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    How do you picture Sabrina?

    Gonna start this out by saying why I love the name Sabrina. It’s a familiar name that I knew of growing up but it didn’t strike me until I met a little girl with the name a few summers back who was spunky, girly, and assertive. She was the girl playing on the beach, wearing a cute purple bikini with rhinestones, helping her sister and younger friends fix their sandcastles. Something about the name Sabrina clicked immediately and I was smitten ever since.

    Over the last year or so, I’ve started to question Sabrina’s place on my list. The reason I kept coming back to was how Sabrina would be perceived. To me, she is a refreshing, familiar name, almost a classic, that makes you go “ah!” because it isn’t something like Olivia or Emma (which I hear constantly). However, sometimes I worry that I’m the only one who has this “ah, refreshing!” reaction and everyone else is just thinking that it’s just a common name that peaked in the nineties.

    What do you think of when you hear the name Sabrina? A fresh, familiar-but-not-overused name or a classmate to nineties queens like Ashley and Lauren?
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    Obviously it reminds me of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but with the new Netflix reboot I think it brings it back into the modern name lists! I love Sabrina, I'm between Olive Liesel Sabrina or Olive Liesel Agnes!
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    I love the name Sabrina! It's a fantastic name! I've had the pleasure to meet a girl named Sabrina and I always associate this name to a kind, beautiful, fun, intelligent and creative person. The name Sabrina is fresh, mysterious, internacional and girly. I love that it has many nickname options! Brie, Brina, Sabby, Rina, Nina and Bina are my favorites.
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    I think always think of Sabrina the teenage witch, which makes me like it more. It’s fresh, whimsical, and since it’s not as popular as it once was it has a unique vibe. I do think of the 90s when I hear it, but I’m a good throwback way. Sabine/Sabina are also a great choice.
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    I quite like Sabrina. There's something distinct, witchy yet cute about it. I've never actually met one so to me it feels fresh and interesting
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    It’s somewhere in between for me. I do like it, though!
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    Thank you for the feedback! I’m happy to see people seem to like Sabrina.

    Many posters mentioned the teenage witch reference. This doesn’t really bother me. I’ve never actually seen the original but my mom and I will sometimes watch the reboot together so it’s a nice association of spending time with her.

    My concern mainly is that 90s names tend to sound boring to me because I grew up with them. I think people likely to have kids at the same time I do will feel similarly and I don’t want to choose a name that people will find boring or expected. Sabrina usually gets positive feedback from my friends and family when I mention it. I’ll have to gauge how much the ‘90s throwback’ association really bugs me.

    ETA: I like Sabina, Serena, and Selena but not as much as Sabrina. Sabine is pretty but not for me.
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    I have three associations with Sabrina. the movie character, the girl who bullied me in elementary, and our little neighbor girl. The association that sticks strongest with me is the girl who bullied me so to me it feels more 80/90's
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    I don't have a strong association with it. Does seem like it could be a standout choice in 2019.

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