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Thread: Innes?

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    What do you think of Innes? Do you like it? Is it usable (we are in the US)?
    What middle names would you pair it with?

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    I think it's a handsome name, but I worry it will often be mistaken for Ines in the US. I'm in the US and had never heard of this name until now- my immediate thought when I saw it was of Ines.

    That said, some middle name ideas...
    Innes Benjamin
    Innes Paul
    Innes Jackson
    Innes Coby
    Innes Everett
    Innes Kurt
    Innes Reid / Innes Reed
    Innes James
    Innes Carl
    Innes Cayden / Innes Caden
    Innes Gideon
    Innes Graham
    Innes Henry
    Innes Adam
    Innes Grey / Innes Gray
    Innes John
    Innes Mateo
    Innes Ford
    pairings with my new loves (boys)
    nearly all of these were the suggestions of fellow berries - thank you!

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    I've never come across it before but i admit i think it might be confused with Inez or with the word inn. I do like the look of it though and i think people would get used to it

    Innes Elijah
    Innes Dashiell
    Innes Kian
    Innes Daniel
    Innes Milo
    Innes Callahan
    Innes Malachi
    Innes Caleb
    Innes Michael
    Innes Felix
    Innes Joshua
    Innes Zachary
    Sarai Matilda|Cherith Eliza|Sholto Felix|Tristan Rafferty
    Una Adele|Mabli Charlotte|Percy Evander|Otto Elias
    Cleo Tallulah|Lois Aurelia|Jesse Peregrine|Bram Atticus
    Maeve Emily|Sloane Felicity|Linus Theodore|Jude Amadeus

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    I think it's a fine name. I'm from the US and did not and would not confuse it with Ines/Inez. Might be because I am rather familiar with Scottish names, though. It's different, but not odd.
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    When I first read it, I assumed it was a female name and related to Ines/Inez.
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    No, I think it’s too similar to Ines/Inez. I think Ennis would be a good replacement, though!
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    I grew up in the US -- East Coast, if that helps -- and I did not connect it to Ines/Inez until the other posters said something. I still don't really get the connection. Is it pronounced inn-iss? That's how I say it in my mind with a sort of equal emphasis on both syllables. I truly think it's fine. Maybe it depends where you are in the US?

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    @-eagleeyes- I like Innes Ford a lot!!
    @greyblue- Innes Dashiell is pretty sweet
    @chelsanne22, I see it sort or the same way, different but not too odd! I love a good Scottish name
    @Josephinedagnall, yes, I was worried that some in the US might have pronunciation issues or read it as a version of Ines. Not sure yet how much it bothers me but it seems sort of likely given how many commentors have mentioned that!
    @catheyc yes! That is the intended pronunciation. I think it would go over ok where I am and don't think it would be too difficult to correct pronunciation occasionally but wouldn't want to saddle a kid with a name that required constant explaining, either!

    Thanks all for the thoughts so far!

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    I think it's very interesting and it's growing on me a lot. I know one Innes and everyone always seems fine with pronunciation etc.
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    I like it a lot and am very familiar with the surname Innes so it feels very useable to me. Ines/Inez didn’t cross my mind so I think that once an Innes is introduced, it would be easy for people to use.
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