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    Midcentury Siblings

    I'm planning a story with a group of four siblings who were adults in the 60s so born in the 20s and 30s.

    The boys are Robert "Bobby" and David.

    One of the sisters is Elizabeth but I can't chose between "Betty" and "Beth" for a nickname, I know Betty would be more realistic but I like Beth more.

    For the oldest sister I'm torn between Dorothy, Margaret "Mamie" Ruth, Rose and Catherine.

    Suggestions would be great.

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    Between Betty and Beth, I prefer Betty but if you think Beth is better, than definitely use that. Betty and Bobby are quite similar anyways.

    I think Margaret and Catherine would best fit for the oldest sister. Ruth would be my next choice but I think the other 3 siblings have names that are timeless and have been popular forever, while Rose and Dorothy strike me as more vintage choices that are coming back into style. Margaret and Catherine have never been out of style.

    As for which option, it would depend on the personality of the older sister. MargaretMamie” to me sounds more loving and nurturing, almost like a second mother, while also being down to earth and a little nerdy. Catherine would be more of a cheerleader type, popular and perfect older sister, probably voted prom queen and had lots of friends, maybe has an “I’m older and therefore more mature than you” attitude with the younger siblings. Ruth is somewhere in the middle, still has the slightly uptightness but also is a bookworm.
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    When I hear "Beth" I think of Beth March from Little Women (Civil War), and when I hear Betty I think Betty Draper from Mad Men (50's/60's). I personally like Beth better, and think it would probably work just fine.

    For the other sister, I think Dorothy would work for accuracy. It was the second most popular girls' name in the 1920's. Dottie could be a nickname, if you need one. Margaret was #5, so that would work, too. I think calling her Mamie is a great nickname. I've been researching my family tree and I've found several Mamie's from that time period (Mary, Margaret, Martha and Domenica all went by Mamie in my family).

    My opinions are that Beth and Margaret/Mamie go best with your boys' names.

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