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    Uriel v. Cillian. (and middle.names)

    Which do you think is best with our sibset? The 3rd place runner up so far is finnian but ny huaband is not totally loving it.

    I could use some middle namez for the 3 of them. Preferably nature related. Tia

    Uriel nn uri
    Cillian no nn
    Finnian nn finn
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    Cillian gets my vote! Cillian Basil would be great.
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    Uriel Bayer or Cillian Reynard. FYI I like the name Cillian better.

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    I like Finnian best I think, but Cillian is great too! Not a fan of Uriel.
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    I really like Cillian with your other boys! Finnian would actually be my favorite but if your husband isn’t onboard, I think Cillian is a great alternative. I really like the nickname Uri but I knew a boy named Uriel who was constantly called “urinal” in middle school so I can’t get over that association .
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    Finnian would be #1 for me, followed by Cillian
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    My favorite name from your list is Uriel, however I do think that Cillian goes better with your sibset.

    As for nature middles, I like Cillian Wren and Cillian Oak.
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