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    Baby Name Regret! But Too Late?! 😕

    Hoping for some honest perspective and suggestions. I have regretted my name choice for my 3rd and last baby. I named him, Phoenix. My other children’s names are; Sebastian and Scarlett. I’ve never doubted their names. However, I fell in love with the name Phoenix and while i don’t feel it’s the worse choice. I just have wanted to change it since he was a few months old. My children are all very close in age. So, while being busy potty training two toddlers and a new baby. I was super busy and unsure if at six months it was too late. I decided, just to let it be. Although, it never went away. Here I am and Phoenix, just turned 2 yrs old. Six months old doesn’t seem so old now! I regret I hadn’t done it then. I never thought I’d be stricken with baby name regret, but I seriously regret it. I wished I had named him Seth. His legal name is Phoenix John-Gerard .... I considered a possible solution would be to change it to Seth John-Phoenix... or Seth Phoenix-John... “John” and Gerard were our fathers names. So they’re sentimental. I’d like to keep it in his middle name. Many people go by mn and vice versa. Any thoughts or advice? I hate that I’m in this situation but it’s prolly already too late. 😕

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    Hi Annie, I'm sorry you're feeling this way. It sounds terrible. It's clearly important to you because you've felt this way for a very long time. I don't have any personal experience with this type of situation but do know that there isn't a right or wrong choice and it isn't too late. You have options. You have time. He isn't school-age yet so this could help if you do decide to transition to a new name. For instance, you can trial calling him Seth around the home and see how this goes for a sustained period of time before making any official changes. You could also ask him for his thoughts about being called Seth. If he likes the name, it could make the decision a lot easier for you.

    You probably already call him endearments like honey, sweetie etcetera so introducing a new name isn't such a foreign idea. I also think if you explain to him that Seth is a very special name to you which is why you've chosen it for him it could help him really warm to the name. You can also seek professional advice and strategies from a child psychologist or counsellor beforehand or at any stage should you feel unsure about how well your son is adapting to his new name. In regards to his middle name, I personally feel that the issue is only with his first name so his middle could be left untouched.

    All the best with your decision.

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