theodore Dixon (7)
    -DD5: Mary Suzanne Dixon (6)

    Josephine and Arthur and their twelve children; Fred, Earl, Ruby, Roy, Glenn, Leo, Floyd, Ruth, Jane, Anna, Wayne and Mary.
    ~Fred (deceased) and Laura and their two children; Evelyn and Anna.
    ~Ruby and Lewis and their eleven children; Carol, Bill, Alan,Martin, Beverly, Joan, Deborah, Vickie, Marcia, Jeffrey and Dale.
    ~Roy and Rosemary and their four children; Anne, Lynn, Mary and Frank.
    ~Glenn and Joanne and their seven children Keith, Irene, Virginia, Gregory, Rhonda, Cynthia and Glenn.
    ~Leo and Clara and their two children; Suzanne and Russell.
    ~Leo and Geraldine and their daughter Karen.
    ~Floyd and Ruby and their eight children; Eddie, Connie, Roy, Ann, Donna, Larry, Paul and Judy.
    ~Ruth and Leon and their three children; Phyllis, Richard and Samuel.

    Margaret Leona (Potts) Buchanan (50)
    DH: Morris Andrew Buchanan (50)
    -DD1: Mary Julia (Buchanan) Ray (32)
    --DH: Vincent Joseph Ray (33)
    ---DS1: Leonard Ralph Ray (11)
    ---DD1: Ruth Dorothy Ray (9)
    ---DD2: Sally Kathryn Ray (8)
    ---DS2: Russell James Ray (7)
    ---DS3: Lawrence Roger Ray (6)
    ---DD3: Cynthia Rose Ray (5)
    ---DS4: Timothy John Ray (4)
    ---DS5: George Thomas Ray (2)
    ---DS6: Scott William Ray (1)
    ---DS7: Stanley Eric Ray (nb)
    -DS1: Arthur Vincent Buchanan (31)
    --DexW: Irene Pauline Owens (31)
    ---DS1: Phillip Theodore Buchanan (9)
    ---DS2: Leonard Clarence Buchanan (8)
    ---DD1: Suzanne Sylvia Buchanan (7)
    --DW: Wilma Joyce Buchanan (30)
    ---DS3: John Henry Buchanan (4)
    ---DS4: William Ralph Buchanan (2)
    ---DS5: Richard Jack Buchanan (nb)
    -DS2: Harvey Russell Buchanan (30)
    --DW: Mary Wanda (Griffin) Buchanan (30)
    ---DD1: Marie Ruth Buchanan (13)
    ---DD2: Carol Susan Buchanan (12)
    ---DD3: Dianne Geraldine Buchanan (10)
    ---DD4: Helen Joanne Buchanan (9)
    ---DD5: Sally Kathleen Buchanan (6)
    ---DS1: Andrew Howard Buchanan (5)
    ---DD6: Ellen Carolyn Buchanan (4)
    ---DD7: Elizabeth Christine Buchanan (2)
    ---DS2: Matthew Douglas Buchanan (1)
    ---DD8: Wendy Annette Buchanan (nb)
    -DS3: Ernest Thomas Buchanan (27)
    --DW: Vivian Shirley (Mooney) Buchanan (28)
    ---DS1: Albert Louis Buchanan (10)
    ---DD1: Frances Anne Buchanan (7)
    ---DD2: Joanne Vickie Buchanan (6)
    ---DS2: Ronnie Russell Buchanan (5)
    ---DS3: Eugene Arthur Buchanan (4)
    ---DD3: Kathryn Michelle Buchanan (3)
    ---DS4: Gerald Joe Buchanan (1)
    ---DD4: Shirley Peggy Buchanan (nb)
    -DS4: Jack Clarence Buchanan (21)
    --DFiancee: Annie Shirley Roman (20)
    -DD2: Shirley Kathleen Buchanan (19)
    --DFiance: Albert Earl Singleton (22)
    -DD3: Ruby Dianne Buchanan (14)
    -DD4: Ellen Marsha Buchanan (13)
    -DS5: James Edward Buchanan (9)
    -DS6: Theodore Ralph Buchanan (8)
    -DD5: Victoria Joan Buchanan (7)
    -DS7: Howard Kenneth Buchanan (6)
    -DD6: Wendy Gail Buchanan (5)
    -DD7: Dorothy Julie Buchanan (4)
    -DD8: Diane Sharon Buchanan (3)
    -DD9: Rose Cheryl Buchanan (2)

    Margaret and Morris and their sixteen children; Mary, Arthur, Harvey, Ernest, Jack, Shirley, Ruby, Ellen, James, Theodore, Victoria, Howard, Wendy, Dorothy, Diane and Rose.
    ~Mary and Vincent and their ten children; Leonard, Ruth, Sally, Russell, Lawrence, Cynthia, Timothy, George, Scott and Stanley.
    ~Arthur and Irene and their three children; Phillip, Leonard and Suzanne.
    ~Arthur and Wilma and their three children; John, William and Richard.
    ~Harvey and Mary and their ten children; Marie, Carol, Dianne, Helen Sally, Andrew, Ellen, Elizabeth, Matthew and Wendy.
    ~Ernest and Vivian and their eight children; Albert, Frances, Joanne, Ronnie, Eugene, Kathryn, Gerald and Shirley.

