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    Which one do you prefer?

    I love nature and Italian names! (DH is Italian)

    Which do you like more?

    Aurora or Ginevra?

    Aurora as in Aurora Borealis

    Ginevra means White wave.

    Both are classic Italian, girly and so elegant!

    Thanks for your replies


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    Aurora is a gorgeous name, it feels so fairytale-like and ethereal! Ginevra feels and looks a bit too clunky for me.
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    I didn’t get to vote but I love Arabella Pearl!

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    Aurora is my pick, it is gorgeous, so is the imagery! I think Ginerva is more harsh, because of the nerv, but the meaning is beautiful. Maybe I would like it more if I heard it said in an Italian accent.
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    I think that both are very nice names, though I do prefer Aurora myself as I love the imagery (Northern Lights) and the light and airy, yet strong general vibe of it. I also like that it can be shortened to Rory should Aurora feel the need for it growing up.

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    Both are great choices. I'd love to meet a Ginevra. It's beautiful and stands out. While I find Aurora visually beautiful, I do not enjoy the sound of the name. The "ror" part is quite an awkward sound and overall the sounds are a bit repetitive. Aurora is also fairly popular if this bothers you at all. It's currently ranked 49 in Australia.

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    Both are beautiful names so it’s a tough one. I’d probably use Aurora over Ginevra though, especially as I love the nickname Rory, although Aurora is much more popular...

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    Ginevra! Mostly because I love the nn Ginny
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    Aurora is one of my top names for a girl. I love it! I believe it is an elegant, sweet and distinct choice for a girl. At the same time, Aurora sounds delicate, romantic and mysterious to my ears. I love that Aurora is a great international name, recognized almost everywhere. The mythological connection is beautiful too. I adore that Aurora is a very colorful option related with two amazing natural events: dawn and aurora borealis.
    Ginevra is a gorgeous name as well! I'm really excited to see it on your list. Both Aurora and Ginevra are popular choices in Italy, but outside Italy, Ginevra is an unique and joyous name. I love this name too. I think Ginevra is a fantastic name to honor the paternal side of the family and an incredible option if you're looking for something unexpected outside Italy. Ginevra is a beautiful Italian name for your daughter.
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    I love both, and think that Ginevra is more unique - you can use the nickname Ginny! Overall, I think I do prefer the sound and appearance of Aurora, but both are stunning names!

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