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    Name impressions

    What's your impressions on these names? What come to mind when you hear them? What kind of personality or appearance do you imagine the child or adult to have? Just for fun

    Robin (for a boy)
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    Hi there.

    Here are my thoughts:

    Alec-I like this. It's smart, witty & like-able.

    Benjamin-This is a good name, although quite common. It's strong & classic. Benjamin is a smart serious guy, but Ben or Benny is a little more easy going.

    Charlie-I love this, & don't mind just Charlie. It's so friendly.

    David-This is a nice solid name. A David is kind, gentle, thoughtful & quiet.

    Elliot-I love this (although prefer Elliott or Eliot). It gives off a similar vibe as Alec to me, & they're great as brothers.

    Edgar-I like Edgar a lot! A very under used dashing name. It's simple yet not at all common. It's a little artsy, but also strong & handsome.

    Freddie-Kind of cute. I don't like Fred though, because it just sounds sort of dopey. Freddie is more charming. I prefer it as a nn for Frederic.

    Gregory-This is okay. I feel like it's sort of dated, but not terrible. I'm not really sure how to picture one. Just kind of a dad name, LOL.

    Isaac-This is alright. I don't love it, but it's perfectly nice & solid. It's fairly popular. I think the nn Ike makes it a little more unique & charming.

    Jack-This is also very popular, but I love it. It's friendly, outgoing, sporty & witty.

    Jacob-Good solid name. Obviously there are a lot of them. Jacob is quiet, thoughtful & outdoorsy.

    Joseph-I like Joseph a lot. It's handsome . Joseph is a nice guy who likes to read & learn, & is also a good friend. I don't care for Joe or Joey for some reason though.

    Joshua-Meh, this is okay. Way over done, & I just don't find it as classic as some other biblical names. It was just so popular in the 80s & 90s that it seems dated.

    Julian-I love it! Top of my list. Julian is quiet, kind & maybe a little outdoorsy like Jacob.

    Kai-I don't love this, but not real reason why. I guess it's kind of cool. I definitely picture a surfer dude.

    Lukas-Hm. This is not my style. It's just sort of trendy these days. I'd at least do Lucas. It's fine...I'm just sick of it.

    Liam-I love this. Oddly, I'm not sick of this even though it's #1 on the SSA list. Oh well. It's my nephew's name, & he's a great Liam. Very knowledgable, outdoorsy, athletic & a mediator.

    Nathan-This is a good solid name. Nice, quiet guy. Nate is maybe a little more sporty though. I like Nate a lot.

    Ned-So cute. I think that it's really nick-namey though, so maybe would do it as a nn for Edward. Ned is witty & friendly.

    Oliver-Very popular, but a nice name. Maybe a little snobby.

    Oscar-I like this a lot. Oscar is a bit mysterious & artsy, but a nice guy.

    Peter-Great solid classic. Friendly, smart & a good friend.

    Robin (for a boy)-I don't know. This is one of those names that sounds too feminine for a boy & too masculine for a girl. I guess it reminds me of Christopher Robin, & he's pretty nice.

    Simon-Very cute. Simon is kind of like Alec & Elliot. Witty & bright. Maybe a little nerdy, but in a fun way.

    Toby-This is okay. I'd prefer it as a nn for Tobias. Just Toby seems sort of childish on its own.

    Theo-Cute. Kind of like Simon. Maybe it's the chipmunk thing! I like it better as a nn for Theodore. It's getting pretty popular.

    Thomas-This is a good solid name. Thomas is thoughtful & likes to read, but also maybe a good handyman type guy. I don't like Tom or Tommy much personally. Not sure why.

    Vincent-This is okay. I kind of like it. It could be an artist type name, but also could be a mobster, so not sure!

    Hope this helps.
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    Most of the names I would categorize them as Airy/whimsical... yet they could still suit a scholar.
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    Strong, classic, bright names. I don't care as much for Charlie, Freddie, Ned or Oscar but the others have style that will last through the ages.
    I would expect a chill, intelligent and down to earth guy from these names.
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