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    Aug 2012
    Claude Harvey Potts (Deceased at 35)
    DW: Sarah Willie (Washington) Potts (49)
    -DS1: Calvin Walter Potts (31)
    --DexW: Beatrice Marian Church (32)
    ---DD1: Judith Shirley Potts (13) "Jude"
    ---DD2: Elaine Lois Potts (11) "Elle"
    --DW: Bernice Lucille (Kent) Potts (30)
    ---DD3: Sharon Laurie Potts (4)
    ---DD4: Susan Julie Potts (3)
    ---DS1: Steven Rodney Potts (2)
    ---DS2: Scott Martin Potts (1)
    ---DS3: Samuel James Potts (nb)
    -DS2: Jack Lawrence Potts (30)
    --DW: Elsie Elizabeth (Franklin) Potts (30)
    ---DD1: Constance Nancy Potts (10)
    ---DS1: Theodore William Potts (9)
    ---DD2: Sylvia Susan Potts (8) “Sylvie
    ---DD3: Evelyn Patricia Potts (7)
    ---DS2: Russell John Potts (5)
    ---DS3: Howard Robert Potts (2)
    -DS3: Leon Theodore Potts (24)
    --DexW: Marlene Virginia Doyle (25)
    ---DS1: Dale Randall Potts (5)
    ---DS2: Craig Johnny Potts (4)
    ---DS3: Carl Andrew Potts (3)
    ---DS4: Alan Walter Potts (2)
    --DGF: Wilma Edith Finley (23)
    -DS4: Roger Henry Potts (19)
    --DW: Joan Louise (Farley) Potts (19)
    ---DS1: Tony Rodney Potts (nb)

    Claude (deceased) and Sarah and their four children; Calvin, Jack, Leon, and Roger.
    ~Calvin and Bea and their two children; Jude and Elle.
    ~Calvin and Bernice and their five children; Sharon, Susan, Steven, Scott and Samuel.
    ~Jack and Elsie and their six children; Constance, Theodore, Sylvie, Evelyn, Russell and Howard.
    ~Leon and Marlene and their four children; Dale, Craig, Carl and Alan.

    Howard Charlie Potts (Deceased at 33)
    DexW: Irene Minnie (Fleming) Potts (48)
    -DS1: Vernon Paul Potts (30)
    --DW: Marian Alma (Hoover) Potts (32)
    ---DD1: Darlene Joan Potts (11)
    ---DS1: Brian Walter Potts (9)
    ---DS2: Randall Kevin Potts (8)
    ---DD2: Rita Marilyn Potts (6)
    ---DD3: Jacqueline Betty Potts (5)
    --DFiancee: Jane Elaine Carlson (30)
    -DD1: Margaret Sally (Potts) Schmitt (29)
    --DH: Richard Chester Schmitt (30)
    ---DS1: Russell Frederick Schmitt (13)
    ---DS2: Andrew Joseph Schmitt (12)
    ---DD1: Joyce Christine Schmitt (11)
    ---DD2: Evelyn Margaret Schmitt (10)
    ---DD3: Anne Donna Schmitt (9)
    ---DS3: Ernest Steven Scmitt (8)
    ---DD4: Valerie Kathleen Schmitt (7)
    ---DS4: Michael Donald Schmitt (6)
    ---DD5: Ellen Sandra Schmitt (2)
    ---DD6: Rose Barbara Schmitt (nb)
    -DS2: Floyd Philip Potts (25)
    --DW: Alice Carole (Curry) Potts (25)
    ---DS1: Glenn Steven Potts (7)
    ---DS2: Philip Charles Potts (5)
    ---DS3: Harold Gary Potts (4)
    ---DD1: Dorothy Sharon Potts (3)
    ---DD2: Laurie Brenda Potts (2)
    ---DS4: Martin Donald Potts (1)
    ---DD3: Beth Diane Potts (nb)
    -DS3: Howard Stanley Potts (24)
    --DW: Audrey Edith (Brown) Potts (24)
    ---DD1: Linda Jacqueline Potts (4)
    ---DS1: Robert Walter Potts (3)
    ---DD2: Marilyn Rebecca Potts (2)
    -DS4: Franklin Henry Potts (19)
    --DW: Edith Susan (Clarke) Potts (19)
    ---DS1: Philip Dean Potts (1)
    ---DS2: Rodney Bryan Potts (nb)

