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    Am I insane for considering Bear?

    Baby #4 is on the way and the name is a struggle. It’s a boy.
    Older siblings are Judah Cary, Amelia Grace, and Olivia Blythe.
    I love the idea of acknowledging my husband’s fanaticism for Alabama football, but I don’t want it to be too obvious, if that makes sense. Can’t decide if Bear is too “out there” compared to the rest of our names, either. We’ve also discussed Paul, which does the same (Paul Bear Bryant), but I can’t decide if I like it.

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    I'd say it works for a middle name, not so much the first (especially with his siblings). Other names that mean bear or something related to bear:


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    I think bear is really cute and unexpected, but I prefer it as a middle name.

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    I loved Bear when I was pregnant with my second boy. Nobody went for it but I was obsessed. That said, I think it's limiting for future jobs, certain personalities, etc. I would use it as a middle or a nickname. Don't love Paul. Love the names of your other three! Good luck.

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    I love Bear and would have considered it for a future child, if it weren't for the family golden retriever of the last 10 years already having the name. He's a member of the family and I just am one that can't bring myself to re-use names. However, my fiance and I do have Barron and Barrett on our list, with the intentions of the nickname Bear.
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    I think insane is a little far, but it's definitely better suited to being a middle IMO

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    I really like Bear! I think its wearable.
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    I love Bear as a middle name and would totally consider using it! First name, probably not.

    That being said, Paul Bear sounds a little awkward.
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    It's a little more out there than your other children but definitely not insane haha

    I'll admit when I read Paul Bear I heard Pallbearer.... sorry.
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    I think Bear is very cute and I love it. People are choosing more unique names nowadays. By the time he is older I think having a unique name will be the new normal.
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