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    What do you think of Draxen?

    Pronounced Drack-sen.

    Any better ways to spell it?
    I read it in a book and was very intrigued. Its different. I kinda like it.
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    I do kinda like it. It's a very strong sounding name like a warrior or a dragons name. Drax is a cool nickname and reminds of the Marvel heroes Guardians of the galaxy so younger boys may make that association but its not bad. I like Draxson also. Overall I think it is usable it's a strong attitude rock star name and that's my kinda of thing as a naming style.

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    Draxon is okay - it just feels a bit harsh and awkward for me, sorry
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    It sounds like a good name for a D&D character—which might be just the style you're looking for, I don't know. A bit too much for me, but it certainly has a cool sound. I'd spell it like you have it, or like Draxson as a pp. suggested.
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    Honestly, I don’t care for it. It feels dark and heavy, and the first things that came to mind was dragon and sort of trying too hard. Sorry.

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    I don't like it, to me it sounds sinister, and medication-esque.

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    I think it works where you found it- in a book. I like a lot of names "on paper" that don't sound as good when seriously referring to a human.
    However, I did work with a kid named Draven not too long ago (just like it looks - raven with a D sound first) and I was surprised how much I liked that.
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    Sounds like an alien.

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    I'm not a fan, it feels harsh and like a smush name

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    I can't say I'm all too keen on Draxen as it look very harsh and uncomfortably eerie. It would make a brilliant name for a sinister villainous character in a fantasy/sci-fi story, yes, but I don't like the idea of that 'vibe' being lumped onto a child or adult that has to live with it daily.

    If you're still intent on it and do like the sound of it, I do think Dracsen would be slightly better, as it's a little less harsh in appearance.

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