    Howard (Deceased) and Irene and their five children; Vernon, Margaret, Floyd, Howard and Franklin.
    ~Vernon and Marian and their five children; Darlene, Brian, Randall, Rita and Jacqueline.
    ~Margaret and Richard and their ten children; Russell, Andrew, Joyce, Evelyn, Anne, Ernest, Valerie, Michael, Ellen and Rose.
    ~Floyd and Alice and their seven children; Glenn, Phillip, Harold, Dorothy, Laurie, Martin and Beth.
    ~Howard and Audrey and their three children; Linda, Robert and Marilyn.
    ~Franklin and Edith and their two children; Philip and Rodney.

    Mae Pearl (Potts) Morgan (46)
    DH: Alexander Melvin Morgan (48)
    -DD1: Marilyn Sarah (Morgan) Long (25)
    --DH: Edwin David Long (27)
    ---DD1: Christine Ruth Long (4)
    ---DS1: Lawrence Bobby Long (3)
    ---DS2: Matthew Phillip Long (nb)
    -DS1: Peter Lloyd Morgan (24)
    --DexW: Gladys Lucille Hopkins (25)
    ---DD1: Brenda Frances Morgan (8)
    ---DD2: Diane Alice Morgan (7)
    ---DD3: Carol Joanne Morgan (6)
    ---DS1: Kenneth Leonard Morgan (4)
    ---DD4: Sharon Helen Morgan (2)
    --DW: Janet Clara (Nguyen) Morgan (25)
    ---DS2: Bruce Russell Morgan (1)
    ---DD5: Rebecca Beverly Morgan (nb) “Becky
    -DD2: Beverly Gail Morgan (20)
    --DFiance: Roger Bobby Sandoval (20)
    -DS2: Gene Franklin Morgan (19)
    --DFiancee: Edna Gail McCoy (19)
    -DS3: David Walter Morgan (18)
    --DW: June Sylvia (Mathis) Morgan (18)
    ---DS1: Dean Timothy Morgan (2)
    ---DD1: Amy Cheryl Morgan (1)
    ---DS2: Jack Daniel Morgan (nb)
    -DS4: Joseph Ernest Morgan (17)
    --DFiancee: Glenda Annie Pennington (18)
    ---DD1: Laura Theresa Morgan (nb)
    -DD3: Sally Louise Morgan (13)
    -DS5: Rodney Dennis Morgan (10)
    -DD4: Sarah Pamela Morgan (9)
    -DS6: Lee Gary Morgan (6)
    -DD5: Frances Cynthia Morgan (4)
    -DD6: Michele Deborah Morgan (2)
    -DD7: Jo Patricia Morgan (1)

    Mae and Alexander and their thirteen children; Marilyn, Peter, Beverly, Gene, David, Joseph, Sally, Rodney, Sarah, Lee, Frances, Michele and Jo.
    ~Marilyn and Edwin and their three children; Christine, Lawrence and Matthew.
    ~Peter and Gladys and their five children; Brenda, Diane, Carol, Kenneth and Sharon.
    ~Peter and Janet and their two children; Bruce and Becky.
    ~David and June and their three children; Dean, Amy and Jack.
    ~Joseph and Glenda and their daughter Laura.

    David Daniel Potts (45)
    DexW: Myrtle Lillie (Stanley) Potts (46)
    -DD1: Lorraine Joann (Potts) Barber (29)
    --DH: Milton Jerry Barber (29)
    ---DD1: Rose Evelyn Barber (13)
    ---DS1: Curtis Martin Barber (12)
    ---DS2: Ralph Henry Barber (10)
    ---DS3: Philip Jack Barber (9)
    ---DD2: Katherine Virginia Barber (8)
    ---DS4: Christopher Harold Barber (5)
    ---DS5: Wayne Stanley Barber (3)
    ---DS6: Lawrence Curtis Barber (2)
    ---DS7: Russell Samuel Barber (1)
    -DD2: Arlene Laura Potts (27)
    --DFiance: Russell Gordon Smith (28)
    ---DD1: Teresa Victoria Smith (7)
    ---DD2: Linda Rebecca Smith (6)
    ---DD3: Bonnie Katherine Smith (5)
    ---DS1: Eddie Donald Smith (4)
    ---DS2: Wayne Harold Smith (3)
    ---DD4: Joanne Susan Smith (2)
    ---DD5: Robin Dorothy Smith (nb)
    -DD3: Wanda Diana Potts (13)
    -DS1: Gary Michael Potts (11)
    -DS2: Craig Paul Potts (10)
    DexW: Laura Lillie Woodard (45)
    -DS3: Joe Ernest Potts (9)
    -DD4: Lois Bonnie Potts (8)
    -DD5: Paula Barbara Potts (7)
    -DD6: Terry Dorothy Potts (5)
    -DD7: Donna Betty Potts (4)
    -DS4: Wayne Charles Potts (3)
    DW: Josephine Grace (Curry) Potts (47)
    -DD8: Angela Margaret Potts (1)
    -DD9: Renee Elizabeth Potts (nb)

