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    thoughts on this combination

    Thanks guys
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    I don't dislike it, but regardless of what name you place in front of it, its going to sound like a place.
    Much like "Hudson Bay." Hudson is a name, but combine it with Bay, and, well..
    It's the same if you add Bay to any name. Samuel Bay. Alexander Bay. Etc.

    If you're okay with it sounding like a place, then use it.
    Out of your two, I like Genevieve Cove the best.
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    They're okay, I agree with the previous poster about it sounding like a place name. Also, I think both names, Genevieve especially, are a little too V heavy for my liking. That said, how often is the middle really used?

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    I like Evelina Cove - sweet, pretty and light!

    Adelina Cove, Elliana Cove, Eliora Cove, Aurelia Cove, Imogen Cove?
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    I think the styles clash, Evelina and Genevieve are very classic while cove is fresh and unexpected. Here’s some suggestions you may like...

    Alexandra Cove
    Allegra Cove
    Amara Cove
    Ariadne Cove
    Eliana Cove
    Naomi Cove
    Paloma Cove
    Sarai Cove
    Selah Cove
    Tamara Cove
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    Evelina and Genevieve are stunning names! I adore both names. However, I don't like Cove. While in English cove has a connection to the beach and nature, it sounds very similar to cova and couve (grave and kale in Portuguese, respectively).

    What about:
    Evelina Morgan
    Evelina Pearl
    Evelina Reese
    Evelina Theodora
    Evelina Sage
    Evelina Danielle
    Evelina Scarlett
    Evelina Flower
    Evelina Katherine
    Evelina Coral
    Evelina Plum
    Evelina Grace
    Evelina Alexandra
    Evelina Claire
    Evelina Summer
    Evelina Noelle
    Evelina Mercy
    Evelina Charlotte
    Evelina Ruth
    Evelina Jasmine
    Evelina Feather
    Evelina Juniper
    Evelina Caroline
    Evelina Georgia
    Evelina Margaret
    Evelina Sophia
    Evelina Beatrice
    Evelina Paris
    Evelina Justice
    Evelina Mabel
    Evelina Carter
    Evelina Briar
    Evelina Blythe
    Evelina Frances
    Evelina Joy
    Evelina Rachel
    Evelina Constance
    Evelina Florence
    Evelina Estelle
    Evelina Tamsin
    Evelina Candice
    Evelina Maria
    Evelina Carys
    Evelina Marigold
    Evelina Juliet
    Evelina Blair
    Evelina Wren
    Evelina Daisy
    Evelina Soleil
    Evelina Meredith
    Evelina Opal
    Evelina Greer
    Evelina Annabeth
    Evelina Sonnet
    Evelina Brooke
    Evelina Dawn
    Evelina River
    Evelina Victoria
    Evelina Story

    Genevieve Ocean
    Genevieve Blue
    Genevieve Skye
    Genevieve Winter
    Genevieve Poppy
    Genevieve Louise
    Genevieve Ariel
    Genevieve Paige
    Genevieve Eloise
    Genevieve Ivy
    Genevieve Hunter
    Genevieve Fern
    Genevieve Taylor
    Genevieve Tatum
    Genevieve Saffron
    Genevieve Adele
    Genevieve Alice
    Genevieve Lily
    Genevieve Margot
    Genevieve Lucille
    Genevieve Maya
    Genevieve Nadine
    Genevieve Arwen
    Genevieve Delilah
    Genevieve Clover
    Genevieve Belle
    Genevieve Mae
    Genevieve Celeste
    Genevieve Snow
    Genevieve Lark
    Genevieve Molly
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    Genevieve Blaze
    Genevieve Leonora
    Genevieve Ines
    Genevieve Harper
    Genevieve Isabel
    Genevieve Ellis
    Genevieve Amelia
    Genevieve Parker
    Genevieve Zoe
    Genevieve Lotus
    Genevieve Ember
    Genevieve Maple
    Genevieve Willa
    Genevieve Brielle
    Genevieve Dove
    Genevieve Colette
    Genevieve Nicole
    Genevieve Ruby
    Genevieve Laurel
    Genevieve Iris
    Genevieve Hazel
    Genevieve Aurora
    Genevieve Rose
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    Welp... guess the name’s ruined now lol
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    I’m not impressed by Cove. The only way I’d be okay about it is if it had personal significance. Like you met your partner at a location with “Cove” in it. Or a favorite place/vacation spot. Something like that. But just to choose it randomly... I just don’t like it.

    I’m a fan of classic names being paired with more unexpected nature names, but not just for the heck of it because it can come off as trying too hard.

    Both Evelina and Genevieve are beautiful names, but not with Cove. Genevieve especially clashes with it anyway.

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    Thanks for offering your opinion! It’s all good! Haha 😄

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    Evelina Cove definitely fits better than Genevieve does.

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