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    Opinions on Sawyer Jane

    S/O and I love Sawyer Jane for a girl. Jane is my mother's middle name as well as mine.

    We aren't bothered by the Tom Sawyer association, we even joked we could call her Tom as a nickname. The only thing we don't like about it is the lack of nick name options.

    Last name starts with P so we are avoiding names that start with D,T, P and B (because of BJ) and J because both our other kids are already JJ and we don't want to do that again.

    What's your opinion on Sawyer Jane and if you don't like it, what's a better suggestion?


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    I'm not so into the masculinity of Sawyer on a girl, but if you enjoy it, go for it.

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    I don't like Sawyer on a girl. Don't care for the name Sawyer in general. What else have you considered?

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    Thanks We dont really see it as a masculine name. Being an occupation name, we think it's very unisex.

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    Other names we like but cant use are

    Anastasia (s/o picture a dark haired girl and just doesn't think it would suit our child)

    We are still in the beginning of the naming process and havnt found many we agree on. Most of the names we like start with the letters we are avoiding. Im looking for inspiration. I don't like anything trendy or top 100
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    I actually like the sound of Sawyer Jane. It’s unexpected and balanced

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    Sawyer Jane is quite nice. Nms but it works.

    Sailor Jane, Sloane Janie, Piper Jane, Arlo/Arlowe Jane and Saffy Jane came to mind too
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    I like Sawyer Jane, personally. I also like the suggestion of Sailor!
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    I really like Sawyer Jane! NN's will come from
    Her Sibs! Lol.
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