    Daniel and Myrtle and their five children; Lorraine, Arlene, Wanda, Gary and Craig.
    ~Lorraine and Milton and their nine children; Rose, Curtis, Ralph, Philip, Katherine, Christopher, Wayne, Lawrence and Russell.
    ~Arlene and Russell and their seven children; Teresa, Linda, Bonnie, Eddie, Wayne, Joanne and Robin.
    Daniel and Laura and their six children; Joe, Lois, Paula, Terry, Donna and Wayne.
    Daniel and Josephine and their two children; Angela and Renee.

    Wilbur Alexander Potts (33) - Enlisted 1944
    DW: Irene Bertha (Atkins) Potts (33)
    -DS1: Paul Clifford Potts (9)
    -DD1: Patsy Marilyn Potts (7)
    -DS2: Allen Joseph Potts (4)
    -DS3: Gregory Gerald Potts (3)
    -DD2: Marie Judy Potts (2)
    -DD3: Doris Kathryn Potts (1)

    Wilbur and Irene and their six children; Paul, Patsy, Allen, Gregory, Marie and Doris.

    Frances Virginia (Potts) Calhoun (37)
    DexH: Clarence Ernest Berger (38)
    -DS1: Steve Louis Berger (5)
    -DS2: Walter William Berger (4) “Walt
    -DS3: Mike Glenn Berger (3)
    -DD1: Mary Elaine Berger (2)
    DH: Charles Joseph Calhoun (40)

    Frances and Clarence and their four children; Steve, Walt, Mike and Mary.

    Elsie Clara (Potts) Joseph (35)
    DexH: Francis William Meyers (37)
    -DD1: Sarah Sally Meyers (14)
    -DS1: Harry Ernest Meyers (12)
    -DD2: Evelyn Suzanne Meyers (11)
    -DS2: Leonard Joseph Meyers (10)
    -DS3: Andrew Michael Meyers (9)
    DH: Roy Paul Joseph (35)
    -DD3: Joyce Beverly Joseph (5)
    -DD4: Laura Karen Joseph (4)
    -DS4: Darrell Glenn Joseph (3)
    -DD5: Lynn Terri Joseph (2)
    -DD6: Margaret Rita Joseph (1) “Margie
    -DS5: Wayne Bruce Joseph (nb)

    Elsie and Francis and their five children; Sarah, Harry, Evelyn, Leonard, and Andrew.
    Elsie and Roy and their six children; Joyce, Laura, Darrell, Lynn, Margie and Wayne.

    Stanley Philip Potts (32)
    DexW: Ann Elizabeth Collins (33)
    -DD1: Gail Brenda Potts (16)
    -DD2: Elizabeth Maria Potts (11)
    -DS1: Phillip Albert Potts (10)
    -DS2: Howard Stanley Potts (9)
    -DS3: Russell Roy Potts (7)
    -DD3: Joanne Diana Potts (6)
    -DS4: Leonard Johnny Potts (4)
    -DS5: Matthew Andrew Potts (3)
    -DS6: Samuel Craig Potts (2)
    -DS7: Jay Lawrence Potts (1)

    Stanley and Ann and their ten children; Gail, Elizabeth, Phillip, Howard, Russell, Joanne, Leonard, Matthew, Samuel, and Jay.

    Warren Lloyd Potts (31)
    DW: Josephine Carolyn (Lucas) Potts (30)
    -DD1: Alice Mildred Potts (14)
    -DD2: Jo Lois Potts (12)
    -DS1: James Norman Potts (10)
    -DD3: Christine Virginia Potts (5)
    -DD4: Victoria Shirley Potts (4)
    -DS3: Matthew Frederick Potts (3)
    -DD5: Diane Cynthia Potts (nb)

    Warren and Josephine and their eight children; Alice, Jo, James, Christine, Victoria, Matthew and Diane.

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